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More like, "I like dicks," amirite?
Correct usage of Tegaki E.

Tegaki E is a mostly shit website for ex-/b/ newfags and weeaboos. It's the bastard lovechild of DeviantArt and OpenCanvas, and Down's Syndrome brother of Art.com. Tegaki E gives users the awesome power of Flash to create pieces of art and whine about not having a tablet. A glance at the front page will reveal nothing but shitty fanart, furry bullshit, and yaoi. Occasionally, something good might come up, but the members will often ignore it so they can comment on shitty anime drawings instead.


Tegaki E started out as a Japanese website, known as just Tegaki (the E signifies "English"). The original Tegaki features nothing but anime, and the color pallet contains literally two colors. It has a "TegaKING" system in which the most favorited members are featured on the front page. Tegaki also provides the option to change one's profile color, which makes using the Japanese version instead of the English totally worth it.

The Site

Tegaki E's front page features both a Recent Entries section and a Random Entries section, both of which are a perfect way to see accidental yaoi pronz. It also has an Active Blogs section. When this section was introduced, the site admin didn't actually reveal what it did, only calling it "some sort of list". This singlehandedly proves that the admins truly know exactly what they're doing.


LCC stands for Longcat Central. This section of the site is where users post bullshit combos and pretend they know what "epic win" even means. Posts in LCC are generally retarded scribbles, shitty longcats, and violations of rules 1 & 2.

Active Blogs

The Active Blogs list features 80% anime, 20% shit that isn't anime, meaning that around 100% is completely retarded. The most active blogs are perpetually the same people, all taking about two seconds out of each day to draw shitty anime, proving that none of them have any talent. The truth is, nobody gives a shit about the active blogs. Not even the site admins, who keep pwning random aspects of the website and fucking everything up. Active Blogs has been pwned by tewi.


Oxnard tries to enact his her its sick pleasures upon an unsuspecting minor.

Users are generally batshit 13-year-olds who spread the doctrine of kawaii by means of shitty animu drawings. There was a time when shitty art was difficult to find (i.e. the scribblings of a three-year-old), but now the front page is plastered with it, constantly. Many faggots like Mousekatchan and lulzchan (srsly) try to exploit memes for their own sadistic wapanese agenda.

Tegaki E is also a haven for furries and retards alike. Most notably, Oxnard, who whores its (referred to as "it" because it is obviously inferior) sick fetish to gain comments and attention. Oxnard runs a fascist agenda attempting to convert other unsuspecting straight guys into fags, mainly for its own personal satisfaction. Oxnard is also a pedophile, an admitted fag, and a Jew black person.


Old Proud. Old feel fuzzy wet penis now.

The comment system is now confirmed by the FCTC as a quite lulzy and simple way to troll. The long time between bans, simple input system, and innefectual ban system can be easily exploited for lulz. Mild skill and imagination is required as simply spamming the comments of certain pieces of 'art' is not possible. Spamming the frontpage with similarly themed masterpieces is, however, quite possible with even a small band of trolls, due to the small user base in comparison to, say, deviantart. The frontpage could quite easily be flooded by a half dozen trolls given half an hour or so, and a sprinkling of inspiration.

Combos can be made in the comments section, and extensions to art made.

For example, if a piece truncates a character at his waist, you may extend beyond the legs, drawing penises or saggy flaps. Follow your volition, it's really quite simple.

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