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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
I put it simply: "Perfect Chemistry" is the best modern SpongeBob Episode. And you know the funniest thing about it? It is entirely made out of fart jokes!


—MrEnter's Admirable Animation #25: "Top 25 Modern SpongeBob Episodes"

You spend your first twenty years preparing to waste your next fifty, and then the world forgets about you. If you attempt to break away from this cycle the harness of reality shoves you back into your role like a product on a storefront shelf etched out of place. As far as I can tell, that's the way it's always been; that's the way it'll always be; and no one will ever have a problem with it.


—MrEnter describing the life of Robert in his work "Little Cassie"

TheMysteriousMrEnter (Powerword: Johnathan Rozanski) is an asexual (we mean impotent), self-admitted Aspie that reviews cartoons on the internet. Thank heavens that his lack of testicles prevents him from reproducing, because he's the living embodiment of the aphorism "He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches". His entertainment value for trolls isn't high because he is dull as shit and is boring to everyone. He doesn't review kid's cartoons because he raises children or has written a successful TV show himself, but because he still identifies with the target audience. Furthermore, he pretends to fight for the quality of kid's shows while praising fart and masturbation jokes. Some people's talent seems to lie in pretending that the world gives a crap about their opinion, and as MrEnter has admitted, reviewing cartoons is the only thing he's really good at. Unsurprisingly, he is bullied very often in school and seen as a mistake by his parents. Because of that, he thinks he's a special snowflake. MrEnter is generally egocentric and not above giving his fanboys a page of 87 "Random Facts about me" on Deviant Art. It should also be noted that his "abusive" childhood causes him to get extremely butthurt whenever any cartoon episode has abuse as a main theme (especially Family Guy). He refuses to further his education because he hated school and read somewhere that 1 out of 5 college students are raped and/or assaulted on campus.

The faggot and his boyfriend Patrick IRL
Look at him, he looks like a stoner; and that's because he is
Oh vey iz mir!
Created by fans for fans!

Unsurprisingly, he is oblivious to the fact that children should watch as few cartoons as possible. This is clearly not how he was raised. Instead, he has every single SpongeBob and MLP season on DVD. A common hypothesis is that his obsession with ranting about children's cartoons stems from his abusive childhood and inability to grow up. Perhaps it began as a coping mechanism suggested by his therapist?

He first got into reviewing episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in order to prove himself to the Brony community. These videos are a big chunk of his view count on YouTube and why some people are his lickspits in the first place. He later started reviewing episodes of his all time favorite show SpongeBob SquarePants, before further branching out to review episodes of shows that 90's kids hate and occasionally bad animated movies that don't have plot". At first he called the show Infamous Animation, but since most of the crap he reviews isn't really that infamous to people who don't watch cartoons, so he changed it to Animated Atrocities.

Most people are too retarded to realize that he's actually a ripoff of the Nostalgia Critic, but unlike the Irate Gamer he is able to convince people that he is an artist. He also has over 100,000 Reddit user drones that subscribe to his YouTube channel. If you don't agree with him, his fanfags will accuse you of being a kid that doesn't appreciate good animation and is too stupid to follow the plot of shows like the ones he likes. All of his fans also get very butthurt when you criticize him or call him out on his bullshit.

His predominant claim is that Nick doesn't "put children first" (including himself). He and his followers believe that modern cartoons "destroy kids' brains" and "talk down to them," and that we've failed as a species for allowing them to exist. At the same time, he can't explain why children shouldn't enjoy cheap jokes, when he himself enjoyed masturbation jokes at the age of sixteen and still has an odd fascination with toilet humor. Therefore, his arguments bounce between "cartoons have to be deep and meaningful", if he doesn't get the humor and "cartoons are good as long as they make you laugh", if he gets it.

Before becoming the faggot, a pedo and a Nazi he is today

Rat on how Enter thinks his abusive childhood makes him a special snowflake

Mr. Enter was born in Chicopee, Massachusetts, a town that no one cares about. He claims to have been abused by his parents and pepper sprayed by some bullies, but so far nobody has actually proven this. Before starting to moan about the garbage the youth of America views on television, Johnathan used to be a let's player called Brovania. He had the idea of playing every single game mentioned in 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die but gave up shortly after, as it turned out you had to play games that weren't about ponies or fucking your dog. His most famous LPs featured him raging about Donkey Kong and Spyro the Dragon. He failed to stay alive repeatedly and in general had problems concentrating on two things at a time (commentating and playing). He abandoned the name Brovania in favor of a much edgier one, and began reviewing cartoons in hopes of getting more 11 year-olds to watch his crap.

It should also be noted that he named his dog after the retarded starfish from SpongeBob. It's an action he regrets to this day.

If the characters are treated like shit in an episode, he will get asshurt.

Animated Atrocities

How Enter's reviews usually go.
Why Duh MysteriousMrEnter, we can already tell because your show is called Animated Atrocities
Every single SpongeBob episode that has made this guy so butthurt. 118 atrocities according to Hoyle. So much for using that remote control to change the channel
Animated Atrocities is a review series in which MrEnter reviews animated children's shows that he considers "bad". Surprisingly, it was a big hit and MrEnter decided he was going to make it into a series in which he criticizes anything that wasn't made in the 90's. Most of the time he just goes after SpongeBob episodes that were made after the movie, because according to him any episode that was made after the movie "sucks" .When he talks about Spongebob he likes to use the terms: Modern and Classic Spongebob as if he was talking about Picasso, the voice he puts on in his reviews is also pretentious and stuck up, it's clear that he is putting this voice on to make people think that he is sophisticated and intelligent when in reality he is just pedantic. He also goes after all of the My Little Pony predecessors to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic a lot too as they have ugly designs and since they're not FiM, they're shit. Also he's still planning on spewing out more SpongeBob and Family Guy reviews out of his vagina.

He acts like a complete dick if you disagree with him due to his Aspergers Syndrome. All of the episodes up until The Powerpuff Girls Town and Out were originally called "Infamous Animation" but someone else on YouTube by the name "ShogunGin0"already had that name. What he fails to realize is that someone else on YouTube by the name BigManX already used a similar name "Animated Atrocity" where that user already reviewed "Brother Bear", "Hoodwinked", and an Aladdin ripoff from 1993 on his show.

He also has a Patreon, where he begs people with actual jobs to give him their hard earned and well deserved money so he can make more of his shitty reviews. He's reached numbers in the thousands, which is ridiculous, because his videos look like they cost barely anything to make (he uses Windows Movie Maker, a freeware program, and ripped DVD footage, and most of the films he wants to review are several years old and can probably be bought at Wal-Mart for about $5-$15). The quality of his videos is still mediocre at best, his videos mostly repeat one sequence over and over again and are full of elementary mistakes such as audio cutting out too early. The question remains... where does the money go? We better not ask...

It is worth noting that the editing in his videos aren't top notch either, there are many audio glitches and cut off sentences which made it into the final cut. and he often loops footage of the same clip over and over for no reason; Nobody is paying attention, Enter. You can just cut to whatever the hell you want and nobody would even notice. These problems could all be fixed in a matter of seconds however Enter overlooks them because he does not give a solitary shit about the quality of his videos.

His most vile Animated Atrocity reviews are of "Ren Seeks Help" and "Screams of Silence: Story of Brenda Q". He claims that the former, which was actually considered good prior to Enter's review, has too much disturbing content (actually just some basic cartoonish violence and insects getting hurt) and that it will destroy all hope and innocence. He claims the latter made the real-word issue of abuse even worse, apparently because it takes away sympathy from real victims of abuse by creating a fictional one or some stupid shit like that... kind of like that time he claimed he got depression from Putting Your Hoof Down and garnered sympathy from his idiot fans that would be better spent on people with actual depression. The hypocrisy is strong with this one. He also acts like he's an expert on how to handle abuse, even though people have different ways of coping with abuse, and he can't even handle simple trolling. He also shoots down all of Family Guy's attempts to address the issue, even when they're actually making a fair point. Here's someone who actually has dealt with abuse give him what for.

In his 100th atrocity review, he took on the Drawn Together movie, and it was more or less the same as every other review only cranked up to eleven. It basically has the same maturity and volume as a SammyClassicSonicFan video, but without the justification of being made by a 10-year old boy. The whole thing is a mess, mostly consisting of claiming prologues never work, whining about Tara Strong swearing and reusing her Twilight Sparkle voice (even though this came first), bitching about Flash (though admittedly the movie does look weird compared to the series), calling Seth MacFarlane unfunny (ooh, real original), hating on Wooldoor for showing his penis, advocating censorship, irrelevant bitching about SpongeBob, taking something that repeatedly claims it has no point and doesn't need one completely seriously, failing to realize he is not the intended audience for the film, and finally declaring that the movie fails at comedy because it "broke the rules", when there actually aren't any rules to comedy and that humor is subjective, which is basically the main reason he's such an awful reviewer. It's so bad, some of his fans actually gave up on him, though some of them started hating on Drawn Together. Rather humorously, he compares the show negatively to South Park... and shows a clip from the episode "Safe Space", which is making fun of people exactly like him. Sadly, after the "horror" he went through, he has not considered retiring.

Apparently, he has never heard of the term "don't like, don't watch".

Did we also mention that the manchild fucking despises modern Spongebob and Family Guy!?

Well... at least he has a sense of self-irony

What Makes Him Butthurt

P.S. All of his fanboys will defend most of this with his Asperger Syndrome or his "abusive" childhood, none of which are valid excuses.

He's such a Picasso! Note the neckbeard

Other Series

Too late for being mysterious because you already revealed your identity and also your look like a pedophile which you are allegedly are
  • Admirable Animation - A show where he says that his precious childhood shows are better than the brain-rotting modern shows. Even though the title "Admirable Animation" suggest that this video series might be positive, he still sounds as bitchy and cynical as ever in it.
  • MLP Review - A show where he reviews MLP to those who give a fuck.
  • Debates - A collab project where he debates other autists who watch animation for children well into their twenties, like PIEGUYRULZ, who care enough to defend their favorite episodes of Spongebob and shit on the ones they hate.
  • 1001 Animations to See Before You Die - A deviantART series where he determines what kind of animation is Kosher by his standards. He plans after a while to actually publish it into a book and it's sure to be a hit with all the manchildren out there. Unfortunately, he's likely to get sued by the creators of the real "1001 (blank) Before You Die" series!
  • He appeared on an episode of Drwolf001's brony discussion series, bitching about people being negative towards the show and taking a dump all over the new episodes. The pony version of himself had a ginger neckbeard. srs.
  • Growing Around - A rip off a Disney short about kids being adults that had "potential" and we should be pissed that it's shit. He has produced 3 episodes in the form of a fanfic. He's writing Fanfiction for a Disney short that aired in between commercials that no one remembers. Yes. His fanboys also support and kiss his ass while "reviewing" it, although in reality it's almost as bland, if not more, than the cartoon short he's ripping off. Not to mention the plots are generic and the whole show is bottom of the barrel crap that he criticizes modern cartoons of nowadays, yet he still pushes on hoping to get his precious show aired. His magnum opus will never be released because everything about it is absolutely terrible. When talking about Growing Around, Enter talks about all the characters as if they are brilliant however they are all bland, 2-bit shits with no creativity or effort put into them whatsoever. However if by some miracle Growing Around is actually put on mainstream television, then it will bomb, get ratings way below any of the cartoons he reviews and Mr.Enter will spend every hour that God sends to tell reviewers that Growing Around is amazing.11/22/16: the faggot actually went and made a gay book of it, the ABSOLUTE madman. And shame on the parents who actually went and bought the book for their children. Your children deserve better than that autistic fuck.
  • Advice Videos- He made advice journals in the past, but now he's doing videos. He assumes as someone who has never made a cartoon before he OBVIOUSLY knowns how it's done and those people at Nickelodeon who do it for a day job don't know jackshit. His first video was about dealing with trolls.
He has a Pony OC too. Note the Mountain Dew.
Enter being a smug prick bitching about college in a private message.

His Spawn

One of Enter's fanboys expressing wishes to kill innocent people for their master.
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
A fanboy gets mad about this site (daring to compare us to 4chan, of all sites) and wants to see children tortured to death.

Many people too on deviantART follow in his footsteps and make bitchy criticisms about animations because he uploaded a frame for other people to make Animated Atrocities title cards and it's now all over deviantART. The people who do this most likely think they are as good as their precious god and savior of a critic, which is actually true, considering he's a basement dwelling shit. All of his Brony fanboys can't respect it whenever someone likes something that they don't like, they even make ones to episodes that he's already done like "A Pal For Gary" or "The Splinter". They also tend to do animated movies that The Nostalgia Critic already reviewed.

He also had his fans also spammed the account of a guy on TV Tropes named Shota, who posted comments of agreement on negative reviews of Enter's work (and every negative review has been flagged by his butthurt fanboys). It got to the point where Shota had to abandon his account, and Enter had absolutely no repercussions about it, claiming the troper was "playing the victim". On the subject of TV Tropes, his page was once nothing but a hugbox that praised him, though recently, with the addition of Wall Banger and Dethroning Moment pages, it seems they've finally started to see through his crap.

One of his fanboys went so far in order to soothe his anus, so he thought it was a great idea to blank this article and replace it, because it had allegedly "revealed personal infromation" as a cover up to make it more favorable to this faggot. However, it got reverted in an instant, and he cried to his idol's DeviantArt about it, while nobody gave a fuck shortly after.

Enter's biggest fanboys by far and loyal slaves are two YouTube and DeviantArt users named illiniguy34 (aka Ernie Krause) and JohnWalker123. Both of them follow Enter's behavior exactly and make it widely known at every opportunity how much they worship the idiot. The two slaves constantly write hate-filled journals about anyone who has the balls to criticize Enter, and they make the same type of shitty video reviews on YouTube full of childish angry screaming about trivial shit. Both illiniguy34 and JohnWalker123 can never take any sort of criticism, and will go completely ape shit if anyone dares dislike or disagree with them. They too blame everyone else for all their own problems, and are massive hypocrites because they act like blocking people is a cowardly crime against humanity, yet the two faggots will block anyone who has the balls to disagree with them, and they will of course write hate speech about those brave souls and start year-long commentary wars against them. The overly aggressive shitface named JohnWalker123 is notable for literally stalking the YouTube channels of people who disagree with Enter, and writing harassing journals about them on DeviantArt for ridiculous reasons, such as liking certain shows Enter hates! He literally patrols the internet every day to keep a close watch for anyone who disagrees with MrEnter. That really shows how much of a white knight he is. The scary-looking Nazi known as illiniguy34 is notable because he used to have his own special page on this encyclopedia, but one day when he was patrolling the internet (as usual) he found it and threatened to call 911 unless it was deleted. We are not surprised a butthurt MrEnter fanboy would do that. This illiniguy34 idiot has an even worse attitude towards people who disagree with him than Enter does. No one ever dares to say anything expressing disapproval of IG34 because the asshole will flip shit upon seeing it and do whatever he can to destroy his opponents and make them look bad. He's a total censorship-obsessed Nazi. We encourage you to call him out as much as possible just to teach him the importance of learning to accept criticism. And did I mention illuminatigay34 and JizzWanker123 both hate Encyclopedia Dramatica for no apparent reason and bitch about it all the time? Probably because this is one of the few websites with the balls to criticize their idol Enter. Another famous Enter fanboy is someone on YouTube named 03bgood, who just might be worse than the two assholes mentioned above. And then there's this white-knight from DeviantArt known as "themissingmystery", who is in denial of being an Enterbot, and also happens to white-knight for 03bgood and another Enterfag known as CommentJack, who is some dumbass drone with a shitty mic. Another thing about TheMissingMystery is that she has a hate-boner for Family Guy and Clay Claymore and thinks that Family Guy sucks as a fact. Oh, and there's her buttbuddy known as TheRich4270, but back to Mr. Enter because this article is SUPPOSE to be about Enter and not some bitch with a love for some artist named Christopher Hart.

Worse yet, Enter's influence can be seen in the YouTube Poop community now! YTPs used to be good, but now some people are turning them into actual poop by including references to Enter's videos and splicing in clips of him saying stupid shit. No matter how funny the rest of the poop is, a reference to Enter will murder its likeability. Two YTP makers infamous for being Enter fanboys are cartoonlover98 and coolcat01100. As you can probably guess, as soon as they published their videos that included MrEnter references, all Enter's fanboys were ecstatic about it and nearly all the comments on those YTP videos relate to him. Remember it was mentioned above that MrEnter hates YTPs? Well, the concept of a humorless asshole like him being featured positively in those otherwise-funny videos is an oxymoron. Contrast these references to those made by RasterOfMandomness and SuperSuck64, who are well aware of Enter's bullshit and have negatively made fun of him in their poops. It's shocking that any YTP makers, most of whom actually have a sense of humor, can possibly like Enter's shit at all. Thankfully, after they referenced the asshole in their videos, coolcat01100 and cartoonlover98 lost hundreds of subscribers, and tons of people stopped watching YTPs entirely. Most people would rather watch Hotel Mario poops from 2007 than a new poop that features MrEnter. At the very least, cartoonlover98 agrees that Entard has a shitty fanbase.

The gallery of Animated Atrocities notebooks made by his fanboys. About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Children's cartoons. Serious business.

Enter's Hypocrisy and Other Idiocy

Kill them! Kill them with fire!
Enter bitching about some guy not liking him, showing his massive ego and refusing to accept somebody not liking and disagreeing with him. He has since deleted this post but you get the point.

Like most online critics, Enter is quite the hypocrite when it comes to criticism. He'll happily tear any given animation to shreds, but if anyone so much as DARES disagree with him, he'll burst into tears and his white knights will treat you worse than a murderer because he has Aspergers. The text on the side is a perfect example: He claims to constantly "improve" his videos and compares his review of "One Coarse Meal" with his "Top 10 Squidward Torture Porns"- to spare your time, their supposed difference in "quality" is nonexistent. Interestingly, he claims that the critic obviously doesn't know how hard it is to make reviews and therefore shouldn't complain. In addition, in his review of "Twilight's Kingdom", he makes a point that nitpicking and exaggerating flaws in anything is bad. Except that's exactly what he does in his atrocity reviews.

He also claims to hold old Nick shows from the 90's to the same standards as current ones, but has failed to back it up. As mentioned earlier, he really loves fart jokes. Only twice has he done an animated atrocity on an old Nick show (and even then, they're nowhere near as long as his ten to fifteen minute reviews of modern shows), and he spends most of his Nickelodeon month bitching about how it used to be "so much better", to the point that he refuses to classify it as a kids' channel due to its programming.

Speaking of standards, just what does MrEnter hold his shows up to anyway? How does he judge continuity for shows that lack it? One of the largest example of this is during the Patrick's a Prick countdown, where MrEnter placed an episode at the top because of one line. He flipped his shit over one line and claimed it covered all Spongebob canon, because... uhm... yeah, I don't know. He admitted that "it's okay for a show to not feature continuity between episodes" or some shit like that, and doesn't explain (since he assumes that a Saturday morning cartoon has continuity) why the city doesn't remain crushed, burned, and/or destroyed, how Mr. Krabs got his body back, and, most importantly, how Fred is still walking. Yet, he claims that one line of dialogue applies to an entire 15 year long series. To comment this with his own words (look at the side): "Get a fucking hobby".

Apparently, it doesn't cross his mind that children, the network's target audience, enjoy it and Nick's other programming, and that times and tastes have changed since he was a kid. He is also SHOCKED to discover that Breadwinners was the number one kids show in its fifth week, EXASPERATED that the show was popular with its target audience, and using it as evidence that Nick is literally Hitler. This made him FURIOUS at the fact that people are allowed to enjoy things that he does not like! He also bitches and moans about the fact that Nick looks for talent on the internet and doesn't pick up "quality programming" that comes straight to its door, like The Modifyers, even though he'd probably be calling it an Atrocity if it were picked up. To make a long story short, Enter has apparently never heard of something called a target audience.

He also claims Ren and Stimpy (a 90's show, which he doesn't hate) did toilet humor better than Sanjay and Craig (a recent show), but doesn't really elaborate on how. He also likes to call Zeus Cervas, Casey Alexander, Sean Charmatz, Richard Pursel, and Derek Iversen poor excuses for human beings just because they wrote for the new SpongeBob episodes, but what he fails to realize is that three of those people also worked on his precious, holy seasons 1-3 of SpongeBob and other shows he likes. Furthermore, he's far kinder to Aaron Springer and Mr. Lawrence, despite their hit-and-miss track records. He also treats people like Seth MacFarlane, everyone at Nickelodeon, the Teen Titans Go! writers, or Charlotte Fullerton as being inferior beings to himself just because they wrote episodes that weren't up to his standards. In fact, in his "Pet Sitter Pat" review, he showed screencaps of Casey's Twitter where he reveals his fondness of A Pal for Gary, while Enter insults him. His fans later invaded Casey's Twitter and made several mean tweets at his expense, all for writing some fucking cartoon episodes that one manchild didn't like. He later remade some of his videos that called out Casey, removing the offending comments, as well as deleting the old videos in an attempt to cover his ass, and some of his friends want the old versions back because they like seeing innocent people get harassed. In his re-review of "Pet Sitter Pat", he told his fanboys to stop harassing the writers, but that was obviously a lie because the manchild then stated that his opinion of the episode and the writers hasn't changed. This proves that he hasn't learned his lesson and probably never will. If that's not enough, one of MrEnter's fanboys recently started a petition on Tumblr to harass the writers of Teen Titans GO! until they kill themselves. Seriously. Kill themselves. Even if TTG isn't the best show, bullying the writers to the point of suicide is going way too far, and it's possibly illegal. Whether this cruel stunt happens or not, the blood is on Enter's hands.

He and many of his fans also call Nick hypocrites for firing John Kricfalusi for making Ren and Stimpy "too violent" and letting Casey/Zeus/etc. keep their jobs. Never mind that John constantly missed deadlines, was a giant asshole, which the SpongeBob writers have yet to demonstrate, and that Enter hosted an Animated Atrocity biting at Kricflausi's dick for a particular episode made for Spike TV's canned adult animation block years after he was canned from Nickelodon (spoilers, it's Enter bitching like the unappeasable assmouth he is for it not appeasing his tastes).

In addition, his bitching about TV networks looking for talent on the internet is hypocritical itself, as he wants to pitch his own show, Growing Around, to a TV network, and he could be considered as internet "talent" (however, nobody is going to pick up his show because it's stupid, gay, and a rip-off of a Disney short he claims had "potential"). Despite the fact that he bitches about fart jokes all the time in his atrocity reviews, one of his Growing Around scripts, My Pretty Pony (yes, that's really the name) had some fart jokes in it as well. As of February 9, 2015, he updated it in order to cover his ass from people rightfully calling him a hypocrite. There's also the fact that Growing Around is some of the laziest, blandest, most generic, most unoriginal tripe ever conjured by the human mind. Maybe even more so than the shows he whines about all the time. Enter however still thinks that his show will be amazing, and that children will love him! But however all the lackluster writing that he puts into Fucking Around won't do him any decency, the show isn't going to be picked up by Disney any time soon, giving Enter a lot more time to cry over Breadwinners.

He also hates when cartoons play abuse for laughs (especially Family Guy), yet in his Fairly OddPet review, he portrays a Nickelodeon executive as an abusive parent for a cheap laugh. So, animal/domestic abuse ticks him off, but child abuse is fine? He also says music is subjective, but comedy isn't. He also bitches about people nitpicking FiM, yet he nitpicks everything he hates. He also thought the GoAnimate! movie was a professional work, because its IMDb page said it had a theatrical release and a huge budget. And as we all know, the internet NEVER lies!

His constant focus on the negative suggests a severe case of Masochism, especially if you consider the vast amount of free time he spends to watch, review and upload said cartoons. Much free time, indeed. Furthermore, he named his own pet after a moronic starfish- and never considered to change this. It seems like he needs kids shows to feel smarter than he actually is. The best word to describe this is "hypocrite". However, we at ED encourage you to find out for yourself.

He also recently made a video stating that he doesn't like getting requests. How did he approach this, you may ask? By reviewing an episode of a show he got a lot of requests for. And he spent most of it ranting about how he doesn't like requests, instead of, you know, ignoring the requests. On top of that, one of the comments on that video was saying that Enter's degraded in quality and that he can't take criticism, and asking why he didn't just ignore the requests. Enter's response was basically "Because people requested it", and he ignored the rest of the comment, further proving that he can't take criticism.

In one of his newest videos, Enter raged about 12 oz. Mouse, claiming its animation style and voice acting had no effort put in at all. What he fails to realize (or what he probably refuses to acknowledge) is that the show is designed to look badly drawn on purpose for comedic effect! The creators used the style of animation because they thought it looked funny, not because they were lazy. According to Enter, any visual styles that don't look extremely expensive are garbage. And I'm pretty sure that it's the quality of a show's substance that really matters, not the visual style. He also fails to notice that the show has an in depth plot that even a moron could pick up if they actually watched the show from beginning to end. About the "lazy" voice acting, the show's dialogue is based on improv and has no real script. There are also some really good jokes in the dialogue that Enter fails to pick up on because he has no sense of humor. Another show on Adult Swim that was famous for using improv and low-budget animation was Home Movies, which was widely acclaimed by critics, but Enter would almost certainly hate it if he knew about it. Let's pray he never finds out.

It should be noted that for someone who claims to promote media being appropriate for children and having good morality, Enter absolutely LOVES angrily dropping F-bombs every other word and teaching his viewers unhelpful lessons about life that sound completely ignorant due to his warped view on reality. Not to mention that his obsession with morals and belief that Breadwinners and Teen Titans Go will turn kids into brainwashed retards suggests that he believes children are idiots who will believe anything they see or hear on TV, and as such only wants them to hear what he wants them to. Now who would you rather have deciding what kids should watch? The parents, or some arrogant, hypocritical, potty-mouthed manchild with even less respect for them than those shows allegedly have?

More Hypocrisy


The peak of irony was reached, when he reviewed his never finished self-made game "EPIC-The Humorous RPG", which can be watched on Youtube. Quote from Episode 1: "For once I can't yell at the writer for doing something stupid". What stupidity exactly? Well, look at this humorous dialogue (Minute 8 : 20):

(inside a cave)

Player: What are you doing here?

Old man: Masturbating

Note the laugh of MrEnter after reading this in his "Let's Play" and compare this to his positions in "Animated Atrocities". How highbrow his brainchilds are! How much taste he has! But if you think about it... the very same person absolutely loves fart jokes. Unsurprisingly, he got dissed by his own character in the end...


MoBrosStudios is not pleased with your copying of him
Besides The Nostalgia Critic, MrEnter probably takes some of his inspirations from this YouTube Poop maker. In fact this is where he got the phrase Squidward Torture Porn from, and his idiot fanboys think that MrEnter was the creator of the phrase. Whenever he does a SpongeBob episode, he often goes after ones that MoBrosStudios already reviewed in both of his countdowns and for the most part have the same criticisms, despite the fact that he doesn't review anything that The Nostalgia Critic or JonTron already covered. Obviously the SpongeBob videos by MoBrosStudios are infinitely better than MrEnter's shit, because MoBrosStudios actually has a sense of humor and states his arguments maturely. Ever since then MysteriousMrEnter and MoBrosStudios have been enemies. Even though MoBrosStudios created Squidward Torture Porn, MysteriousMrEnter has more subscribers than him.

Many suspect that this rivalry continues to this day because MoBrosStudios creates videos that aren't made in Windows Movie Maker, fueling MME into a jealous rage. What's really unfair is that MoBrosStudios's SpongeBob videos have been removed by Viacom, while MrEnter's shitty videos are still up, which gives Enter's fanboys the false impression that Enter is the hero who made the world aware of bad episodes, when MoBros was obviously that hero. Even then, MoBros deleted his "Worst SpongeBob Episodes" videos because they were so fucking stupid, while Enter has yet to get this through his thick skull.

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Copyright Claims

Not even someone as special as Mr. Enter is safe from copyright. One of the earliest instances was Shout Factory taking down one of his pony videos. (Even though Shout technically doesn't have the rights to do that, that's Hasbro's job. Shout only puts the show on DVD.) Much later, somebody at Viacom saw his Breadwinners review, and decided it was the biggest bunch of bullshit they had ever seen. Wanting to protect their company from unfair criticisms, Viacom filed a copyright claim and the video was removed (along with Rebeltaxi's negative but still miles better than Enter's review of Breadwinners). Enter later got it put back up because it falls under fair use as a "review", while Rebeltaxi's is still down.

Later, FOX decided they were sick of his bullshit and took down his Vimeo account (where he posts his reviews of Family Guy, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and Allen Gregory because FOX would be able to find it easier on YouTube). Enter has yet to get it taken care of, but for now, everyone is thankful that they don't have to listen to him bitch about FOX, since his reviews of their shows are the only thing worse than the shows themselves. LOL BACK UP

Viacom struck back once again with having several of his most popular videos, all SpongeBob related of course, taken down. His channel as of January 12, 2015 has been completely terminated from YouTube as a result of these copyright claims.

Mr. Enter returning to Youtube and stopping trolls in the process
Mr. Enter doesn't appreciate kids watching Teen Titans Go.

Unfortunately, the manchild got his YouTube page back by some miraculous chance. On the flip side, the video evidence of his faggotry can be displayed on ED again. We all REALLY wish he would die already and get the hell off the internet. He keeps violating copyright laws over and over again but STILL won't get terminated! He must be a hacker. We urge all of you to report all his videos to every agency possible and try to get him terminated for copyright infringement.

Stuff He's Stolen From Other Reviewers

Look at this drawing, it looks like a preschooler did this in MS Paint.

Debating kids shows

Not surprisingly, Enter hates some pre-movie episodes of SpongeBob! "I'm With Stupid" was a positively-reviewed episode that most people really liked, but Enter hates it for what reason? Take a guess. He says it's annoying and mean-spirited like he does with everything. And obviously all his fanboys soon followed that lame opinion and started hating the episode too. Enter has managed to turn so many people against previously widely-liked episodes of cartoons (like "Uh-Oh Canada") that it's gotten to the point where he has entire debates against his "friends" to shove his twisted biased opinion in that so-called friend's face while refusing to listen to that person's perspective. And as per usual don't you DARE disagree with him or have your own opinions in the matter, you must AGREE with everything Enter says in his debate or you are a worthless human being. Ever since Enter started hating this episode, anyone who says positive things about it is certain to get harassed on DeviantArt by the asshole's fanboys such as illiniguy34 and JohnWalker123. It's already pretty strange to debate a kid's cartoon. A kid's cartoon? Serious business! Serious faces.


Enter being all butthurt over 99% of people on the interwebs.

Said he was gonna block people who disagreed with him, then 180s and says that doing that would prevent people from seeing their ignorance.

Around the 5:33 mark in this review, he mentions Encyclopedia Dramatica (shows what he really thinks of the site).


His Fapping Time Gallery

He has to reproduce asexually... With his hand. About missing Pics
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His Lost Erection Gallery

These are the stuff that make him lose his boner. About missing Pics
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Yes, people make fanart of this faggot. You can panic now. About missing Pics
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Gallery of 1001 Animations made by him and his fanboys

Get as many 1001 Animations as you can to put in this gallery (whether it's made by him or not).

1001 animations you must watch before you die. About missing Pics
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