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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

Mike Laffite, AKA theSuperRobotSoujaOG, AKA MiketheEntertainer, AKA theSRSGamer, AKA TinyToonShippuden, AKA Mr. Hat and Shades, AKA MikeMaverick is a wannabe Anonymous fail troll fucktard that thinks that he can own anybody that takes the internet seriously. He first started on Youtube as DanteBunny which got hacked 100 years ago. He attacks anybody who trolls him for great justice, he thinks is butthurt. However he will delete comments and/or attack the troll by saying that they are butthurt faggots, fail trolls, and making TL;DR paragraphs "owning" the specific troll.

It's the fucking internet...and I will fucking laugh while this retarded community will get butthurt over false acquisitions. You fuckers need to grow up!


— MiketheEntertainer, telling off the Youtube community


Little is known about this account, other than the fact that there remains 1 music video not made by him posted on November 21, 2007. Going back into the comments, he looks like the exact same drama whoring failfag he is today. This was his first account on Youtube, spreading his aids, making a whole bunch of rants about shit nobody cares about, BAAAWING about trolls, and pulling game reviews out of his ass.

*sigh* Why me...Bookittty has take me off the friends list...maybe she thinks that I was in cahoots with that bastard, singdeathmachinesing guy...I have un-friended that guy....I dunno if this guy doing that as a joke or not...but seriously... the reason why I was friending that guy is because I want to see if that's guy joking or what...but now, this guys is plain mean...I will not going to let one of my friends feelings getting hurt because of that asshole...and bookittty, I hope you read this...


— DanteBunny, talking about shit nobody cares about in a comment on his own page

Even Sonmanic can see his #1 fan has problems.

Mike is also known to be a superhardcore furry, one of the common results of this disease is this: [1]


During the times of theSuperRobotSoujaOG, he attempted to make video game reviews ripping off a certain Gamer Fan, but it winds up falling flat on its ass, since all the fat fuck can do is stutter and choke on Watermelon, you'd think that he'd be doing that to KFC, but here's the thing, SRS HATES KFC!!1!!1!1 During his reign of fail, he sucked up to his friends trying to get them to defend his sorry ass, while at the same time, he makes trolling accounts on Youtube to get back at those fools, assholes, and idiots! He made a bunch of drama videos completely contradicting himself in attacking Spax3, who is in fact, superior to one of the mistakes of a watermelon's sex slave.


You see the video at the top of the article? Well, it's been removed about twice, making him a complete hypocrite because he also made fun of some 20 year old asspie called spax3 for removing videos about himself. Also on the first posting of the video, he saw the video and had his butt buddies come and flag it and post comments saying "YOU WENT TOO FAR", and a lulzy comment from him on the video said something like this: "YOU WILL NEVER GET ME OFF OF YOUTUBE LIKE YOU EBFANTARD AND SHITFOOTGAMER DID TO RAGO!"

Then about later in the day he closed his account, but only to make a new one the next day, to make the most ironic username in the whole universe, theSRSGamer. He claimed that he was going to begin a fresh new start 1 day later, claiming that he will change, yet he still makes fail troll accounts to troll his former friends. After he was exposed, he then made a video of him whining like a fucking bitch, trying to gain sympathy. It worked... for a few days, until he made yet another account called MiketheEntertainer.

theSRSGamer pwnt with his own videos[edit]



We apologize for the audio in the following videos...

A combination of having massive nigger lips and being fat has made SRS almost completely inaudible.

The Carlos Mencia of Youtube

Another video that caused alot of "Hatridge"

I hate I'll copy what he does? GENIUS!!!!


TheSRSGamer pwnt by the Truth[edit]

Flamed: srsgamer


After getting owned up the ass by many of the Youtube community, Mike decided to make yet another account and it seems to make absolutely no difference from any of his other accounts. So far, he hasn't made any videos involving any drama, however he has lost most of his friends, he shows obvious butthurt faggotry on his page, and he still makes responses to anybody who makes fun of him, only in a less lulzy way and attempts to hide his butthurt faggotry.

BTW Pikachu0Z is the real Pikachu guy! ^^


— On his Youtube page, showing he gives a shit about Boomstick545 owning his ass.

MiketheEntertainer now claims that whenever he comments on a video he hates, he will flag the video, claiming to be doing it for the lulz, despite his obvious butthurt faggotry.

His Fanbase[edit]

It turns out that MikeTheEntertainer has a fanbase. I shit you not, he has a fanbase. This fanbase however consists of people just like the SRS! Them being LightFootGamer, TimeWarp1, and AnarchyBalsac. They also act just like MulderYuffie for the SRS. Flagging and Removing any video that doesn't praise/bash on this fat nigger. They also spend a majority of their time, shoving rotten chicken in The SRS's big black shit filled asshole, which is also slathered with Bacon grease from a long fuck session with DarkScream217.

These FanFucks claim that SRS is being cyberbullied and they won't stand for it! They are flag happy as evidenced when they tried to troll Boomstick for being gay and flagged his videos, just like the little Spacktards they are..


When a certain video was uploaded on boomstick545's account, something awful happened, apparently not only is boomstick545 gay, he is a RACIST! As according to this Irate fanboy, AnarchyBalsac. He thinks he knows what is racism and what is not, he is very serious business.

<video type="dailymotion" id="x9d8o5_mikey-joe-young_fun" width="600" height="600" desc="Comparing a nigger to a gorilla? FUCKING RACISTS" position="center"/>

SRS LOVES stalking girls[edit]

Since SRS is a 2maverick7 year old virgin like Chris-chan, he realized he can't get girls IRL. So he tried to make female friends on the Internet (like Sallytherabbit, who he wouldn't shut the fuck up about for months) thinking he'd score. Unfortunately for him the girls eventually caught on, and soon blocked him afterwards and never spoke to him again. Devastated, he made troll accounts to stalk them further in revenge and failed miserably at it. Here are the videos to prove the allegations of the SRS stalking girls on the internet.

TinyToonShippuden and GameBrainiacs[edit]

It seems that months after, Black Spax can't let go of what healthy, mature intelligence owned his 34,000 pounds of ass... and about 0.00001 mgs of dick. On October 8th 2009, he left a comment saying:

Pointless rant, but please subscribe. ^^


— On BeavisJr's video: Talking about the end of the world.

There was another user who told him to fuck off (like the fat lipped fuckpot deserves) and the obvious cliche' white knight labeling happened, so he wished death upon him and has been advertising BeavisJr's skype name on his page. If you want to know Mike's Skype Name, it is mokubex91 themaverickseiyuu

Does baby want his bottle?

Let him finish Kanye!

Here is what Mike has to say about his account:

This channel I'm using for is business. my future business coming soon.


—So I guess not letting things go doesn't count right?

So Mike, anything you'd like to share with us about you sad real life?

I have school, a girlfriend, and a life.


—SRS, with moar unrealistic expectations

So as you can see, Mike is still the same fat, earless cyberstalker we know today, we asked him for popcorn chicken the other day and the stupid bastard went to the theaters, what a douche... WHERE DA FUCK IS MY POPCORN CHICKEN???

Will SRS move on? Will he shit out shit covered in shit? Will he fuck haters? (Spoiler: No, Yes, No)

Mikey also claims that youtube drama is "WAR" and that he left because he can't escape the drama, despite the fact that he plagiarized RetroCom and told people to go die of cancer, he really left because his Facehugger called a computer dragges him over to DeviantArt to make shitty journals.

Mr. Hat and Shades and The Maverick Gamer[edit]

File:Teh Maverick is here by TinyToonShippuden.jpg
The "Maverick" ruining yet another thing.
Not even fictional girls are safe his from unyielding lust anymore.

Never knowing when to quit (or even how to), the fat fuck has returned as Mr. Hat and Shades and The Maverick Gamer. Why two screen names? Because this much fail can't be contained with just one. His new studio [2] is a crumbling failure of his atrocious Let's Plays and anime reviews.

File:Mike caring about Boomstick1.jpg
Awww, did a poor little commentary hurt you?

SRSly Sorry: Another sock puppet exposed[edit]

Indeed, the SRS was so sorry that he actually kept this video up for over a week before removing it. Also worth noting is that the SRS for some reason linked his account here with that particular sock puppet account. Granted, the SRS vandalizing his own article is nothing new (browse through this article's history), but its always lulz when he gets caught doing it.

Flame of Recca SRSly abridged[edit]

That's right, the man who rapes the English language every time he speaks with his real voice now thinks he can voice act.

The Tiny Toon Hurricane Returns to Youtube[edit]

Making a promise that everyone knows he can't keep.

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