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The White House is ours

How come no one has ever asked why Easter's colours are blue and yellow?


—David Duke

The Easter Bunny Ishter Bani or סטער באַני is a Zionist conspiracy that began soon after World War II and the creation of ✡Israel✡ as a nation, 14 May 1948, to serve as a reminder for Jews in the Middle East and across the whole of the world to increase in their numbers, as the rabbit is a symbol of fertility, and take over the world through any and all means possible, while at the same time, creating an icon of over indulgance and glutony, based on their Christan/Pagen beliefs, that creates another holiday where Gentile children get out of school to just sit around and watch Television all day while they are are given grotesque amounts of candy, food and attention that is designed to do nothing more than lead these children down a road of obesity, Laziness and the idea that they are entitled to a life where everything is handed to them - ensuring that they will be poor candidates when it becomes their time to rule the world.


Our goal is your soul
three hairs motif
Mom? Hiw come Dad's eggs are always veiny and purple?

Like most symbols of pride and popular movements such as the Pink Triangle representing the gay movement and gay pride or the bathroom scale being used to represent Fat acceptance, the rabbit was once used by Anti-Semites as an image of hate or one of shame where illustrations would be posted of Dogs chasing rabbits up a hill or away from farm yards with the Caption, "Jag Den Has" or "Hunt The Hare" written underneath in a blood red colour. Another popular illustration from the same time had an obviously anthropomorphic female rabbit with large breasts disrobing while a large "Human Like" dog drinks the beer that was given to him by the Rabbit. Below is written, Der Has Hat Seine Beute Gefunden or "The Hare has found its prey," or "The hare has cornered its prey."

Being a much more socially acceptable animal than the rat or the mouse and portrayed positively in myth around the world such as Japan's Tsuki No Usagi or Moon Rabbit, "The Three Hares" motif that is used as both an architectural or religious symbol in places like England to represent the Holy Trinity, "The Year Of The Rabbit" in the Chinese Zodiac and people being born under this Zodiac Sign are known for being Tender, Decent, Generous, Cautious and Responsable and In the Western World, Americas, the rabbit is seen as a creature of good luck and portrayed as a clever creature in Native American Legend that resolves its misfortune by being more clever than its adversaries, the rabbit was easily reclaimed, by the Jews, and repurposed into a positive image from one that represented them as undesirable.

It was in the 1960s when Easter was starting to be promoted as a day for children rather than a day of Church and reflection through the use of Animated specials like Peter Cottontail and PAAS producing products that made Easter Egg Colouring simple that, just like Chrismas, Jesus started disappearing from the the season so that capitalism could sell religious free iconography to a Jaded and cynical society that would rather find comfort from and embrace an imiginary, corporate creation that says "Believe in me and every year I'll leave plastic baskets filled with 22,000 calories of sweets on your coffee table. What has Jesus done for you?"

By the 1980s, any reference of Jesus had been removed from public schools and only the fictional Easter Bunny could be referred to as the central figure of Easter had begun. It should be noted that it was during this decade that Israel was able to flaunt its power to the world with "The 7 June 1981 Operation Opera" where it attacked and destroyed an Iraqi Nuclear Reactor. When the world was looking at America demanding a response, then President Ronald Reagan replied, "Boys will be boys".

It was in 2009 that the Zionist Plan Against Easter almost got out when then president Barak Obama banned it from the White House lawn. It was through the use of the media and their calling him a Moslem that would throw away a tradition that the secret stayed safe.

Now as Millennials who have grown up on propaganda that fighting is always wrong and love is the way, everyone has to be your friend and no matter how much better someone is than you are - you are all equal start to take the stage, you can see the master plan at work when Millennials would rather bow to an insane dictator's, like Kim Jun-Un, demands and blindly quote popular, advertised scriptures they have no understanding of such as "Turn the other cheek" which has nothing to do with surrendering to violence and being a pacifist. The comment is a lesson in how to insult the person slapping you without ever saying a word.

It is assumed that the slapper would hit you with the back of his hand like one would do with a whore or someone lesser to remind you of your place. By turning the other cheek the attacker will have to hit you with his open hand, if he were to slap again, suggesting that you are his equal.

Our Cultural Subconscious And The Rabbit[edit]


Inserting the rabbit into the cultural subconscious was no problem as it already existed as a producer of luck or as an uppity, overly clever character in Warner Brothers Cartoons.

What didn't exist was a mythos where the rabbit served as a king or a ruler. The ruling animals were obviously the ones that represented strength such as lions and tigers. The rabbit being seen as week but cut, was often put in the role of a side-kick, such is the case of Bambi or as a Joke like the "Trix Rabbit", because no matter how cute they were they were still rodents like rats, that if left unchecked, can and would breed to such unchecked numbers that they would be able to attain victory simply through superior numbers and claiming all space and territory as their own.

It was ✡Steven Spielberg✡ who carved the road for the rabbit's acceptance as a leader when he rewrote Bugs Bunny as a teacher, a mentor and a more socially acceptable hero, Along with Babs and Buster Bunny, in his Tiny Toon Adventure's, and if you take a look, all the other characters such as the unwashed French skunk and the psycho, Narcissic duck remain the same while the ones' like the gun crazed Americunt are redrafted an become evil, money loving industrialists that live to do purposeful harm to tge poor. In this new interpretation, rather then being seen as a creature that will invade a farmer's fields and convince the farmer that he has every right to his hard work and harvests through trickery or Marxist Ideals, the rabbit has become a voice of reason and a leader.

This recharacterization of the rabbit continued into the movie Space Jam in 1996 where the rabbit, not being the strongest or the best, organizes an unstable Mötley Crüe of characters to lead them in the charge against an alien force that is clearly their superior and whose goal is total domination of the Earth in 1996, surprisingly, one year later in 1997, Sailor Moon is released to the U.S. that has a character named for a rabbit that will become a much loved monarch that lives in luxuary and wealth as Queen of the Earth and known universe.

The rabbit, rather than taking its role of a leader, allowed it to be handed it.



So the fuck wits can come out of this,and say they've learned something, Rabbits are not rodents. They are lagomorphs.

What does this mean to a drooling, autistic, short bus shit like you? Nothing really because You will never make it to University.

If you do need to know, short answer, rodents are omnivores where lagomorphs like rabbits are herbivores. Now go run to Your Mom and tell her you learned something.


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