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The Annoying Orange

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Orange and friend
Hmmm...a new mascot for Down's Syndrome, perhaps?

The Annoying Orange is yet another symbol of the downfall of the internet and the plague of unfunny, low-end consumer humor being foisted on its users via its chief conduit, YouTube. This series of videos were created by a douche calling himself Daneboe (aka Dane Boedigheimer), a faggot who learned how to chroma-key on Sony Vegas and likes to molest Zach Gordon three times a week. Presumably, he also plays the eyes and mouth of the main character, proudly displaying his crooked, disturbing dental work, bulbous eyes and eponymous annoying voice with every new installment. A likely reason for this is that he is too lazy and untalented to make an animation or claymation.

Despite the fact that nobody really knows what it means and that it shows the usual signs of advanced marijuana usage (shitty puns, repetition, an insufferably jerkass protagonist and the anthropomorphizing of food items [see Aqua Teen Hunger Force ) it's presently enjoying an advanced number of views, thanks to sympathetic potheads and YouTube's largest demographic, 13-year-old boys, who ubiquitously describe it as LiEk OmG TeH BeSt ShOw EvAr!!!!11


File:Tobey Buttsecks.jpg
Orange creator Daneboe
The Annoying Orange IRL
Orange gets Rule 34'd. This is Hitler's dick.
Proof that the Orange controls YouTube.

The Annoying Orange is an exercise in metaphorical symbolism, and is thus a transparent depiction of creator Daneboe's own problems with intimacy and social interaction. The orange is a lonely, misunderstood piece of fruit whose homosexual advances are invariably rebuffed by his fellow food items, resulting in only more confusion and existential angst at his miserable, irrelevant condition. Attempts at paying for gay sex not relieving his pathetic existence, he ponders first a gender change, then suicide after contracting HIV.

In addition to this compelling storyline, another secret of the show's success is that it's based on a proven theory that people love repetition. Just like the Power Rangers and Pokemon, the show has a reliable routine of how to create its videos:

Holy shit is that sum pacman???

Notable Quotes[edit]

An Orange fan auditions for the role of the Banana
Hey apple!


—AO to apple

Hey pear!


—AO to pear

Hey plumpkin!


—AO to pumpkin

Hey apple!


—AO to tomato



—Exchange with Samuel L. Jackson



—Another remark later on from Samuel L. Jackson

Calm down man! You don't want to BLACK OUT do you? hahhahahahahahahhahaha!


— AO to Samuel L. Jackson

Wow! Muslim children really are the next generation of "baby boomers"! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!


—AO on IRC

Every AO episode evar[edit]

Every Annoying Orange episode ever made in a nutshell.


How to troll annoying orange fans[edit]

Proof women grow up faster than men

As with numerous other loathsome online developments, Orange has its share of fans. If you decide to visit them at their site and POST SUM HAAAAIIIIITTTT!!!!! consider the following:

  • Say the show is unfunny and only immature people watch it, which will cause 13-year-old boys and 16-year-old girls to rage because they are indeed very mature.
  • Explain that it's a Thumb Wars rip-off[1]
  • Relate the plot formula shown above
  • Redirect them to this page
  • If offended by this page, redirect them to the "offended" entry and tell them to slowly scroll to the bottom.
  • Tell them that you eat Oranges every day.
  • Tell them that Orange isn't real WHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

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