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Add pixplzkthnx to Pixplz
Plz to be adding some pix now kthnx. Consult the image selection process for help, or just google up some pix.
Plz remove this notice once there are plenty of pix.

Image Reconstruction

Please Aid in the Image-Reconstruction Process.

Add "{{Fullimagewanted}}" to the Comment-Box, if you upload Thumbnails.

Search with Thumbnails on Tineye for Full-Size Images.

Moving Missing Images

In order to clean up articles with many missing images, since it makes them look like shit, we suggest copy and pasting the image's entire mark-up onto the article's discussion page. That way the article is not scattered with red linked images and since large batches of images are being uploaded all the time as they are found the images themselves will not be lost if uploaded later on.

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