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Teksoqp will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

this is teksoqp, as well as a lot of other things are teksoqp

Teksoqp is another inane online meme created by the crackheads at YTMND. It serves as living proof that YTMNDers are not only crackheads, but alcoholic lunatics, and furries as well.


Teksoqp was created by State-of-Mind, a raging alcoholic and a registered sex offender. When his midget granny porn didn't download fast enough, in a fit of inebriated fury he threw together the very first Teksoqp website. 13-year-old boys call it a parody of the anti-Scientology site, "The Unfunny Truth About Scientology," most call it madness.

Then another user named Moheevi became so intrigued with Teksoqp that he wrote a song about Nude Monkies. Naturally, the entire population of YTMND gravitated towards this site, as they are all furries and basement dwellers who like bestiality.

Nude Monkies paved the way for many more teksoqp sites, each one making no sense at all.

The Point[edit]

No point, sorry. Teksoqp.

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