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The Female Privilege Checklist

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Mepersoner tracked down and given his comeuppance

At one point, a moonblood-painting feminist put together a list of a pile of things he felt made men better than women and decided to call it the Male Privilege Checklist. Lulz ensued as always, and plenty of people got their proverbial panties in a knot.

Lj-favicon.png mepersoner decided to strike back, providing a Female Privilege Checklist. This, of course, set the unfunny feminists on a rampage, citing anything they could wrap their tiny little brains around, as well as causing LiveJournal's funniest feminists, ginmar and odanu, to combine their lesbian superpowers and spend an inordinate amount of time refuting the obvious parody and ignoring people who weren't feminist enough.

To add insult to injury, he then linked it in the liberal community. It takes absolutely no time at all for odanu to call someone a troll and have a multi-comment grammar battle.

So much for the lulz...

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