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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
His artistic autistic YouTube icon.

TheAtheistGamer (Emanuel Fonseca) is a Mexican atheist ranter that rants on feminism, Social Justice Warriors and other shit no one cares about. Since he can't let the past go, he will regularly commentate on old videos that the original creator doesn't even agree with anymore. Being the epitome of an MRA, he tops it all off by admitting he shits his pants daily, even admitting he shits himself in his sleep. Much like another YouTuber, he thinks it's okay to admit this to everyone and not have any of it backfire on him. He also admits that he doesn't know how to write resume and that he has never gotten a real job and that his parents demanded he move out and get a job. He has a massive entitlement complex and often whines about not being a popular youtuber who isn't respected by the skeptic community, while also repeatedly making pwnage videos on underaged children because he can't aim any higher. In short, TheAtheistGamer is a retarded aspie that can't control his bowels and He dated a autistic pansexual/ambiguous gender Tomgirl fan character named CherryLollipop155(as known cherry primrose, cherry the human. cherry sackboy, cherry the sackboy, bonnie the sackboy and cream the sackboy) made by Astrella155, they stay as a close friends. How lulzy.

Views On Feminism[edit]

TheAtheistGamer might as well rename his channel "TypicalMRA". This is because almost every video of his is about how much he hates feminism. He will regularly talk about how stupid feminists are every opportunity he gets. This means he will end up responding to trolls or ranters that usually take back their opinion. Since he does little to no research on the people or subjects he rants about, he ends up making an ass out of himself and makes his cause look stupid. He even responded to Emery Bowman, who disagreed with his video and outright calls himself an anti-feminist now. Most of his points are just yelling about how the people he's responding to don't give what he sees as "good evidence". He might as well wear a fedora and call himself TJ. During his #Changethecover video, he stated that the hashtag was just a way for feminists to remain relevant. Not seeing the irony in giving these feminists attention is just making them even more relevant, he had to have this explained to him by waymuu of all people. On a final note, he takes meninism seriously and says he agrees with it.

waymuu's response
Response to Emery Bowman.
Response to BurnCoalition


I've gone after 14-year-olds before


My dad forced me to get out of the house


This guy's a loser


—Emanuel's irony is very strong.

I get diarrhea easily because I'm a big eater


Diarrhea can hit me anytime of day


I've learned how to endure diarrhea


I can't control it


—Emanuel on his diarrhea problems

I sometimes skip meals


— How he avoids diarrhea

last time i checked people really loved how i have diarrhea


How do i expound this to you? After all you are such a narcissistic that you fail to optically discern your own hypocrisy when it is right in your face.


—Using words he got fresh from a thesaurus to sound smart

What is with you people and being facilely impressed by avatars predicated of animals?! You pick on targets that you know that your fans will massively concur with you. You are a self centered prick bearing. You only do these things because you abuse your fanbase. you know what you are doing. I am inculpating you for being an abusive twat!


—but it just makes him look like a complete dickhead.

Shitting his pants[edit]

Much like another ranter, Emanuel shits himself daily. He will outright tell people that he shits himself in public because he "can't control it". Normally, people feel ashamed about this and keep the amount of people that know about it to a bare minimum. However, Emanuel admits it publicly. He admits that he shit himself at the supermarket, restaurants, and even shitting the bed. Yes, he shits the bed. Even his target demographic can control their bowels better than this. He even says he will spend several hours on the toilet doing nothing but taking a shit. He also says he shits himself multiple times a day for no reason at all. Emanuel's shit problems apparently are so bad that he has had to throw away underwear and even entire pairs of fucking pants because he violently shit himself. He diminishes this problem by simply saying it's irritating. Most would say "disgusting" or "unhealthy" but to him it's simply just "irritating". Instead of seeing a doctor and getting some actual help for it, he simply just skips meals and does even more unhealthy things to cure it. Some things such as skipping meals may actually make it worse. His shitting issues go beyond extreme knowing that he can get diarrhea at the drop of a hat for no reason at all. He even made a video explaining his shit situation.

The lulz ensues at 5:00 into this trainwreck

List of People That Care About His Shit Issues[edit]



Yelling At A Brick Wall[edit]

Feud With BurnCoalition[edit]

Emanuel has been having an ongoing "feud" with BurnCoalition for over a month as of June 2015. The problem? BurnCoalition never responded to his videos nor has he even given the pathetic mexican the time of day. Not realizing no one gives a shit, he keeps making responses to a 15 year old emo kid and acting as if the emo kid was going to convert anyone to feminism in the first place. He outright fucking screams at this boy to give him evidence to backup his claims. The overwhelming irony would be too much for anyone with any sense of dignity, but not for Emanuel seeing as how he's made 3 video responses to him and not once showed any sufficient evidence to backup his claims. All he showed as his "proof" were a bunch of shitty, one sided YouTube videos made by shitty Men's Rights Activists

In this video, he even talks about his shit problems.

Feud With Emery Bowman[edit]

There isn't really anything special about this "feud" if you could even call it that. The only reason we have this subsection is because Emery publicly took back everything and started calling himself an anti-feminist just shortly before Emanuel made his response. This just shows how little Emanuel researches his videos before shoving them out onto the internet. And since he's a massive pussy, he refuses to admit that the video is pointless and shitty. He even tard rages over Emery calling him autistic and saying his movement is autistic. He also refers to Emery as Onision because it's 2015 and Onision is totally relevant. He then goes on to claim all feminists agree with extreme feminist view points, e.g fart rape. He also exposes his beliefs that feminist don't care about men at all. Yeah, okay. His generalizations goes so far as to compare them to Scientology, Mormons, the KKK and even fucking Nazis . He then goes on to say how happy he is that the video is over then proceeds to watch another fucking video that didn't want to watch in the first place and responds to it. To top it all off, the fucking video is out of sync with the visuals because Emanuel is a dumbass and can't edit for shit

Tard rage ensues at 8:41.


Atomic.gif Warning!
These videos contain ear rape, bad opinions, and massive assburgers.

<center>His first response to BurnCoalition</center>
<center>Taking meninism seriously</center>
<center>Saying feminists aren't relevant anymore yet he still rants on them</center>
<center>Emanuel being ironic</center>
<center>Making a video about Chris-chan in 2015</center>
<center>Another video about an irrelevant lolcow</center>

Feud with Bearing[edit]

You know that one guy that has a son, but he hardly acknowledges his son's existence? He just sits there at home drinking his beer, looking at his football game and when his son decides to show him his school project his dad is like "oh, that's nice. Here, kiddo. Daddy's gotta watch the game." (slurps beer) Yeah, that's Bearing right there. The father that doesn't really care that he has a son.


—Emanuel, upset that senpai didn't notice him.

Emanuel has an unhealthy obsession with Bearing stemming from his jealousy of Bearing's large fanbase. It came to light when Bearing called him out for being too harsh on a 14 year old feminist. Emanuel then started whining about how Bearing bullied and humiliated him by doing a response video mocking him. You know, just like Emanuel has done to feminists many times before and after the event. Realizing the potential for further attention to his fleeting channel, Emanuel agreed to a debate. Emanuel didn't so much go down in flames, as he is already a flaming faggot, he more burned out and went full-on sperging for the entire debate. He had long incoherent ramblings that led nowhere before he doxed himself. In doxing himself he admitted to living with his mother and sister, the latter which he thinks is hot.

In the aftermath of the debate, Emanuel revealed that in the past he repeatedly sent Bearing his garbage videos in hopes of promotion, which Bearing rightly ignored. Emanuel become incredibly analflustered from this, likening it to a father neglecting his son. Months later, Bearing had another stream with Emanuel to discuss his personal issues which ended abruptly when he pulled the suicide card. As soon as people started showing him sympathy, Emanuel immediately exploited this opportunity to e-beg when he opened up a patreon account, claiming he made Youtube videos to help deal with his financial problems like no sensible person ever does.

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