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Terrorists, ur game is through.
Typical terrorist ready for another days hard work acting like a pussy.
This is how terrorists play soccer.

Not to be confused with a former Autocrat

Terrorists are usually a group of Arabs disguised Jews and attention whores, whom nobody gave a shit about, and out of fustration they started to blow shit up. Later they realized that still nobody gave a shit, and they proceeded to be an hero by blowing themselves up in crowded places. This finally drew the attention of Western goverments, and since the Arab love to blow themselves up and USA loves to blow shit up as well, W decided to make Arab as their offical target practise dummies for their new toys.

Eventually W accidentally the economy, and in dire need of MOAR monies, he declared the Arab of undeveloped country as a massive terrorist treath to western superpowers. This of course gave W perfect opportunity to steal their oil and rape their wimmins.

The United States Department of Defense defines The Terrorists as: Liberals, peaceniks, environmentalists, pretzels, Europeans, black people, Arabs and the rest of the world (Jews).

The CIA is a Terrorist training organization.


It all goes back to the Bible (as everything shitty does). The first known terrorist was Cain, the seed from which Islam and the first RNC party leader descend.

Terrorists are more commonly known as 'foreigners', 'Jews' and 'Muslims'. It's scientific law that white people cannot be terrorists.

To appear clever and original in a Liberal community, use the phrase "War on Errorism" with a picture of W you pretentious fuck.

Common hobbies of terrorists are the lulz of blowing themselves up, and the US Military loves blowing them up too. That is why they get along so well.

Let's plan our attack on StickAm!
Their technology is astounding.
As Daniel Pearl discovered, journalists can easily encounter surprises and become famous internet stars
Bring these on a plane and expect your ass in the slammer.
American troops getting ready to blow up a few villages, rape some girls, and kill civilians.
Average Jew

How to Spot a Terrorist[edit]

It is vital that the upstanding citizen know how to spot one of these uncivilized mongrels.

Common characteristics of terrorists include:

  • Sand in their vaginas. Sand anywhere on them, actually- they're called sandniggers for a reason.
  • Shitty friends-only LiveJournals
  • Wears a turban for terrorist group therapies on StickAm
  • Degrees in the field of medicine
  • Black knees
  • Living in England or France
  • Incomprehensible languages written in squiggly
  • Being a minority
  • Driving an SUV
  • The use of shampoo
  • Muslim. All Muslims are terrorists
  • Unnecessary yelling and shooting

Are Terrorists nice people?[edit]


  • putting sand in their vaginas
  • spending about all their free time eating shit
  • doing gay circle jerks yelling "Allahu Akbar"
  • constantly saying "Allahu Akbar"
  • blowing themselves up
  • blowing other people up
  • trying to blow stuff up
  • blowing stuff up and yelling "Allahu Akbar"
  • getting owned by other countries in their country (you know you're fucked when you getting dick slapped in your own turf)
  • getting owned by a magical force (as they call it) that drops bombs on them
  • Collecting manuals for terrorism
  • hiding in tunnels
  • Black knees
  • brainwashing kids into hating Americans
  • being un-American
  • hating Jews
  • sucking dick
  • laughing at 9/11
  • wearing turbans
  • praising Allah

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