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The creator of The Loud House has been fired for being a pervert and will probably never work in animation again!

The Loud family

The Loud House (also known as The Lewd House and Incest Waifu: The Animated Series) is a harem comedy that airs on Nickelodeon. It was green-lit when the network realized they had literally nothing on their channel except PAW Patrol, The Fairly OddParents, SpongeBob SquarePants and shitty kidcoms. Despite having the child appeal equivalent to that of The Fairly OddParents, Tumblr fags and 4chan have quickly latched onto the show, claiming the Loud sisters as waifus because they have absolutely no chance of scoring with a real woman.

Other than pedophiles, the show is only popular with Enterbots who think this show will "save" the network, and SJWs, who love the show for its inclusion of an interracial gay couple in a kids' cartoon. That, and Mexicans.


The show is about a young albino named Lincoln living with ten sisters because their parents have never used or even heard of condoms. Every episode involves him having an issue with one or more of them (including him addressing the viewer as though they're too stupid to figure out what's going on themselves) and then resolving it (basically it's like The Brady Bunch or Full House if they were animated). This generic as fuck setup is just an excuse for the writers to make up wacky hijinx and provide fanservice to themselves and the Internet to appease their pedophilic lust for incest.


Main Characters[edit]

Lincoln talks to the show's fanbase.
She may be fan fiction, but her psychological trauma is real.

The main characters, also known as the Loud children are a retarded band of Catholic, Crackazoid, pigskinned, inbred niggers that reside in suburban Michigan, inside a shitty house that doubl- I mean TRIPLES as a meth lab and brothel.

  • Lincoln: The middle child and only boy in the family. A selfish little asshole who is constantly getting fucked over by his sisters because he's too much of a wet blanket to be a man and stick up for himself; Typical of a cumskinned, beta cuck shemale.
  • Lori: The oldest sister. A massive cunt who constantly bullies her siblings for the lulz. She also uses the word literally all the fucking time. Many sick fucks such as inuruyu, X3Corez, jcm-2 and Garabatoz like depicted her as a Dominatrix and love drawing her fucking Lincoln while Bobby fucks Carol. A frequent favorite of the show's horny adult male fanbase. Just thinking about her will make your penis shrink.
  • Leni: The second-oldest sister. A stereotypical dumb blonde who is too fucking stupid to comprehend anything, only managing to survive because her family does everything for her. She is a profoundly creepy, subhuman Celt with mental retardation and supernatural powers and when she was a baby, she was knocked on the head and abandoned by her real family, leading her to be adopted into the Loud family. The worst character by default.
  • Luna: The third-oldest sister. Lesbo with no real personality, other than having a hard-on for British rock stars.
  • Luan: The fourth-oldest sister. Everything she says is a shitty pun that not even her siblings find funny. She also has a YouTube channel, fitting in perfectly with all the talentless faggots on the site who think they're funny. That idiot's voice is extremely high-pitched and annoying, courtesy of the legend known as Cristina Pucelli. She's also a psychopath to boot.
  • Lucy: A Goth wannabe who is constantly moaning about everything and scaring the shit out of everybody with her social retardation. Will likely commit a murder-suicide at some point in her life.
  • Lana: The other tomboy character who prides herself on being disgusting. Has no real character traits, with her only purpose in the show being a foil to her buttbuddy Lola. She also dreams of fucking animals just like her blondie cumskinned ancestors who loved fucking sheep, but she takes it up a notch by fucking amphibians, lake sturgeon and termites. If she was in a sex tape, she wants it to have her getting fucked by furries while she gets covered in shit and mud while she drinks pee.
  • Lola: Lana's insufferable bitch of a twin sister who thinks she's better than everyone else and gets everyone in trouble. A frequent beauty pageant winner, likely through illegitimate means. Also a massive slut, with a taste for grown man and being Little Miss Cumdumpster.
Lola Loud plays Rust

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Ronnie Anne Santiago: Lincoln's Mexican girlfriend who beats the shit out of him one time. The fandom loves her even though she's only been in three episodes. Also Bobby's sister. For some reason, the retarded fans ship Ronnie with Bobby while Lori fucks Lincoln.

- Hector Casagrande: Old

- Rosa Casagrande: Old

- Carlos Casagrande: Papa of the Casagrande Spic bastard children.

- Frida Puga Casagrande: BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW!1!!!!1111!!1!1!11!!!

- Carlota Casagrande: A Lori and Leni ripoff with unusually wide hips.

- CJ Casagrande: A retard suffering with Down's Syndrome and he loves to play pirates.

- Carlino Casagrande: A stupid tryhard tough guy who is also in love with Lori.

- Carlitos Casagrande: The spic baby. Very ugly indeed.

  • Flip: An ugly, smelly, Jewish owner of the shitty shop Flip's Food and Fuel and because his name is Flip, he is a Jew-Filipino Ape-Hybrid. Constantly cons the blond-haired pigskinned inbred niggers, the Loud Family like a boss. Business is business, especially when you go to the dentist every 10 years and stuff your dirty socks in the nacho cheese.
  • Agnes Johnson: Agnes Johnson is the retarded schoolteacher of Lincoln and his class. In an episode, she said she named a polar bear "Mrs. Johnson". No seriously, it's not Agnes, it's Mrs. Johnson. She deserves to be incinerated to oblivion in a blast furnace.
  • Coach Pacowski: The retarded coach that forced Lincoln and his classmates to go on a brutal obstacle course with CRUSHERS!? SPIKES!!1! bARbEd wiRe...
  • Principal Wilbur Huggins: A gay principal who still watches kiddy comics for the mentally challenged. An utter killjoy who stole Lincoln's comic just so he could meet the Ace Savvy creator, who is a smelly, wrinkly old man living deep in the sewers.
  • Girl Jordan: A spoiled brat who quickly shot to fame after she hung out with Lincoln and his slaves. She is very good at dodgeball and is also a cheat. What's surprising, is that she is a staff member on the show! The sick fuck fanbase is making porn of actual people! BITCH WTF!
  • Mollie: Girl Jordan's best friend and fellow rich kid/spoiled brat. Also gets fucked alot.
  • Cookie QT: An adorable and cute little girl who sells cookies and what adds to her cuteness, is her mom who's Azn. As with most cute characters on the show, she has been reduced to fap material.
  • Stella: A Filipino ape nigger who quickly becomes the cocktease for Lincoln's Friends. Ever since she came, porn artists are going on overdrive.
  • Trent: A tall, thin kid with large glasses and clothing that is actually good, and possibly the only good character on the show. Roasts Lincoln and that pigskin's pet negro like a boss with his best friend Lance.
  • Joshua: Chandler's goon #1. Secretly in love with Chandler despite being too much of a tough guy to admit it.
  • Miles: Some fat, retarded sack of shit who carries a ghetto blaster around. His hair is so bad and frizzy it's unreal.
  • Richie: Another one of Chandler's goons. The legend, Trent is somehow friends with him, even though Richie the widow's peak hair kid is Chandler's slave.
  • Hank & Hawk: 2 smelly douchebags coming from the shitty neighborhood of Hazeltucky, apparently the water crisis affected the shitty town, so now the people are ugly freaks. These freakazoids are later trolled at Lucy's haunted corn maze.
  • Steak and Stan Stankco: Overmuscular mutants that enjoy massive amounts of steroids. The momma is probably even bigger and scarier than them.

The creator[edit]

The show was created by Chris Savino, known for being a writer for My Little Pony, Ren and Stimpy, Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Test, and for fucking up The Powerpuff Girls before Cartoon Network fucked it up even worse with the reboot. He has said the show was based on his own experiences growing up in a large family, which makes one wonder about his relationship with his own siblings. It's also worth noting that prior to The Loud House, he wrote a comic strip entitled The Complex Adventures of Eddie Puss, and it's about a cat kid who has the hots for his mother. No, really. Explains a lot about the prevalent perversion on display in The Loud House.

On October 18, 2017, news sites revealed that the show's creator was "almost" as perverted as his fanbase in a rather fitting turn of events worthy of his followers, resulting in his immediate termination from Nickelodeon much to the butthurt of pedos and tumblrfags nobody gave two shits about. Despite this, the show will still be running to ensure Nick's new progressive cash cow remains relevant, after which, they'll go back to milking shit like SpongeBob.

All aboard the incest ship![edit]

As if it wasn't already fucked up enough for a fanbase to ship a show's main character with his ten sisters, fans of The Loud House decided to take it up a notch and create their own vision of what Lincoln's deformed and retarded incest-children would look like with each of his sisters. The most popular of these disgusting abominations is "Lacy Loud," the product of Lincoln knocking up his sister Lynn.



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