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Hey guys, I'm Syndicate, and basically Zombies is completely my thing at the moment.


— bullshit.

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Some fgt tells it how it is.

TheSyndicateProject (Powerword: Tom Cassell) is an unfunny Britfag view-whore on YouTube who makes countless of shitty TL;DW Minecraft videos and became a partner of Machinima by cheating the system. He used to insist that he was the best CoD: Zombies player in the world (seriously, his channel title used to be '#1 zombies solo player global'), despite having nothing to back this up. After other YouTubers like TheRelaxingEnd started calling him out on his bullshit, he quietly stopped flaunting this self-awarded title and acted as if nothing had happened. Nowadays, virtually all of the people who subscribed to him because of CoD: Zombies have stopped watching him because all he uploads is shit.

In the Beginning[edit]

Tom Cassell 2.jpg
Syndicate Project USI.jpg

Tom started out on YouTube in mid-2010 as a humble shitposter making boring Modern Warfare 2 videos that nobody watched. Then, when Black Cocks came out in November of that year, he started spamming his shitty videos even more, as he, for some ungodly reason, believed himself to be the best Zombies player out there. He started several unfunny running gags, such as 'The Syndicate rape train'. People generally subscribed due to him pumping out at least 100 videos per day, but it should be noted that despite what Tom and his fanboys said, he was nowhere near the most skilled Zombies player on YouTube. Nevertheless, his unfunny jokes and failed attempts at creating forced memes propelled him up into the stratosphere of the YouTube gaming populace and earned him a partnership with Machinima, eventually resulting in him being 'the most subscribed-to solo gaming commentator in the UK' - another title which he pretentiously flaunted.

Lies and Propaganda[edit]

Thinking He's the Best[edit]

Right from the very start, he would always try and up his game by claiming to be the "#1 zombies solo player global" and generally being a lying assface. Eventually, some people (who were probably tired of his bullshit) created a blog dedicated to documenting the records for the highest round on every map. Said blog can be found here. If you look through the 'Leaderboards' section, you may notice that almost none of the actual records belong to him. Meanwhile, a Finnish gentleman by the name of [TheRelaxingEnd started to question Tom's high status in the CoD: Zombies community. He put annotations in several of his videos asking his viewers to challenge Syndicate to beat his records, and passively-aggressively attacked him in the comments sections on some videos. This was unfortunately in vain, as Tom's viewership only continued to grow.

Endorsements from Big YouTubers[edit]

It's an indisputable fact that much of how he became popular so easily was through other YouTube CoD players (namely other Machinima partners) sucking his dick in every video they made. A lot of popular channels gave him shoutouts and the like because they were too fucking retarded to realise that he was A.) Shit at what he did, and B.) Just doing it for the money. One particular collaboration he did with xJawz made him much more well known. Way to support the community and give everyone a chance Machinima, amirite?

Today, I have someone with me - a Zombies professional, if you will.


xJawz, glorifying Syndicate and further cementing his USI.

He quickly became part of an elite group of faggots in the JewTube gaming world. All of whom gained their popularity through misleading thumbnails, attention-grabbing titles, exploitation is what was 'popular'; you know, the same old shit that people like RayWilliamJohnsons and Shane Dawson do.

His Descent into Becoming a Boring Minecraft Let's Player[edit]

As more and more people started to realise that he was nothing special, he realised that he could no longer sustain his YouTube career through CoD: Zombies alone. So he did what any selfish cunt trying to take the easy way out would do, and started posting nothing but 40 minute Minecraft videos; because that's never been done before, has it? These days, he has nearly 5 million subscribers, all of them Minecraft fanboys, and members of the Zombies community seldom mention his name other than to bash him for being the tool that he is.

He is still without question the #1 zombies solo player in the world. I mean, just look at this list of his recent uploads:[edit]

Minecraft uploads.png

Further Evidence of his Alienation from the Community[edit]


A user by the name of yoteslaya created a zombies community channel a while ago to try and cull the infestation of faggots trying to open their own gay community channels. He was successful in this endeavour, but unbeknownst to him at the time, he was also successful in reaffirming the fact that Syndicate was not involved in the community at all. While the channel is now for all intents and purposes dead, it is still easy for one to see by scrolling through the videos how this channel operated entirely separately from Syndicate, and barely even mentioned his name, ever.


Last Thursday, some guy made a video proposing a CoD: Zombies podcast. This podcast would be about the community, so naturally it had nothing to do with Syndicate.

Pack-a-Podcast Proposal Video

Another thing I wanted to talk about was a podcast...I want there to be a Zombie podcast. For people in the Zombies community. And I'm not saying, like get Syndicate to make a podcast, no I'm saying, like, the ACTUAL Zombie community...


pishizor - expressing exasperation at Syndicate's undeserved popularity.

The podcast was a success, and they even dedicated a good chunk of this episode to bashing Syndicate:

Of Syndicate's 4 million or so subscribers, I would say that about 99% of them are not even aware of the Zombie community.


—- speaking the truth

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