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Did You Know: The Online Gamer is actually still running, despite the fact that there is absolutely no demand for it?

Aaron showing his affection for his Xbox 360.

The Online Gamer (also referred as the Angry Video Game Nigger) is an unfunny YouTube series created by RecklessTortuga about a nigger named Aaron that plays Call of Duty so much that it makes him socially rejected. During a good chunk of the show, he makes childish statements against others that censures their sexuality and physical appearance. The people who watch this are oblivious to the fact that Aaron is representing all of The Online Gamer's fanboys. The series has became so dry and repetitive, which rendered RecklessTortuga to be one of those people now.

The Show[edit]

This is a typical reaction to the series. It is so irredeemably drab and awful that it turns you into a nigger, then it makes you rage uncontrollably.

The show itself is all about numerous of characters arguing like immature sick fucks. RecklessTortuga tries to add an actual plot to the episodes, but they disregarded that and kept at the fucked up dialogues. The only good thing about the show is that it is original, but that's because there aren't enough retards in the world to make a show like this before RecklessTortuga did.

The show is very predictable, since it is always linear and never has any plot twists. Such as: "Aaron has a life and stopped playing video games, WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?" The answer? He is going to be a video game addict again. WOW, SUCH A PLOT TWIST!


On December 23rd, 2009, RecklessTortuga made a video about a nigger getting mad at his girlfriend for kicking him off of his precious Xbox 360 to play some Monopoly with her and her friends. Aaron's girlfriends' friends were leaving for Detroit. While Detroit is known for being the shit-hole of America, it's still 10 times better than hanging around with a nigger and his emo girlfriend. In short, this episode is probably the only one that is the closest to being remotely funny, but yet it falls short and becomes a yawn-inducing piece of material.

The first episode.

The Clan[edit]

The Clan (also known as Th3 cLAN for the l33ts) is a show within The Online Gamer where RecklessTortuga collaborates with Machinima Prime. The Clan is extremely boring and has a running gag at the beginning episode where Aaron, Sam, Josh, and Michael bitch and complain at each other online. The fanboys go batshit crazy over the mini-show because there is no censorship and more "hilarious" jokes from Aaron.

The Clan's plot is Aaron and his circle jerk are on their way to a Call of Duty tournament. Sounds like a great plot, right? Well, the majority of the episodes are the clan buddies prepping up for the big event. Great material, dipshits.

Animated Series[edit]

One time RecklessTortuga thought it would be a great idea to make an animated series of The Online Gamer. But it got ditched because the animation takes effort (something that all of RecklessTortuga's videos doesn't have). The one episode was of Aaron getting on a plane to try to recreate 9/11, while screaming "AIR STRIKE!!!" Overall, the episode was a poorly drawn abomination with extremely annoying voice acting that somehow was more unfunny than the actual episodes. Congratulations RecklessTortuga, you achieved the impossible.

Warning: cringe will ensue if you watch this.


Unsurprising statistics.

The fans of the series are 13-year-old boys that can't think of any other "disses" that Aaron uses against his firecrotch girlfriend and all of the n00bs on Xbox Live. If they denied that, they are either autistic, a loser, or retarded or all three. These children are all Call of Duty fanfags, so if anybody says anything about Battlefield 3 or Halo, the fanfags will rage at you until the cows come home. The fanboys are also massive hypocrites, since they hate children who play CoD.


Since the vast majority of the fanboys are young, RecklessTortuga thought it would be such a great idea to censor all of the bad words so that the fanboys' parents wouldn't flag the fucking videos. This only shows all of the members of RecklessTortuga are a bunch of pussies that sensor all of the bad stuff even though the entire series is about arguments that revolve on CoD, sex, and homosexuality. Everybody knows that the censorship revokes the "comedic effect," but the show would already be unfunny if it didn't had censorship, because y'know, swearing like an immature man-child is so FUNNEH!

Unfunny Quotes[edit]

Your mom was employee of the month of sucking my dick incorporated.



You're actually retarded! Good luck, special ed.



Actually sir, he's the one that is mentally handicapped, so disregard anything that he says.



It seems like you're infatuated with penises



Does your grandma come up with those stupid ass comebacks?




The characters in the series are a bunch of obnoxious attention whores that have childish traits. They usually have dialog, but they are always very short sessions that are bundled up to make a 4 minute video. All of the characters don't have last names, which means they are all secretly Egyptians.

Aaron and Ted behind the scenes.
  • Aaron (Powerword: Eric Pumphrey) is a whiny faggot that is a whitey wannabe. He makes numerous of hypocritical statements, and he never shuts his fucking mouth for less than 10 seconds. He always makes references to CoD in the most fucked up way possible. Such as: "I will send out attack dogs to eat the fuck out of your pussy!," or "shut the fuck up, or I'll drive a RC-XD vehicle up your fucking anus!" Aaron was once a lawyer in the series, which is very, VERY surprising since there is little to no intelligence in his brain. Due to the fact that he is the biggest couch potato and playing Children Online Daycare for about 24 hours a day. He isn't a full nigger, due to the fact that there are rarely any chikins and watermelonz in any of the episodes. Nor does he play basketball, wears chains, and rapes white wimmins. Aaron also hates Nintendo, Sony, World of Warcraft, Battlefield, Skyrim; you know, EVERYTHING that isn't CoD. This is because he can't handle the truth that all of those companies/games are better than Call of Duty.

  • Becka (Powerword: Lynsey Bartilson) is Aaron's bitchy firecrotch girlfriend. She is pretty much like Aaron, but the only difference is that she is white, a ginger, and she has a vagina the other Aaron with a vagina. Also is the biggest cockblock to both Aaron and the retards who watch the show. She also has 15 grams of sand in her vagina, so she bitches and complains about the littlest things like how she can't join a clan. Due to the fact that she is a firecrotch, it also justifies her bitchy attitude. She also has make-out sessions with Aaron which are over-dramatized, making them a fappable material for all of the immature children who watch this crap. Rebecca hates being called by her first name. Aaron trolled the loving shit out of her by calling her by her first name, when he was rational. But she reconsiders to get Aaron back into the irrational world since Aaron is the only cock that Becka will ever get.

  • Ted (Powerword: Davan O'Firinn) is Aaron's butt buddy. He serves little to no purpose of the show but extending the run time of each episode since the writers says "FUCK YOU" to creativity. He is the biggest loser in the entire show, even worse than the WoW freak, Damien. This is because he can't get any pussy even if he tried. Nor can he handle the simplest conversations without Aaron, because he is only comfortable around him since he has a secret from all of the people he talks to. Unsurprisingly, he also likes to hold used tampons; as demonstrated in the "Prank War" episode. He said "oh, it's a tampon" like it isn't disgusting.


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