The Fury

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The Fury.

The Fury is a particularly pissed-off Russian from the twelve-hour-long interactive cutscene Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater who likes to run around in a spacesuit with a flamethrower powered by rocket fuel. He is respected for his ability to burn things. One of 7chan's three mascots, he has been assigned a mission to burn every furry on the face of the earth.

A member of the elite Cobra unit, The Fury has been battling the G.I. Joe menace since the Second World War.
What 9/11 would've looked like if Snake's dad didn't fuck things up.


A summary of his attacks:

  • Setting you on fire.
  • Dousing the area in flames.
  • Charging you with a trail of fire behind him.
  • Shooting you with a flamethrower.
  • Exploding in fire when you tranq him up.

When you kill him, he pretends to do a space launch and hallucinates about space. Then he dies and his ghost flies around and blows up the door, blocking you from the previous parts of the game.

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