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The Well-Cultured Anonymous.
The Un-Cultured Anonymous. Read pages 8-17. Fucking emo.
The Not Anonymous.

The Well-Cultured Anonymous (abbreviated WCA) is a book containing informative sections describing how to be a well-mannered and social Anon. Written in true Encyclopedia Dramatica style, the Well-Cultured Anonymous promises hours of meme filled enjoyment that may actually get you ahead in life.

The Bibliotheca Anonoma maintains a successor, The Return of the Well Cultured Anonymous, containing new information lost from Wikichan, or left behind on the Well Cultured Magazine's old wiki.

You have seen them everywhere - self help topics of Anonymous begging for help with his life. Some people have no idea how they should dress other than wearing a Pantera t-shirt with jeans that their mother bought for them five years ago. Some have no idea how to approach women and spend their time masturbating to loli. And some just want to know if they should shave their pubes.

Here, my friends, is your answer. Written by anon, edited by anon, and perfected by anon. Every single tip, trick, and barrel roll you will ever need to know without having to ask for help.



Who the hell made this?

You made this. Well, no, not you. You haven't done a god damned thing with your life. By you, I mean Wikichan was a website set up by users of *chan to save much of the content they had created. After crashing multiple times over a period of eight or nine months, Wikichan shut down permanently on 22 November 2007, and the sysop disappeared without notice.

Somehow, some-when, between then and now, Wikichan came back online. Of course, it's not the same Wikichan, it's a different Wikichan.

Why You Need This Book

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...


God, Hosea 4:6, on why you should read this

Life has lots of questions you can't answer you Ignorant fuck. Questions like: Should I trim my pubes or let them grow? Will Nair burn my Vagoo? What type of clothes do I look good in? How do I stand in a line without grunting, smelling, shifting around noisily and other wise making a general ass of myself while not actually doing anything? From the most basic questions to the most complex, The Well-Cultured Anonymous has the answers. Because you're to dumb too figure it out yourself.

This book will teach 15-year-old WoW players who live in their mothers' basements how to make themselves seem normal to the outside world. And how to get head.

This Book Teaches:

  • Proper Hygiene
  • How to dress
    • What actually looks good
    • Hiding your jelly rolls
    • Buying on a budget
  • Basic Finance
    • Budgeting
    • Saving for Retirement
    • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Basic Do it Yourself
  • Proper Dieting and Exercise
    • The easy ways to do it
    • Cooking
      • When you MUST cook
      • Setting the Table and the Mood
      • Wine and the Tasting thereof
  • Drinking
    • Dude, let's get WASTED
    • Being a good Bartender
      • Mixing Drinks
    • Being a good guest
  • Writing, Music, Fine Cinema, Classic Literature and other topics of Culture
  • High-school Survival
    • College/University Entrance Exams

And much much more!

The Well-Cultured Anonymous includes not one, not two, but FIVE chapters on Dating, Relationships and Sex! These are of utmost importance to the basement dwelling troll who would some day hope to attract and keep a wimmins in the kitchen. And it's all contained in a scant 110 highly enjoyable, easily digested pages is everything you need to know. And lots of things you didn't.

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