The Bawls Kid

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The Bawls Kid
He's a fan of taco speaking midgets.
He built a fucking throne from bawls.

The Bawls Kid (February 2, 1989 - August 7, 2007) is a meme surrounding an overweight teenager standing in front of loads of boxes of the popular energy drink, Bawls. Nobody knows why the lusers who post this think it is funny, as there's nothing out of the ordinary about this pic other than the fact that the kid must really, really like his bawls.


Nobody really knows who the kid is, or where his bawls come from. All we know is that at least 100 years ago somebody posted a picture of a guy holding two bottles of bawls and standing proudly in front of some crates of bawls to 7chan. Other /b/tards replied with one large lolwut and somebody named him the Bawls Kid. It should have ended there, but in an attempt to force the meme, they also posted it multiple times to 4chan.

Roofies Scandal[edit]

Last Thursday somebody who knows the Bawls Kid posted pics of the kid fondling the tits of a drunk slut. This was posted in reply to somebody bitching in a Bawls Kid thread with "tits or GTFO." The thread then turned into a giant flamewar with other acquaintances posting about how they can't stand the Bawls Kid and that he's a creepy fuck. It was eventually revealed that the dumb slut was a camwhore named Anna.


ItsNotLupus claims to be the fatty featured in this shitty forced meme.


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