The Geterator

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The Geterator

The Geterator, also known as The Canon, was a large motivational poster created on 2/10/08 starting with a picture of the epic Scientology raids happening on the same day.

So while a bunch of other fags were busy yelling at Tom Cruise, a post was created that evolved into what would be known as The Geterator. It was pretty great. The geterator became a chain that continuously grew larger and larger. Three new words were introduced in the Geterator thread. Two already existed, them being Canon and Vector, and the third was birthed from science: Geterator.

It kept growing for hours, under the watchful eye of Adderall guy <3, a poster who had taken 20mg of the A.D.D. drug adderall to help him read, only to get distracted by the Geterator. The OP's whereabouts were lost. Epic thread was epic and was 404'd at 12:23 PM, Central Time. A new thread is occasionally formed using the latest picture that person could find, usually resulting in extreme fail and usually a lot of sage. The term "Geterator" was actually started when one of the posters misspelled Generator when referring to the motivational poster generator.


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