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Police.gif TAX THE THOTS
Information icon.png If you already pay taxes, it won't matter if you get audited, cunt. This has been a public service announcement, from your friendly local thot patrol.

Bitch betta have mah money.
Arrested for Thot Crimes.

Twitter-favicon.png #ThotAudit is a hilarious social media campaign that began in November, 2018, when an azn named David Wu gave Anonymous and the hacker known as 4chan the brilliant idea to track down "THOTs"—a clever acronym for That Ho Owes Taxes—on Snapchat and Instagram and then report them to the Internal Revenue Schutzstaffel to ensure that the hundreds of thousands of dollars in income that they make by showing their ugly tits to random strangers on teh internets has been properly taxed by the Government.

Unsurprisingly, the backlash from E-whores, sex workers, libtard social justice warriors and the (((media))) was swift and just as autistic as you've probably come to expect from these bunch of retards. Aside from the usual screaming about muh-sore-giny and the accusation that everyone else is a sexist, Alt-Right, incel virgin who can't get laid, the media also decided to defend the crime of tax evasion – because, as we all know, absolutely nothing should be illegal as long as you're both a woman and a literal whore who just can't keep her snatch shut.

The ensuing drama saw the internets' foremost THOT Patrollers all coming together with beta male fucktard Doosh V to fight against THOTery and tax fraud. Among the first victims of the purge was noted E-whore Brittany Venti who immediately privated her Twatter account upon being reported to the IRS.

The Wu Poontang Clan[edit]

Alleged photo of David Wu.

David Wu (a.k.a. Varg.dVikrnes.29, penswordrogue and Barry Allen) is a true Americunt hero who, in November of 2018, decided to fight against treasonous, ungrateful, tax-evading hookers by going onto round up all the E-THOTs he could find – he then began systematically reporting them to for making money without paying taxes. Widely believed to be in cahoots with the alt-right, David Wu is a muscular and highly mysterious figure who probably gets more sex than you despite being labelled as a hateful "incel" by all of the E-whores that he's pissed off, and their white knighting customers who jack it to camgirls because they are LITERALLY incels.

Among the first of Wu's "victims" was a selfie whore named Fb-favicon.png Samantha Saffert who went on Facebook and Twitter to whine about the fact that she was getting audited by the IRS after someone reported her Premium Snapchat account. Aside from being a tax-evading E-THOT, Samantha is also a Archive today-ico.png confirmed blackmailer who pretends to be underage and then threatens men who send her dick pics that she will call the party van on them if they don't send her money.



—Satisfied E-THOT Fb-favicon.png Samantha Saffert Archive today-ico.png (archive)

THOT Patrolling Done Right[edit]


Satisfied Cum-Dumpsters[edit]

The E-whores launch their totally surprising counterattack.



Mia Erfurth, a.k.a. princess_piss_jug1488 Archive today-ico.png (archive)

If anyone has confirmed location of the “David Wu” reporting sex workers to the IRS, feel free to forward it to me for a financial reward.


YEVGEN1YA, offering a small percentage of its unpaid tax money to dox a man Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Yeah and fuck paying taxes and fuck the #IRS. Sex workers like me are too oppressed to pay taxes. @IRStaxpros won’t dare to audit us.


Brittany Venti, asking for it Archive today-ico.png (archive)

RT if you think I'm not a thot


Brittany Venti, being desperate Archive today-ico.png (archive)

You know what's really funny? Everyone against #ThotAudit is admitting that boob streamers and Instagram/snapchat nudes are "sex workers."


—Zakk Osborne, on the hilarity of getting whores to identify as whores Archive today-ico.png (archive)


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