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The Eclectic Espeon is actually a tranny.

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Let this sink in: someone was retarded enough to let him use this name at work despite never legally changing it.
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Fucking important note: This article was written when Eric was known as "The Eclectic Espeon." He now goes by Its Simply Haruka. K thx.

Eric Ridenour (also known as Emma Violet Haruka Imaishi or 今石春花 according to his Twitter account) formerly known as MovielandRidenour, TheEclecticEspeon, and SuperSailorMakoto is a 23-year-old poor, basement-dwelling Hispanic equivalent of Caitlyn Jenner and the Tommy Wiseau of the Internet creative content community. He is a classic example of an overweight manchild, attention whore, hypocrite, weeaboo, and a child predator lurking on the Internet. He is a wannabe director who studied film at community college, amateur YouTube analyst and Let's-Player, Tumblr blogger, and self-proclaimed male-to-female transgender. He has an associate's degree in film as of 2015 and has done absolutely nothing professional with it whatsoever.

As the evidence suggests, Ridenour is doing everything he possibly can do to become an Internet celebrity: from making fan-dubbed "parodies" of My Little Pony to getting this well-deserved Encyclopedia Dramatica article. He will no doubt keep on experimenting with such new media, too, until the general public give him the attention required for him to become a well-loved and respected celebrity over his nonexistent projects outside of the brony community. He is also frequently observed to change his opinions on trivial topics so long as he will become more universally accepted for them just like Hillary Clinton in all of her campaigns ever, the only difference being that she actually has a vagina. What's this? All females in Disney look the same? Well then, it's time to be a fan of Studio Ghibli despite that I previously claimed that I was never a fan of anime.


Eric Ridenour was born on April 1, 1993 (it's a sign because of how much of a joke he is) in California. Not much is known about Eric's childhood only because he constantly changes his stories on what he was passionate about. He was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome in the 4th grade.

The Story of Journey of the Spark[edit]

Celestial Spark "Studios"[edit]


Imagination. Ingenuity. Innovation.


The official slogan of Celestial Spark Studios

A cluster of fans who have been feeding into Eric's lies join for the BronyCon 2014 panel.
A select few of Celestial Spark Studios participants meeting up IRL at BronyCon 2014. Notice that Eric is uncomfortably placed at the bottom left with the females on the team.
The voice actors featured in Journey of the Spark, better known as the only department that Eric didn't treat like a subhuman species.
The team baring to the world all the hard work they've done so far on the projector screen: nothing.
The most original film director in the world.

A longtime member of the Internet's most illustrious collection of manchildren, that of the bronies, Eric has over a considerable deal of time, and with minimum effort at that, become one if its more well-known figures. He is the founder and current head of his own "Celestial Spark Studios", the prolific team that brought you absolutely nothing at all.

Eric initially began gaining notoriety with his early abridged series, "My Little Pony: The Brony Edition", which gained moderate success throughout the community. He then one day abandoned all this in order to create his own feature-length animated film, Journey of the Spark. And so he stuck to this dream in the face of all else, managing to gain the undying support of hordes of Bronies, even assembling a large cast and crew to unquestioningly carry out his bidding. As far as these things go, it was indeed impressive. Promising, right? Over two years later, the status of the film remains a mystery to all except those who are still trapped within, unable to escape. Updates on the project are exceedingly vague, and few and far in between, only leading one to assume it expired long ago. Good work, Espie!


Journey of the Spark: better known as JotSpocalypse, was an animated feature-length fanfiction revolving around Twilight Sparkle wrecking up some shit and running away like a cowardly bitch. As predicted, the film was cancelled and no more than a few minutes of animation was ever produced even after three years. If it had been, it already had been dubbed on 4chan as Double Rainboom 2.0, with a half-assed plot, animation, and "voice acting." Due to the incomprehensible amount of behind the scenes butthurt, (we have it on good authority that shit has gone down in there,) it is better off being called a "major emotional picture." It was so pathetic that even Rina-chan resigned from the project. The original release was to be in summer 2014, but it keeps getting pushed because the directors don't want to own up to their fans that it's a lost cause of a project. Furthermore, the JotSpocalypse has received a significant number of cease and desist orders, which begs the thought that perhaps the project's biggest accomplishment has been keeping this a secret the whole time. Oh wait, oops.

The Longest Brawl: Based upon the hit Super Smash Brothers video game series, this is the new project that Eric decided to flee to once he realized that JotSpocalypse was failing and that the brony community was beginning to hate his guts more and more every day. He voices one of the characters and put his favorite Pokemon, Espeon, into the game even though she isn't even canonically in the video game, because Eric loves that sort of power. He is the only "voice actor" in the series that cannot act.

Asura's Reach: A furry-inspired rip-off of Zachary Rich's True Tail. When your own movie failed so miserably, you might as well rip off a director who actually did complete something, even though Double Rainboom is one of the most actively hated fan-produced media in the brony fandom.

Another word about his team[edit]

Actual image of what Ian does does behind closed doors, featuring his avatar he uses on the MLP Fan Labor Wiki.

The most notable team member in the Journey of the Spark project is immblueversion (Powerword: Ian Murphy). He is just slightly older than Eric and enjoys spending his free time lurking social media such as Equestria Daily, YouTube, Tumblr, and the My Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki as Eric's chosen prophet, informing everyone that he has it all under control when, spoiler: he doesn't. Just about all his content on his Tumblr are from Eric's blog. In conclusion, he also suffers from the classical mental disease known as autism and is lusting over his senpai. If you refer to Ridenour as a male or by his legal name, he will correct you and you will have to sit in a dark corner and check your privilege.

Cease and Desist Order from Hasbro[edit]

If you are still not convinced that this guy isn't completely out of his fucking mind, check this out. He has a cease and desist order from Hasbro Inc. He has kept it a secret from the brony community so they wouldn't flip their horsefucking shit out like they did with failures such as Fighting is Magic. And now, through the miracle of the Internets, the boys in the lab have managed to track down a genuine copy of such a C&D. We kid you not. Feast your eyes.


Use scrollbar to see the full image


If you are not convinced this is a legitimate cease and desist order, consider the following:

1. It is addressed to Eric Ridenour's home in Corona, California.

2. It is addressed to Journey of the Spark's official email account.

3. Carin Reynolds is a real lawyer who sends letters on behalf of Hasbro. Go ahead. Google her. She can be contacted at as stated above.

Checkmate, atheists.

Fleeing the Project and Cancellation[edit]

Truth hurts.

In early September 2014, Eric made the official announcement that he would be taking a 'hiatus' from Journey of the Spark, for personal reasons relating to this mental health and gender identity. That's not a big surprise at all. On the topic of the project's continuation, however, he left it open to speculation, as per the usual.

However, just a couple weeks later, on September 16th, Ridenour just couldn't take the pressure anymore and decided to once and for all make the move to finally officially cancel his beloved project.


If that was too long for you, this guy on Tumblr sums up the entire story in one post.


Bitches get stitches
As you can see he is a feminist. He believes that women are superior to men despite being born male. This story is bullshit.
Did anyone else make this connection between Chris-chan's tomgirl phase and this guy?
                         Actual footage of Eric realizing he just killed the one man uglier than him. Becoming a woman was the only solution.

Eric "came out" as transgender on March 24, 2014 on his Tumblr blog as a result of being another victim of Trolling Induced Transsexuality Syndrome. That basically means that everyone who helped write this article is a transphobic scum for not using female pronouns. Just when it seemed there was nothing more he could do to draw in attention and confuse people, he one day decided to become a female out of the blue. There was a complete lack of prior indication to this change, and one can only imagine that high levels of exposure to Tumblr finally caused the fellow to jump on the first minority bandwagon he could find - such is a natural stage in the life cycle of an attention whore. Originally, his name went from Eric to Emma, but he has since changed it yet again, to Violet, and once more to Haruka. There is serious doubt of any actual paperwork legally reflecting this change, so it can be safely assumed that these too are merely interchangeable phases.

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Good for you.
Good for you.
Good for you.
Good for you.
Good for you.
Good for you.
Good for you.


Born 2000 (meaning that he's about 7 years older than her)
Did You Know: Ever heard "Little Girls?" The artist of this song that romanticizes pedophilia is none other than Eric's favorite band, Oingo Boingo. He has also has gone by the persona FanOingo.

He even put her in the credits for his college project called Awoken for the whole class to see. If only they knew everything we did.

Eric Ridenour has had an online girlfriend that he met through his YouTube series The Brony Edition in 2012. Since that year, they have had several on-and-off relationships.

Reaction to this article[edit]

I’ve come to learn over time that the more serious you take yourself, the more open to ridicule you become. When you finally decide to stop being serious, you can shrug off a lot of things. I’ve always been aware of what people write on ED, so it really came as no surprise to me at all. I figured if people were gonna piss all over me to get a laugh, I might as well laugh along with them.


—Eric Ridenour; attempting to be cool towards his fans as a reaction to this page

On July 7, 2014, Eric discovered that he was bait enough to be targeted by the cool kids of Encyclopedia Dramatica. Instead of contemplating becoming an hero as we expected, he is just as amused as we are. It only further proves that his asperger's syndrome is much stronger than we thought and we can continue to point out what is wrong with this virtual child predator as much as we please. It's a win-win situation (for now).

A New Leaf[edit]

After becoming an international embarrassment in front of the entire brony fandom, Eric made the most logical decision imaginable: he became a weeaboo, made up a new persona, and deleted his old accounts under the name The Eclectic Espeon.

Studio Kazoku[edit]

On December 13, 2014, Eric made his final apology regarding the failure of Journey of the Spark. Once again, he is no longer on the project, and his friend, Jon, is in charge of the new audio drama. Instead of identifying with Celestial Spark Studios, he is now going with Studio Kazoku, meaning "family" in Japanese.

As of 2015 as well he is officially no longer apart of the brony fandom after he was chased out by a mog of angry pony fans with torches and pitchforks. He shares the same fate as Digibrony where is entire life is consumed by lolicon.

On February 1, 2015, it was discovered that Eric is currently going by the name of Haruka after the lesbian from Sailor Moon.

On February 21, 2015, Eric announced that even after Journey of the Spark's failure, he will be appearing at a panel at Midwest Brony Fest in April 2015 promoting The Longest Brawl and some other shit that no one cares about.


See what real people have to say about this dude:

I may have some bias against JOTS, but I speak truth.The guy who's leading the project, Eric Ridenour [how could you miss it, his name's plastered under the title] is an autistic, emotionally unstable person who's difficult to work with. He's had some issues with people involved with the project (some of whom I believe left because of Eric's outbursts at them). I knew him before JOTS from his 'Brony Edition' livestreams. On two occasions he got super mad and upset and started yelling and acting like a fucking jackass. He cannot accept people having differing opinions. He actually is autistic. Anyways, I have nothing against the people making JOTS but I hope the project and Eric fail.


—Anonymous Mon Aug 19 13:43:57 2013 No.12961037

I can not wait to see this pedophile sued by Hasbro. This dude already has 3 cease and desist letters on his hand. He wasn't even supposed to show this, and I think the people behind Bronycon didn't know. What's more is that this dude had 3 months to put together a preview. He waited until the very last minute to throw together some god awful animation. OH! And lets not forget the fact this guys a pedophile. Yeah, this isnt bullshit. His girlfriend is 14 while he is 21. Please upvote this so Hasbro can sue him and so that he gets charged for being a pedophile. Let it be known that im not slandering the guy, but instead speaking truth.


—Dakota Helhiem, YouTube

My sibling was apart of it. The director/writer is a fucking autistic shithole. He's been fucking it up so bad, firing and bringing people on if they so much as send him a drawing. PLUS, every time he shows up at a convention he just posts old art and half-done year-old cinematics at conventions. He has literally nothing to show for it. Honesty, you have to be a part of production because no one wants to talk about it. Sorry if you don't believe it, but that's how it is.


—Anonymous Tue Aug 26 14:58:48 2014 No.19452779

Probably going to bomb or end up in development hell. Its a project thats too ambitious for its own good and its been in production since early 2012. The person in charge has such delusions of grandeur which reminds me of a project I worked on of similar nature.


—Tumblr User itsrichk

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *deep breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HA ANYONE who announces a sex change before their big project is completed clearly has zero social skills to carry a project to begin with.


—Mr. Twister, Horse News Commenter


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