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The Barney Bunch

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The Barney Bunch is a brilliantly retarded group of Flash trolls who used to regularly submit animation to Newgrounds and other websites that we don't feel like mentioning. The group was formed on August 25, 2005 and since then, the Barney Bunch turned from a group of trolls who make cartoon characters gay into an eternal power struggle.


Most flash by the Barney Bunch is animated in a crude style, and usually consists of a sequence of still pictures with Speakonia voices. These movies are most commonly about characters from children's television shows who are made gay and perform lewd acts on each other, in which some would declare a glorified Rule 34. Here's how a typical Barney Bunch movie works. Drew Pickles (or whoever the fuck is in the movie) would admit that they're really really really really really really really really really gay. Later on, another character will appear and start to make the first character horny, leading to the sex scene. In most videos, you don't see the actual sex. All you see for seven minutes is just a black screen with CENSORED in huge letters along with "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA BAG. That was swell." Enjoy your AIDS.


  • Drew Pickles - The self-proclaimed sexiest and faggiest man alive who has a 300 mile-long cock. Second only to Hard Gay in terms of faggotry.
  • Barney - A queer pedophile of a dinosaur who is Drew Pickles' butt buddy.
  • Ronald McDonald - Better known as the Penis Clown. His specialty is making food out of his friends' shit and cum.
  • Dick the Clown - A creepy ass clown drawing with a long cock. He wasn't in any of the original flashes on Newgrounds.
  • Ned Flanders - Once a devout Christian, now a flaming faggot.
  • The Quaker Queer - The faggot on the oatmeal box. He first appeared in |The Barney Bunch Goes To IHOP.
  • Moon Man - failed McDonald's mascot from the 80s, member of the KKK, and archrival of Drew Pickles.
  • Terry Nichols - AKA Cockless Terry. McVeigh cut off his penis back in '94 and it became obliterated from the Oklahoma City Bombing not even a year later
  • Ripper Roo - The sexy secretary for the Barney Bunch. He has a magic love for robots and explosives, and makes them out of his shit and piss.
  • The Painter - The artist of the Barney Bunch who paints pictures of random members.
  • Richard Spencer - A high ranking politician for the Barney Bunch that has a very swell haircut, uses tiki torches as dildis, and has a punching fetish.


Most of the flash by the Barney Bunch is hated by everyone unfortunate enough to see it, and several Newgrounds members have, in response, created "Anti-Barney Bunch" flash. Most submissions by the Barney Bunch are considered spam, and the terms "bb" and "Barney" have been removed from Newgrounds' search engine.

Current Activity

The current members of the Barney Bunch are anime loving faggots who submit the same damn shit on YouTube over, and over, and over, for over a year. It would be no surprise that the faggots who tried to revive the Barney Bunch get beat up at school everyday, because all they ever do for group activity is discuss dumb animu shit shows, and announce their upcoming movies, usually two minute pieces of shit compiled with pictures of Drew Pickles, Barney, and naked men with Speakonia voiceovers. It's no wonder why the original leader doesn't want to be associated with these premature zogs. The current leader (or so it seems) of The Barney Bunch is a guy calling himself BarneyBunch4Ever. The new and improved BB movies are a disgrace to the older ones, which trolled everyone at Newgrounds while the current videos are just shit. Now many youtube users, known as the "Third Generation" are making "Barney Bunch" videos, even if they don't know shit about the original Barney Bunch or it's history. They often get flamed by the original members on youtube for expressing their faggotry in their shitty videos.


You can see that the fucktards that shat out these atrocities out their asses put very little effort into making them, and somehow in their minds, these videos are "masterpieces", when in reality they're a treacherous by-product of the seven year old YouTube community. Even a tartlet with MS paint could make better shit than this, because these videos are just fucking awful. View at your own risk:

Drew Pickles and Barney Bunch go to the place they were conceived.

He's literally a piece of shit.

Yeah, screw you Pickles!

Not being the video above these, these kind probably should be uploaded more onto Newgrounds and YouTube. They love it when they see non-banned barney porn (cuz it gives them teh boners). Videos involving real nasty hardcore gang bang xxx features have always won.

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