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Abridging is dead faggots lolololol



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The Sagas Council is a group of butthurt weaboo abridging (see LittleKuriboh) faggots who unintentionally became hilarious trolls. They are best known for saying that abridging was dead, but that as it was never alive to begin with, one ponders why such words had the effect they did on the abridging community. Through their rant videos, they cause much drama and butthurt, but seeing as how it was entirely accidental trolling, The Sagas Council (Vegesaske0 and HN5353) failed to capitalize properly on their trolling, and instead repeated themselves, until noone cared about them anymore.


The Sagas Council (or TSC) started in 2008 as two 13 year kids (VegetaSaske0 and HN5353) who loved anime eventually found out about the fine art of taking an anime series and fucking ruining it (Abridging). Over the years the shit known as abridging grew on them and eventually they wanted to become weaboo faggots as well. And they did. TSC decided to be stupid and produce even worse crap than even LK and give it teh new and original name Sagas. 3 years later these same bastards got extremely butthurt over some people not liking their videos and decided to post angry videos about it.

Members and Stuff[edit]

Founded by VegetaSaske0 and HN5353, The Sagas Council somehow managed to gain more than two members throughout it's 3 year run. Despite having more people to help them, VegeSauce and H1N1 failed to make any better videos and instead managed to make even worse content somehow. Some of their members included:

  • IamKitsumi
  • Soulreaperhikuru/XXXTremeAlliance
  • Chromegloss55
  • EdricODoom
  • RandomTheThought
  • qukai000
  • FlameAlchemist35
  • Acearius

Content They Have Created[edit]

Like most abridgers these mofos have created a shit ton of shit. This shit includes but is not limited too:

Trolling, Butthurt and lulz[edit]

This is not a rant video guiz lol



Around August of 2011 Teh Sagas Council decided that had had enough of people politely expressing the opinions that TSC were more unfunny than even Fullmetalchao and were somehow more retarded than Chris Chan. In their eyes, the only way to stop such faggotry was to make a youtube video complaining about it. And so they did.

Abridging sucks[edit]

We hate abridging

abridging sucks cause we're not popular :(



On August 4th 2011 TSC released the video above. Telling the people why they hated abridging so much, and calling every abridger they could think of names while simultaneously making themselves out to be butthurt faggots. The backlash form teh abridging community was undeniably hilarious. Almost every abridger and their great grandparents left comments pointing out what whiny dickheads they were, while everyone else with a brain (about 3 people) who understood that these were trolls begging for attention, sat back and laughed at the whole situation.


While the video contained over 9000 valid statements against the abridging community, they can be quite eseasily be summed up in 3 bullet points

  • "Abridging is dead faggots get over it."; Abridging died 5 years ago before it even began morons >_>.
  • "Abridging sucks cause no one likes out vids."; Maybe if you spent less time bitching and more time actually improving content than you wouldn't have this problem.
  • "X abridger sucks cause he doesn't like our vids/ is popular."; Insulting other because they are popular does not make you look less immature, it merely reveals you as the troll you are.

However, none of this probably matters cause it was all done obviously to troll people and gain lots of attention.

The Aftermath[edit]

Here is what the abridging community had to say back:

I'm laughing so hard. You guys should make an Abridged Series.


—Master WGS

This is hilarious!



Well if you didnt realize we do abridge,we are just underrated,and the fact that none of you are letting us freely express our opinions with these videos is the proof of how stubborn this whole drama community is. Yes it was not said correctly,and there was alot of filler in this video,things that were not needed but this video was intended to just get a message out to people that this community needs something to recreate a buzz that it had lost,this video wasnt made to have fights.


TSC in reply to Sephirex

wow, this was more pointless then the newest royal wedding



GuttedWrenStudios is the future.



Wow, this was pretty interesting and actually... what's that rare word... INTELLIGENT.

This is actually fairly intelligent and gives a realistic view of the abridging community. All I do is really just watch abridged things when I'm bored to get a cheap laugh, I understand I don't really help the problem of the fanbase of the abridged community by just ignoring all those problems. My only issue is hearing them being called washed up, I still see them as capable people who are just lazy or busy.



Yeah, basically nothing of interest.

Abridging is dead guyz for realz[edit]

Abrijin are ded

We quit faggots lolololol



While the original one was taken down, thankfully, TSC put it back up on blip

Last Thursday after at least 100 years of waiting TSC decided to re hash the same video they made last time and give it a new title in the hopes of gaining all their fame back. They were successful. This time even moar abridging fags arose to tell VegeSauce and H1N1 that their opinions were stupid. Even people like LK and TFS stepped up and said shit.


Basically the same as last video:

  • "We quit abridging faggots cause you all suck!"; You already stated that last time. This time, please follow through with it.
  • "Abridging is dead! This time we mean it!"; No, you don't mean it.
  • "Abridging hasn't evolved faggots, that's why it sucks!"; Last video you were complaining that abridging had evolved to nothing but fart jokes, and now your saying it hasn't evolved. Make up your minds.

This stuff mattered even less because they already said it the previous video.

The Aftermath Part Deux[edit]

U MAD Sagas Council?

Even moar people than last time got offended at the (no doubt purposeful) stupidity of this video. So much so that people actually made videos in reply to them, giving the trolls exactly what they wanted. However, the video got a bit too popular for TSC and eventually they decided to just disable the comments and pray that people would kinda forget about them, which they didn't.

Teh Video Responses

Making fun of ZeroMaster is like, not cool man.

LOL guys like, Y U CONTINUE AND SHIT lol.

They even made LittleKuriboh mad.


More like, TsubasaNoGAYMVPro AMIRITE?



Apparently TsubasaNoAMVPro did not quite like TSC's videos and decided to voice his opinion in the comments. This was too much for Teh Sagas Council and they realized that if they made a video about it, they could get their revenge and gain even moar fame than the had previously gained. The video they uploaded was apparently so stupid that even the mighty youtube thought it was fucking retarded and pulled the video. But don't worry, someone will re upload it.

Don't mock TsubasaNoAMVPro or this will happen.

For those of you who missed the video, here's what it contained:

  • TsubasoNoAMVPro is a faggot
  • TsubasoNoAMVPro sucks cocks
  • TsubasoNoAMVPro does not like my videos ;(
  • TsubasoNoAMVPro is a faggot
  • TsubasoNoAMVPro is a faggot
  • TsubasoNoAMVPro IS A FAGGOT

And as well all know, all of this is true.

The Sagas Council dies[edit]

As with many failed trolls, eventually it came to pass that people stopped caring about them. Their opinions, once inciting rage in every weaboo abridging faggot around, seemed to not mean anything anymore, and around October 2012, after releasing yet another rant video their channel was closed down by Skoringo, the last remaining moron who cared.

Of course, they immediately created a new channel, made specifically for their rants, but something had changed. No one was watching their videos, no one was leaving angry comments or video responses. The unthinkable had happened. The abridged community had ceased caring about what they had to say. The shock of this was to much for Vegesauce and H1N1 to bear, and so that night, they committed suicide. Leaving butthurt and drama behind them, like true failed trolls.

How to troll The Sagas Council[edit]

When they were still around, here's how you could easily annoy them.

  • Tell them you don't like their videos.
  • Explain to them how their arguments are stupid and immature.
  • Say anything logical.
  • Tell them they are trolls begging for attention.

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