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What this faggot thinks he looks like
What this faggot really looks like.
This is why TRBB, Freda and Bonita are fatasses. They waste their lives eating pizza and making up Mary Sues.

TheRealBumbleBee, his DeviantART account TheRealBumbleBee <--- Deactivated it due to extreme butthurt, thinks he is the son of Realmrsoptimusprime. This fag is Realmrsoptimusprime's white knight, her so called protector (Wait, wasn't that Optimus Prime?). TRBB has no mind of his own and does Bonita's bidding like a good little slut. Anything to please his disgusting online mommy. Bonita uses him as her mouthpiece to buttfuck anybody who doesn't like her. He'll bawwwww on the pages of any faggot who won't worship the ground Bonita shakes with her fat ass. He is a slob and a stalker. His M.O. includes:

His assache runs so deep that he cannot tell where his dick ends and Bonita begins. Have no pity for this pathetic excuse of a human being. His balls are already gone. Bonita chewed them off long ago.

TRBB also thinks he is married to Freda Morris, formerly known as deathangel40 on DevianTart. Like Bonita, she is a fat, ugly toothless hick with crabs lodged in her cottage cheese vagina.

Internet Idiocy[edit]

The idiot threatens ED with the FBI, if we do not leave poor pitiful Bonita alone. Yeah right!
His lies are like his supposed mother.
One of the alleged offensive photos.

TheRealBumbleBee is following sweetly in Bonita's gigantic footsteps by denying the fact that his nostrils are firmly lodged up Bonita's ass. Anybody that disses Bonita receives his giant boot of BAWWWW.

His number one claim to fame or infamy is taking photos of an Optimus Prime figurine aiming its weapons at the screen of Bonita's computer. It just so happened to be displaying a photo of Ravette2004. The deviations were reported to the moderators of DevainTart and removed on November 15th. He states he took them down, but there is proof otherwise.

He is too stupid to see that his "mother" is a liar, a thief, a slut and did we mention a liar? What can you expect from a fag that thinks he's a Camaro?

He sends mean notes to anybody who quits Bonita. Anonymous speculates his constant asking for buttsex will win people back over.

At the moment, he is furiously attacking somebody who saw the light ED shed on Bonita's lies. The worst anybody can expect is chihuahua-like yapping.

He joined Bonita in stalking Ravette2004, the very person Bonita is constantly ripping off. TRBB insists Ravette is copying Bonita. He is beyond delusional. Of course, as stated before, what kind of intelligence can somebody expect off a zit-ridden dweeb who thinks he is a living Camaro?

TRBB claims he told the FBI about ED. We have reason to believe he wants to take us to internet court for insulting his incest-fest.

Being more of an asshole, stating that Ravette2004 is copying Bonita first.

TRBB claims that Ravette2004 had started all of this shit, as he and Bonita both like to blame Ravette2004 for their bad reputation. She didn't hold a gun to Bonita's head and tell her to steal Ravette2004's work or anyone else's work. When Ravette2004 first encountered Bonita, it was in June of 2010, she tried to help her get her reputation up but the fatty repaid the generous help of Ravette2004 by plagiarizing her stories by stealing scenes and lines from them and inserting them into her own gawdawful fanfiction. Never once, did Ravette2004 hold a gun to Bonita's head like TRBB and Bonita claim.

TRBB loves to blame Ravette2004 for his fatty wife deactivating her DA account, but it was because Freda was butthurt by the angry mobs of ED coming down on her like a ton of bricks.

More information will come as this faggot's story unfolds.

Bonita in Disguise?[edit]

Entry written by TRBB
Entry written by Bonita.

Anonymous has reason to believe TRBB is just a very elaborate sock used by Bonita. Why?

The writing styles are similar. TRBB appears to spell better in later journals, but earlier journals show the same pattern of spelling errors Bonita writes on a constant basis.

Maybe the redneck asshole uses a dictionary to which his mother doesn't even have in her own apartment, gives him better spelling but he might have used his computer's spellchecker to make sure his words are spelled better than his lesbian loving mother. But maybe the asshole is just a bit more smarter, than his lesbian loving mother is.

But you can judge if he is just another sock of Bonita's, yourselves, faggots.

The Stalker[edit]

This suckup stalked Ravette2004 on another deviant's journals, after she blocked his ass. He proceeds to stalk other people who didn't suck up to Bonita's gas filled lies.


This is typical behavior from TRBB. He would stalk anyone who disses his fatty or his fatty's fatty mother.

Stalking other people.

More typical shit from TRBB.

Badmouthing and stalking.

And refusing to stop posting on another DA's account even after they tell him to stop. But Anonymous like yourself all know that he will never really stop stalking those people who he is jealous of, just like his fatty so called wife and his fatty mother.

More stalking.

When will this fuck ever learn, oh wait, this fuckwad might still be in school, like the fifth grade over again for the fifth time as he is as he calls himself a fucking redneck and all rednecks are stupid idiots who have incestious relationships with their sisters and mothers.

Cuss filled post screaming at another DA member who left Bonita's gas filled side to be free from her but TRBB was sent to bitch at her back to Bonita's gas filled side.

TRBB is porking his fatty mother's daughter and his fatty mother too. He loves the gas filled lies that his fatty tells him about people who tried to help them and when they learn that they have been gaslighted by Bonita's gas filled lies and run for the hills to save themselves from her lies, he follows after them harrassing and stalking them in hopes to guilt trip them to return to Bonita's gas filled lies and those who don't return to her fatty folds are continued to be stalked and harrassed till they do return.



Poor pitiful, the biggest fucking suckup TRBB, could not handle the monsterous ass kicking he received from the members of ED, when his fatty of a mother informed him that he got his own ED article.

He wanted to do something nasty to those people on ED so the sick fuck pulled a Bonita and deactived his account like the fucking cowardly asshole he really is. He deactivated it to get away from the angry mob who is storming down on his fatty ass.

He may return under another handle and when he fucking does, his new handle shall appear in his article here, just like his fatty of a mother, her new one appeared in her fatty article as well.

TheRealBumbleBee is not an Autobot but a Decepticon who is pretending to be an Autobot like his fatty of a mother Bonita the Screaming Lesbian.

Shocking revelations, Batman![edit]

Everyone assumed that the account TheRealBumbleBee was the so called son of Bonita Prime's. Well, it is revealed that it was done and used by her BFF FREDA MORRIS!

Proof seen here from Bonita Prime's own deviation page.

Bye-Bye cuntface!

She made everyone, including her lesbian lover Bonita think it was her boyfriend's account. TheRealBumbleBee was my friend Freda all this time. I just found out last night after she deleted the account.

Bonita is going to try to bring her back: Quoted: I know I will talk to her and see if she will make another account and tell her to be nice no matter what people say to them about me or her and no matter what she reads what others say about me. I wish she could of just been nice about things to there people and saying that it was her Boy friend's account.

Freda Morris is a LIAR, STALKER and a big fat bully!

Possible new account[edit]

My new account as I only watched my fatty of a mother - Bonita

Godzilla True Fan is TRBB's new DeviantART account, that he just made this week. The jackaass proved it when he is watching his mother Bonita One Prime. TRBB thought he could slip under the radar with his faving all Godzilla shit on DA and yet, he's watching only one Deviant - Bonita One Prime. Which could only mean that this is either Freda Morris or TRBB back on DA again. They have returned!

Three fucking weeks later, this possible new account of the loser TRBB has not friended or watched anybody else beyond Bonita One Prime and that Bonita One Prime is the only one who posted on his comments which is very strange that his favoriting of Godzilla's artwork hasn't gotten the usual hey thanks for favving my artwork from any of the artists and he has not done one deviation of his or her own and has not posted a new journal post. You would think that Freda would or at least her boyfriend would post a journal post, but they know if they do, they'll be found out which they've already have. The strong chances that this is Freda Morris or her so called boyfriend is still a very strong chance!

Freda Morris and TheRealBumbleBee are one and the same[edit]

Freda Morris's new dA account and that of Bonita's son are the same person who dresses to look like a boy, guess she is the lesbian dyke of the family. Take a look at her dA ID and look at the picture of TheRealBumbleBee and see Freda in TRBB's face.

Here I am posing with my favorite vehicle. No one knows that I am really TheRealBumbleBee.

Poor Freda Morris[edit]

Freda is now being blamed for Bonita's latest art theft website that was up on the web this past weekend. Sadly, Freda Morris is being blamed for something that is not her fault or problem. Bonita's newest BFF and lover LeathurKatt proclaims that Freda is the one behind the website.

If this is true, then Freda Morris is no longer in the inner circle of Bonita's friends and the poor girl should be returned to the fandom without any baggage that was leveled onto her because of Bonita.

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More to come as more is uncovered.

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