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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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The newest in a long line of overrated Nintendo games, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW, not to be confused with BBW) is the unholy aborted love-child of Dark Souls, No Man's Sky, and every newer Ubisoft title, complete with fucking Ubisoft towers.



Weapons degradation

Do you like being interrupted every thirty seconds to change weapons, since they break easier than styrofoam? Then Breath of the Wild is the game just for you, because nothing is better than having to pause the combat just to change weapon.

Botw weapon damaged.jpg
You'll see this text a lot

70% of Breath of the Wild

Map bigger than Skyrim

If you have heard the claims of Nintendo PR, you might have heard that the map is many times bigger than the map of Skyrim. But there is fuck all to do but collect useless shit. Virtually no side quests. There is nothing. It is empty as the claims of the creators of No Man's Sky, a game that actually had more happening than BotW.

Botw nothing.jpg

In order to confirm this one just has to see how long it takes to 100% the game: It clocks in at just 80 hours, which is less than Borderlands 2, The Witcher 3, Fallout 4 and many other games. This for a game where you'll spend most of your time doing fuck all.


The exact same as all the other Zelda games. Save princess and kingdom. Defeat Ganon.


The E3 lie

Botw downgrade.jpg
Would you accept a downgrade like this if it was another company?

Final product looks nothing like this

Frame rate

Enjoy your dips to 20fps, retard. Not that 30fps is acceptable for an action game based on player input. And Ocarina Of Time's 18 fps is doesn't count!

Zelda breathofthewild 20fps.jpg

Clearly GOTY

900p resolution

Lol is this 2002? The game is 720p if you got the Wii U version too.

Botw fire.jpg

It uses bilinear filtering

Botw now there's a name.jpg

Bilinear filtering was obsolete in 2002, as trilinear was common around 98.

3D Rage Pro (1997) improved on the Rage II’s perspective correction, along with texturing ability and trilinear filtering performance thanks to an expanded 4kB cache and added edge anti-aliasing


History Of The GPU

There is one small difference worth mentioning, and that's texture filtering. On Switch, you get a very slight improvement in bilinear filtering quality, meaning textures aren't filtered so close to your screen


Wait.. what?

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