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The Great AFI Incident of 2007

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The Great AFI Incident of 2007 was a week-long raid on AFI's MySpace blog committed by a group of nefarious IRL friends under the name pwl2fwp who search out random outdated blogs, comment them, and watch the lulz ensue. Some argue that the raid still continues to this day.

The response was tons of butthurt emo faggots who think they're hXc whining about how much emos and MCR fukken rool, and about how Dave was a bisexual therefore OMG HOT.

Myth: AFI began playing gigs as a mucus plug formed inside Glenn Danzig's tooth-filled, tentacle-ridden Man pussy.

Fact: It was Morrissey's man-eating Vagoo that squeezed out these dingle berries from its depths.

AFI blogs are serious business[edit]

The blog entry itself was unremarkable. AFI had some technical problems during the broadcast of Saturday Night Live on January 20, 2007, so one of the band members posted about his butthurt on their MySpace. Witnesses at the scene report a lot of emo posturing with no sound, which was lulzy enough in itself. It was like a silent movie with a really crappy soundtrack of powerchords. Without warning, a swarm of heroes descended upon the blog, raeping it with comments on topics such as "this band sucks", &c. The fangirls went NUTS. It continued from there.

Dave started the whole thing by saying "It's not like the band is good anyway." And oh, thus began the fucking lulz.


AFI, has changed many people lives for the better, including mine. They influenced me to get away from the Latin Kings, change my lifestyle, and stop jumping ignorant crackers like you for pocket change. If only some band could come into your lives and teach you some decency and self respect, because by coming on here and making all of these negative comments, you're not disrespecting AFI and their fans, you're only disrespecting yourself.


—--This brought to you by Tough Guys Wear Pink



—--From Nicole, the greatest lolcow ever known, who has a ball fetish.

Most of the other comments were along the lines of "get a life JERKS!", people censoring out fuck and its variants, "Noone cares what you think AFI RULZ!" and the like. But the ownening was already complete.

Lulzy statements[edit]

I can't wait 2010 when I can see this band for free at a rib festival


—-- Daniel


After Daniel left a response to Tough Guys Wear Pink reading "Maybe you should change your name to the sneak kings since you rob people for sandwich money", a gang war is brewing between the 1337 warriors of the pwl2fwp and the Latin Kings!

"wtf is that man? I've seen bitches like you killed for less than that for disrespecting other "gangs". maybe if you guys were informed about our history you'd know that the ALKQN is for bettering the Latino community but it's stereotypical white people like keeping our people down and leave us with few income options. It's not about race, it's about the ignorance you hold and the belief that you're better than others. If you can be so close-minded and bigoted based solely on musical taste, I'd hate to see how you react to real world situations. And if you think that you're safe from us just because you're behind a computer screen, you're wrong; if we can get our members into political office around the country, we can just as easily find you. Amor De Rey, Queen CheChi, inka of golden lion tribe 2nd division" --girl so fucking hardcore her MySpace profile is private.. Must be the stereotypical white people keepin' the brotha down.

Screenshots of Doom[edit]

Screenshots of Doom About missing Pics
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Typical AFI Fan[edit]

Other then those two genres I love any type of music out there…but there is one band that has won over my heart. That band is, AFI If you know me personally then it’s kind of obvious. But if you don’t I just thought I should let you know. AFI is my favorite band for many reasons. One of them is the music, I find it to be very cathartic and very soothing…well the newer stuff anyway. That brings me to another reason, all of their albums sound completely different from one an other. If you listen to their first album and their latest album not knowing who the band was you would probably guess that it was two totally different bands. The same goes for all of the other albums. Another reason why I love them is because they have helped me spiritually…a lot. I find it hard to explain this to people but the truth is, without AFI, I would be dead most likely. I hate being overly pessimistic but it’s true. AFI has saved my life numerous times with their music and their encouraging words. There have been times where I have been so deep into angst and depression I felt that asphyxiation, self harm and suicide were the only answers to ease the tension, But I never acted on this urge, that was because AFI has always been there to calm me. It may be hard to understand but this is fact and it can’t be changed. AFI is why I live, AFI is the Fire Inside me.

AFI is why I live, AFI is the Fire Inside me.



Your avergage AFI fan looks like... About missing Pics
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