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Nevar forget

Bonfire Night 2018 in Great Britain promised to be a dull affair, with the same-old, same-old: fireworks, baked potatoes and the ritual burning of effigies representing a would-be regicide who was hanged drawn and quartered over 300 years ago. But then someone had a brilliant idea. Instead of burning an effigy of that would-be regicide, they would get together with some friends and burn an effigy of Grenfell Tower.

What was even more brilliant was that they filmed the whole thing, including themselves laughing and joking as the effigy burned. And then, a stroke of true genius occurred to the merry-makers. They uploaded it to the internet. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Grenfell who?[edit]

Grenfell Tower was a residential apartment block in London, that caught fire in June 2017. Due to its sturdy and flame-retardant concrete structure, it is still very much a towerblock. However, due to the decidedly non-flame retardant structure of human beings, these days it is considerably less residential.

The event[edit]

Above: The Film That Sparked A Million Flames Wayback Video Favicon.png archived here
What a lovely video i really enjoyed this.



Funny as fk. You snowflakes need to toughen up!


—Wayne O

hope u all die worser and you get locked up for this kuffs


—TONY killa bz

Lol brilliant.


—Diversity has FAILED

Guys.... It's a cardboard box. Don't cry


—Lee Murphy

It's a country that has lost its morality. They are sick. Afterwards they all went and inbred with each other and wife swapping.


S Hussein

This video is only the start of the wrath of the awakening saxon





—Brian Glasper

Grenfell tower was a crime by some white Brtions against the Muslim community perhaps in vengance for ariana grande in Manchester.



titanic is my favorite movie, whats wrong with it ?





—Kerry Hicks

Yous are all fucking sick. I wish I knew where you lived I would show you what pain is


Duncan Stevens

Gallery of Gaiety[edit]


News of the event spread like wildfire on Twitter, and before 9pm on bonfire night, the video had been condemned as absolutely the worst thing to have happened anywhere in the history of the human race. Up and down the length of Britain, the reenactment was denounced by politicians of all parties and incoherent drunken randoms on Twitter with equal vigor and disgust.

And then the Metropolitan Police decided that the video was evidence of... a hate crime. Within 24 hours, Bobbi Connell and father Clifford Connell had been dobbed in by Bobbi's own grandfather, and Paul Bussetti had handed himself in for his own protection against the baying hordes of Britain. 24 hours after that, the fattest of the conspirators was identified as Mark Russell from West Norwood, South London. Former youth team player for Crystal Palace F.C. Trent Bogle and haulage firm owner Steve Bull were then fingered by the fuzz for their roles in fanning the flames of shame. The last picture in the gallery could be Gazza, we're not sure yet.

Fire animation 2.gifFire animation 2.gifFire animation 2.gif

To Be Continued....

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Infernal links[edit]

As it happened[edit]

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Global reactions[edit]

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Hot gossip[edit]

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