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Jump to: navigation, search or TRS is a CIA-operated alt-right news and podcast circlejerk run by Michael Peinovich, better known as Mike Eunuch, and his gaggle of comrades. They also operate a related forum known as the 504um that can only be accessed through creating an account. And they even provide (((premium content))) from behind a not-suspicious paywall.



Van Bryant, Jr is the most useless starter pokemon in the Kanto pokemon region.


Jesse Craig Dunstan (fake name Sven Bjorn) is a New Yorker who pretends to be a Swede so he can act like he knows shit about European politics or "heritage". He does this because he is an America-hating closet commie hymie.


Cooper Ward is an altright activist from Nebraska where he preaches the virtue of a white-corn only ethnofarm.


Fash the Nation[edit]

A podcast launched during Donald Trump's primary run for the republican nomination for president. Nobody knows why this podcast was created, as it is virtually identical to the shitty podcast they already had going for an entire year prior to this one launching. The name is a bad pun based on Face the Nation, which is something the elderly actually do watch on occasion.

The Daily Shoah[edit]

The Daily Shoah, created in 2014, is the original podcast founded by the member of The Right Stuff. It's name is a play on words involving The Daily Show (the Comedy Central program most famously hosted by Jon Stewart) and The Shoah (another name for The Holocaust, which was an event when Nazi Germany put 6 gorillion of Mike Enoch's ancestors into ovens after murdering them).

TRS vs /pol/[edit]

After aggressively shilling and gerrymandering on website 8chan's "Politically Incorrect" board, the local denizens of the deep net doxed every last one of these faggots for interrupting their regularly scheduled loli orgies and the 73rd Pizzagate thread.

TRS absolutely deserved it though.

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