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The Harlan Show

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His icon. How very edgy

The Harlan Show is the 4th incarnation of a shitty YouTube channel owned by a fat neckbeard named Harlan Moncrief.
Living in a Studio Apartment somewhere in California, this individual makes videos on popular topics such as Atheism, politics, religion, science and other stuff. That is, he used to, until he deleted every video he had and rebooted his channel into a pseudo-intellectual rant channel (Think RoamingMillenial meets SammyClassicSonicFan).

His online career

"Hold on, I think I can hear somebody disliking my new video!"

Harlan claims to be in a character called "Lunatic Leonard", except his actual self and his fake self are the same fucking person and have no differing qualities.
His videos are basically the cookie cutter formula for making edgy rant videos, (i.e. saying nigger, autist, faggot etc) and it's because of this that he can pump out thousands of videos every hour. He gained a subscriber-base not through any effort of his own, but through a shoutout by his YouTube God, I Hate Everything.

IHE Shouts Him Out

You Look Like a School Shooter


YouTube Comment Section

He claims to be an advocate of free speech and says that people can like what they want, yet throws a tantrum whenever somebody dislikes one of his videos, or provides any form of criticism as small as "maybe you should get a laptop". Not only this, but he brushes aside any opinions of people who have less subscribers than him, while calling people with more subscribers than him cowards because they either made a video on him, or didn't make a video on him because he himself is a small channel and they didn't see his video with 100 views.
Despite the negative reception he's been getting, he's going to make his own show "Necessity" which he claims will be a "True Masterpiece to rival those such as Firefly".
Here is a video where he introduces his OC.

As a side note, Harlan often attempts to get more Subscribers by sucking the dick of his favorite Youtubers, hoping they'll be generous enough to shill his garbage so he can earn more Subscribers. This is generally the only way for him as his content rarely brings in any new subs, and within a week or so Harlan's fuckery would repulse them to the point of unsubbing.


Harlan has had a few characters from time-to-time, such as the Iconic Leonard Church (Not the RvB one) who was a Racist Trechcoat-Kid. Then came Lunatic Leonard, who replaced Leonard Church but was even more retarded.

During the 2016 US elections he had a character dubbed "Cletus" who was a stereotypical Redneck Trump supporter. But many theorize this was actually Harlan expressing his true Political beliefs but hiding it behind a Satirical character.

Then theres "Dack" which is a character for his upcoming show, "Necessity". Dack is basically some cookie-cutter edgelord that no one above the age of 12 would find cool or interesting.

Harlan's Fuckery (In non-chronological order)

  • Doxxing his (former) best-friend's partner going in to labour
  • Forcing said friend to edit a shitty Shrek Review that in the end was scrapped for being absolute shit
  • Getting banned from Twitch at least twice for streaming Fallout 4 with nude mods and streaming himself having Cybersex with a GTA V stripper
  • Starting constant, one-sided flame wars with anyone who dares to make a video criticizing him
  • Making videos where he talks about wanting to kill people who piss him off (people online and IRL)
  • Treating his audience like shit
  • Lying about his I.Q and possibly about his job


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