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The Prophecy is Christopher Walken's best role after The Deer Hunter and is a pseudo-horror thriller flick, with a touch of film noire that pisses all over Christian faith and belief, along with taking many of its cues from Milton's Paradise Lost in that there is a civil war in Heaven between the Angels that are loyal to God and those who are jealous of God's elevating humans above them by giving them souls.

Following Milton, it is Gabriel that takes the place of Lucifer in that he will burn Heaven and Earth to accomplish his goal of breaking the stalemate in Heaven and defeating the loyal Angels by trying to find the most irredeamable soul to ever have lived and use it as a tactician because, as Angels might be strong and have limited immortality, they are not that creative when it comes to warfare and treachery.

God is about love and I don't love you.


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Soon after the hairless monkeys climbed down from the trees, learned to speak and could make the choice to praise God a war broke out in Heaven between two factions of Angel's, those who were jealous of the Humans and believed that they should be beneath them because as while both were created in God's image, the Angels were more perfect in their opinion (despite not having souls) than the flawed talking monkeys.

In this retelling of Milton's Paradise Lost, Gabriel takes the place of Lucifer in that it was he who declared war on heaven in the hopes of changing God's opinion.

In a last ditch effort to win his war, Gabriel goes to Earth to find a dark soul with tactical experience because Angels were not programmed with cleverness or the ability to corrupt, backstab and betray - in other words, Satan's gifts when Adam and Eve ate the apple.

Thinking that this black soul will change the war in his favour, the movie follows Gabriel as he tries to attain it and use it for his war.



Name Description Picture
Gabriel The angel. When there was a message to be sent, it was he who carried it- literally the VOICE OF GOD. His pride takes a cunt punt when God placed humans above Angels and he sought to rectify the situation by starting a civil war and closing off all of heaven to humanity. Seeks to find the darkest of souls so he can shift the tide of battle, but the angel Simon took it from the corpse of Korean War Veteran Colonel Arnold Hawthorne and hides it in a conveniently located loli by placing it in her with a surprise tongue kiss. The plot of the movie centers on Gabriel chasing after this soul and then this girl. Loses his battle because his war was about pride which put him in the devil's territory.

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Satan The original angel. Sides with humanity because in his words, Gabriel wants to make a Hell of Heaven and that's one Hell too many. The emo child of the bunch because, according to Gabriel, he's still sulking in his basement over his breakup with God. Quite possibly a cutter.
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Thomas A LAPD detective and a priest that never took his vows. His role, like most protagonists, is to advance the story by bringing the characters together through his expertise in Christanity as he was almost a priest. At the beginning of the movie he believes some crazy, Scientology like cult is fighting and killing off each other but as evidence starts to mount, he begins to find faith he wasn't sure he had and made him leave the priesthood. Named for the 12th apostle who refused, at the word of Christ, to believe that he had returned and demanded proof such as Christ letting him stick his fingers into the holes in his hands into which the nails were hammered.

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Mary Obviously named for the Mother of Christ. The Loli of the movie who Simon uses to hide the dark soul from Gabriel. At the end of the movie, the soul is exorcised from her and all is right with the world. Being a possessed loli she serves to give advice on tactics, such as the only way to kill an angel is to rip their heart out.
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Simon Either named for Thomas the Zealot or most likely, Simon Peter the first Pope of the Catholic church and apostle of Christ. Makes out with a Loli Mary to hide the soul of Colonel Hawthorne inside her.
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