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TheRandom500 is a Deviantart user very talented who had launched a move to take care of Nascar221. He and his buddy, who's another Devianart user nicknamed DunkleBatter goes on a uproar while he saw fanarts of cartoons girls characters in swimsuit done by various artists thinking they're pedo. Strange then his buddy featured this comment who was posted by a DA user nicknamed FancyDinosaur about lesbians kissing and girls in swimsuits. TheRandom500 and DunkleBatter doesn't seem to be trumatized by 2 lesbians kissing as long than one of them isn't weird and ugly like Lena Dunham and any dumb SJW like Big Red, Trigglypuff and Smugglypuff.

A strange inchoherence is TheRandom500 doesn't seem to be bothered by these vintage ads and this vintage swimsuit photo showing young girls in swimsuit from a 1972 Sears catalog. Since that link go to an article posted on Jezebel, the photo is uploaded on Anonmgur for those who wants to avoid Jezebel who's not owned anymore by Gawker.

Currently, he only have posted one fanart on DA who's a meme about Pokemon compared to his buddy Dunklebetter who had posted more. Why he didn't posted more fanarts is a mystery.

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