The Great Chan Death of January 2007

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Around late-January 2007, a sudden AIDS epidemic overwhelmed many popular 'chan' communities causing many of them to go offline and leaving many /b/tards bewildered and lost among the mass of internet.

4chan down


Yotsuba Channel (as of 27th January) was offline
due to a power failure:

[1/27 14:55:28] * moots changes topic to '4chan | oh no power failure | everybody dies'

Status: Up.


420 was already under massive scrutiny by its host as it was the same host used by 12chan. A CP image was posted on the lolicon board and the host decided that this was a valid enough reason to kick them off their servers. It came back relatively quickly, but with only two boards fully operational (/b/ and /i/)


LOL 12chan FBI LOL

12chan was investigated and taken down by Interlol and subsequently, k0w was raped by bubba in a French prison.
Status: Up.[edit]


Moderately popular Russian-language imageboard. Down for unknown reasons.
Status: Downski Upski


Nobody cares

After the death of its /i/ board, 7chan's userbase had shrunk a little and as such was unprepared for the wave of 4channers upon 4chan's downtime.
Status: 7chan is now officially back up, though no one cares still. WRONG! 7chan is down. hahaha disregard that I suck cocks down indefinitely until their users donate enough money to buy a new server


Lol, fuck

WikiChan, that repository of Aids infested failure is also down. Of course, it's been down for a while, but we have to sensationalize this shit, don't we?

Status: Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside Down

So...What Now?[edit]

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