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Phillip's ego (also note the micropenis).
Thunderf00t as seen by the naked eye.
Thunderf00t as seen by atheists. (GET IT?!!! IT'S IRONIC!)
Thunderf00t as seen by everyone else.
All of Thunderf00t's fame and prestige.

Thunderf00tFedora icon.png (Powerword: Phillip E. Mason) is an arrogant, hypocritical, smug, know-it-all pundit, cult leader, and demagogue who embodies everything wrong with the atheist "movement". Throughout his Jewtube career he has amassed an army of slavish cocksucking drones. Boasting over 750,000 subscribers readily swallowing his bullshit, he thoroughly puts TheAmazingAtheist to shame. Hailed as a "great thinker" he really is a public face and mascot whose iconic image is the only thing that separates him from all the other dogmatic, shallow, and obtuse atheists on YouTube. Ironically he sports a thick beard and long hair, giving him an uncanny resemblance to Jesus. Furthermore, like Jesus, he is a passive-aggressive prick and has attracted thousands of mindless followers throughout the years with his simplistic and catchy teachings. Like the two other most popular atheist attention whores, Pat Condell and TheAmazingAtheist, he is a blockheaded douche bag. That is precisely why he has such a cult following.

Thunderfoot is severely autistic, as he is obsessed with Anita Sarkeesian.

Why Do People Laugh At Creationists[edit]

Thunderfail the legend began when a creatard equally as stupid and smug as he was, VenomFangX, began posting utterly retarded creationist videos from his basement. Thunderf00t, having enough luxury to waste his precious time on the hate-filled half-pint fired back with his ZOMG Creationists R Stoopid LOLOLOL series. His series (now counting to 38 tedious videos) is hailed as an opus of genius and an essential tome of the atheist "movement" by Dawkinsfags everywhere. Truth be told, creationists are low level opponents and refuting them, let alone 38 times very repetitively, is easier than pissing in the shower. It is something even Christfags and conservatards are capable of. Thus Thunderf00t's epic fame is completely undeserved and his video series serves no benefit other than to bloat his own ego.

The Overrated Video That Started All This Bullshit

Ray Cumfart: The Way Of The Master[edit]

Thunderf00t hooked up with the evangelical Ray Cumfart last Thursday to have a "discussion" in Ray's Way of the Master studio in sunny southern California. Stutterfoot expected to deliver a complete pwnage of Ray but, being exposed to the spotlight for the first time, he degraded into a stuttering retard.

Let me save you an hour and a half.. It is 90 minutes Ray Comfort saying God did it.. and 90 minutes of thunderf00t stuttering




Lee Dorren aka "Howtheworldworks". Craptastic hypocrite,e-beggar extraordinaire.

Last Thursday, unfunny, obnoxious (but somehow more entertaining than boring, droning piece of shit Thundercunt) Youtube atheist, TheAmazingAtheist, was getting soundly pwned by YouTube conservatard and David Wain impersonator, HowTheWorldWorks. Thunderf00t, in typical fashion, decided to intervene to get more fame and prestige (read: more blind sheep tonguing his asshole). What followed was the battle of the least charismatic, most boring, most butthurt conservatard on YouTube against a slightly more charismatic but equally as arrogant and obnoxious turd.

HowTheWorldWorks' arguments consisted of defending crazy conspiracies like the idea that Arabs were behind 9/11, socialists buttfuck Hitler, and that Thunderf00t has a haircut that Jerry Garcia would be ashamed to have.

Thunderf00t, undeterred by HowTheWorldWorks' epic insults, rejoined by saying that capitalism emboldens slave trade, that England is made of win and bad teeth because of Socialism, and asked, "if HowTheWorldWorks loves capitalism so much why won't he buy some nicer shirts, buy some dandruff shampoo, and blink every once in a while?" The climactic battle raged on for a few weeks but fizzled when both HTWW and Thunderf00t realized that no one gave a shit and that they both know fuck all about politics or political theory.

Needless to say, the battle of HTWW v. Thunderf00t killed over 9000 Youtubers out of sheer boredom.

How The Mighty Have Fallen[edit]

How Dr. Mason makes his diagnosis.

Jizzslam Asshattery[edit]

The excessive unwarranted self-importance generated from his dead horse series became the architect of his own demise. As Blunderf00t Man of Letters expanded his "commentary" from science to social issues he failed to consider that non-creatards wouldn't roll over and die instantly. Always Thunder-foot-in-mouth has jumped into a topic only to double wham both his feet in his mouth, hence his namesake. Thus he began his "in depth critiques" of Jizzslam making him indistinguishable from other class A morons such as Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck. When radical Jizzlamists canceled an episode of South Park for putting Mohammed in a bear costume atheistfag and leftard Molly Norris initiated Dramahamed Day. Once every year atheistfags and leftards would stop their pointless bickering and attention whoring and unite to draw pictures of Mohammed as a pedophile while indulging in the idea that this is a witty and insightful statement to make.

This blasphemy caused the radical Jizzlamists to shit their pants all at once and demand Norris's beheading, causing her to hide in your basement. ThunderJew, arrogant and vain as ever, seized this opportunity to earn even more internet points and recruit even more slavish subscribers to suck his tiny hairy dick and "spearheaded" Draw Mohammed Day as an Internet phenomenon. To add stupidity to pomp and plagiarism he made dozens of more anti-Jizzslam videos. Overall the videos have zero content, their two main pillars being that All Jizzlamists are raghead radicals and long-winded melodramatic rants about freedom of speech, a concept he clearly does not understand other than a vague glittering generality. In particular he "misread" Dawah Film's video as a death threat and used to the opportunity to further rant at the evils of Jizzlam while praising democracy, freedom of speech, the wonders of science and other such bullshit.


Coughlan616, formerly Couglan666 had been wanting me to subscribe to him for ages (months to years). Coughlan arguably sufferers from histrionic personality disorder. Certainly his behavior on youtube is consistent with it.


—Thunderf00t playing Dimestore Freud to avoid the criticism of his detractors

Many atheistfags on YouTube fired back, in particular the crack baby manic-depressive britfag Coughlan666, telling him how full of shit he was. Thunderfail, since he is always right, ignored all criticisms except for the least substantial ones that were easiest to strawman and debunk. Furthermore, he gave the we-need-to-unite-to tackle-bigger-goals-and-ignore-issues-I-deem-unimportant canard. Coughlan, being the hyperactive nicotine-addicted aborted monkey that he is, spat at least a dozen videos back. Thundersnoot only was able to respond to a few of them. Rather than responding with anything substantial, Thunderfail instead decided to characterize his detractors as all blowhards of Dawah Films and diagnose Coughlan using Wikipedia, which is pretty much one step up down from using this site.

Blunderf00t's clumsy attempts at social commentary exposed him for what he really was, a know-it-all pundit who knows jack shit of what he's talking about. He is just like every other arrogant asswipe atheist that has ever disgraced the Internet.

Thunderf00t Deciding to E-beg[edit]

Thunderfoot, realizing that money is good, went into partnership with the Jewtubes, and was a drama whore of global scale and made e-begging a pursuit of his, complete with videos with misleading titles to sucker his viewers into sending him money. Despite his career obviously being comfortable enough to have allowed him to churn out several YouTube videos and allow him to go on road trips across North America and Europe, YouTube is becoming a hindrance on his job... so he's ditching the job. Essentially he wants to hop on e-welfare like TheAmazingAtheist so he can videotape science experiments all day.

If I am to be ‘in’, it requires the de facto sacrifice of a perfectly functional scientific career. That's something I’m willing to do, but I’m not willing to commit financial suicide at the same time.


—Thunderf00t on how he's willing to give up a career in science to beg for money on YouTube.

Donations proved to have some potential, but only really come in if attention is bought to the need for them.


—In other words, the money only comes in when he begs for it.

Is it possible that this channel could produce a living wage? Not a rich man's living wage you understand, something along a teacher's salary. Well having seen all sorts of people go down this route before, it seems they pick up chump change... a few thousand bucks. Teachers salary is about 40-50k a year. Turns out the advertising currently on the channel brings in about 10% of this, but this is mostly due to 'science and education for the win' is neither sexy, nor something that's good for selling stuff. From a personal - career point of view of course even entertaining youtube as a 'job' is suicidal. I have a perfectly respectable and stable future.... who in their right mind would trade that in for the chump change and volatility of YouTube? -- truth is though that YouTube offers the potential to influence the future on civilization... and in that sense the risk of an individual is maybe an acceptable gambling token.... but I'm not about to do anything stupid or suicidal like not testing the ground before making such a bold move..


—Thunderf00t admitting it will just amount to e-welfare.

FreeThoughtBlogs Debacle: Battle Of The Demagogues[edit]

What Thunderf00t's followers want you to believe.

A while after Thunderf00t's smear of turdfests he joined the hivemind FreeThoughtBlogs along with other Internet atheists; Romanian camwhore Christina Rad and highlander Aron Ra. Blunderf00t's first post MYSOGYNIST!!!! was a convoluted shit smear YouTube rant in text form. Whatever intelligible dingleberries that could be extracted were cheap shots at leftards and feminazis and crying and whining how harassment policies ushered in a nanny state and the death of freedom of speech. The hivemind struck back by pointing out his many errors. The vagina king himself PeeZee Myers attempted to point out how full of shit he was by writing a rant just as convoluted as Thundersmear's.

Thunderboob responding by making a YouTube video using the standard we-need-to-focus-on-bigger-issues bullshit tactic. He devoted his FTB posts to doing exactly the same thing, completely devoting himself to a topic he deemed trivial. Simply counting blog entries, Thunderf00t devoted over 80% of his output to the topic while less than 20% of PZ Myers' blog posts were on this subject, including responses to Thunderf00t. So much for allocation of resources. Men's Rights Activist seized the opportunity to indoctrinate Thunderf00t into their Internet army. Thundershit passed through the point of no return and he will never come back.

Thunderfail then went into CAPSLOCK MODE, complaining about the liberal groupthink in FTB while polling his own army of drones. Unsurprisingly, they agreed with him. He then proceeded to make another YouTube rant video with his standard arsenal of stock arguments. Finally, he decided to actually read a real harassment policy, written by real conference organizers. Coming so late in the day, this was an implicit admission that he didn't know what he was talking about in the earlier posts. Extensive criticism in the comments, including by people who had actually written the policy, indicated that he didn't give a fuck about the issues involved and was really only looking to score more Internet points.

Finally vagina king PeeZee Myers and his libertarian life partner Ed Brayton had enough and promptly kicked Thundershit out. Thundersnoot, butthurt over having his ass handed to him - because Internet king Thunderf00t is the pinnacle of rationality and pwnage. He can't possibly lose. - went h4x0r on FTB and disclosed personal emails and information of various users to third parties, possibly his criminal MRA fuckbuddies hiding on the Internet.

FreeThoughtBlogs poisons everything!


—Thunderf00t throwing a hissy fit.

Thunderf00t Bitches and Moans Again[edit]

Still butthurt over being banned at FTB, Thundercrap decided to make another whiny fallacious YouTube video of how the horrible PC Stalinist gestapo is destroying the subculture of inept losers known as the "rationalist community". As usual (like with his Jizzlam videos) he evokes the buzzwords of democracy and freedom of speech and blackens the image of his opponents as demons out to take away your precious entitlements freedoms, making him inseparable from a neocon populist demagogue. But there is more to his sophistry. Recently embracing the MRA way of life, thunderdrone shows the same signs of retardation, including his complete denial of what vapid, self-absorbed, bigoted pricks most new atheists are, and his tendency to superficial thinking and gut reactions. This is most evidenced by highly selective and parsimonious clips of his opponents and their positions taken completely out of context and then grasping straws and jumping to warped and ridiculous conclusions. And generally, his inability to see past his own nose. Thunderf00t is so naive he actually thinks a corporate machine like YouTube is a "fair playing field" and a bastion of freedom of speech.

The loud, coarse, unshaven, unwashed fatass basement-dweller NapalmThePheonix, along with many other loud, coarse, unshaven, unwashed, fatass basement-dwellers, respond accordingly.

As usual thunderf00t will ignore any substantial criticisms made against him and will respond by strawmanning his opponents. The "rationalist community" will suck his hairy micropenis in droves and all will be well.

A Deep Intellectual[edit]

Two idiots pictured

Thunderf00t, like TheAmazingAtheist, is revered by the dupes of YouTube as a master debater and god of reason. In reality Thundershit is a very mortal man with a very mediocre mind who is just as full of shit as everybody else. In particular Thundercrap loves to use the following tactics. If you see such disingenuous trickery in any of his videos (of which there is plenty) be sure to remind him and his half a million fans how worthless they are all.

Blunderfoot's favorite tactics:

  • strawman his opponent and their arguments
  • delivers the we-need-to-unite-to-tackle-bigger-goals crap to avoid issues knows he will be pwned in
  • diagnoses people with mental illnesses he looked up in Wikipedia
  • ignore all criticism presented to him
  • long-winded, melodramatic rants about freedom of speech
  • long-winded, not-so-melodramatic-but-more-irritating preaching about the wonders of science, reason, and democracy
  • moves the goalposts

Crossing the Line[edit]


Phil Mason is a thin-skinned cunt, which ironic considering his huge fucking neck. So when someone actually do something with his ugly face he got his panties in a bunch and decided to sue. Yes, seriously. This fat-necked crybaby was afraid that a potential employee might see that he likes to get ass-rammed by guys, and that could hurt business, or some shit. For the true irony on this, go to the LaughingWitch Drama section and see how hypocritical this fucking guy really is. Thanks, atheism!

Celebrity Nudes About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Thunderfat wants these images off of the internet. Luckily ED was able to obtain them before he got sniveling little cowards to delete them.

Thou shalt not photoshop thunderf00t About missing Pics
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LaughingWitch Drama[edit]

In October 2015 thunderf00t finally got taken to task with his insane beliefs when some righteous people finally decided to e-mail his employer about all the stupid shit he says online. It is a practice Dr. Mason condemns, except when he contacted the music store of VenomFangX to tell them that he was handing out DVD's to customers and when he contacted the FBI to tell them about how DawahFilms was being a meanie on the internet for giving out Phil's workplace information. And many many many more instances. So these people finally told his employer how much of a cunt he really is, and of course poor little Phil got upset.

So what could he do? Respond rationally? Of course not. So in order to prove atheism right, he went straight on to dox LaughingWitch, by proudly providing her full name and workplace. Yes, the exact same thing he cried about just years ago.

When even a complete retard like AgentOfDoubt is right about you, what does that say?

Man-baby and somehow bigger and fatter retard Kevin Logan is also right about thunderf00t.

Obsession with Anita Sarkeesian[edit]

Whether it is trying to cling to internet relevancy or because it is the only female Phil has seen in the last 10 years, he can't stop making videos about Anita Sarkeesian. They are all fucking terrible and only exist to showcase how much of a fucking lonely loser this guy is, when he is obsessing over irrelevant games. You would think someone who couldn't tell that Halo is an Xbox game, shouldn't lecture anyone on games, but here you have it. So like with all his science all this fuck-nugget does it simply go to Wikipedia and type in whatever video games Sarkeesian is critiquing and then he makes his opinion from that, as long as it opposes her, obviously.

Thunderf00t will never acknowledge that people like this exist

Why Thunderf00t is an absolute shitbag[edit]

Turns out Thunderf00t is no better than VenomFangX and countless of other parasites like him after all. Troll atheistfags with these videos to make them cry.

DMCAs Filed By Thunderf00t
Thunderf00t's Sock Accounts
Censor-loving thunderf00t Complains About Censorship
thunderf00t: Holocaust Apologist (No Joke!)
Thunderf00t thinks video games are real
thunderf00t: Apologist for Rape and Pedophilia
Thunderf00t - Busted

The Empire Strikes Back[edit]

I'm So Scared


#Brexit Fail[edit]

In a rare instance Thunderfoot really pissed off his cock-riding fanbase by doing videos about the #Brexit. He is against it. The main reason he gives is basically the EU is just as shitty as the UK so pulling out won't make a bit of difference. Like his usual videos he doesn't provide much evidence behind his findings and loves to compare apples to oranges in this case the EU & UK are completely separate issues, but since his fanbase doesn't agree right off the bat, they don't clap their tiny hands and nod in agreement. His fans knowing the fact that he is a scientist and works for the government have bawed in comment section about it, and have correctly pointed out that he is a corrupt bureaucrat who receives millions in funding from the EU.

Thunderfoot Brexit Fail1.png
You're not impartial
Thunderfoot Brexit Fail2.png
I'm disappointed by this video
Thunderfoot Brexit Fail4.png
EU means Big money for Phil

Here is a video that shows how epically Thunderfoot fails:

He even made a second video about it and double downed on his derp even claiming in the begging of it that the UK was the only country never invaded during WWII which of course is false as the Nazis occupied the Channel Islands all through the war(Which is even more hilarious considering his dad was a WWII historian). Like the first video doesn't provide much in the way of evidence and pulls most of it from his limey asshole.

Proving He Knows All The Keyboard Shortcuts To Make A Dishonest Video[edit]

Ever willing to prove his holier than thou, Phil decided to distance himself from ironically named skeptic™ community™, since they made mean jokes about The Skeptic Feminist and Dr. Phil Mason is just too good and righteous for that sort of thing. This came after realizing that his content bashing feminists is becoming more and more irrelevant and uninteresting, since Anita Sarkeesian gracefully fucked off, meaning that Phillip no longer had an easy target. So it was time to cut ties with the hand that fed him, by being dishonest as always. Channeling his inner Anita he deliberately edited a livestream that Sargon of Akkad did along with some other faggots, that may or may not get their own separate articles. By taking two different segments of Sargon, thereby making it seem like Carl was actually laughing at the shooting that occurred. Foot's tried to make it seem like Carl actually made jokes, but like all Brits, Sargon is incapable of making jokes. He is the second-most unfunny Brit, only surpassed by Current Year Man John Oliver. So Thunderf00t being dishonest? Who knew?

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