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The Burden of Proof

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When in an argument, everybody else has The Burden of Proof except for you. Without The Burden of Proof, we get the Cycle of Blame.

Internet Standard of Proof[edit]

In IRL courts, there are two standards of proof: Preponderance of Evidence and Beyond Reasonable Doubt. With the invention of the Internets, a third standard of proof developed, aptly named the Internet Standard of Proof, or ISP.

Under the Internet Standard of Proof, the following things are considered proof:

How to Transfer The Burden of Proof[edit]

The following is a common technique used by e-lawyers:

Prima: "God exists."
Secunda: "No, he does not."
Prima: "Prove it."

By saying "prove it", Prima transfers the burden of proof to Secunda. Secunda is now charged with providing facts proving that God does not exist.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.


Some fag.

Transferring the burden (TTB) can also be done by the use of graphs.

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