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Tim Kretschmer

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This page contains an hero.
Tim Kretschmer
Tim Kretchmer fail.jpg
Born July, 26, 1991
Nationality Germany Germany
Highscore Killed 15 (+ suicide), Injured 9
Style FPS, Single Player, Pistol-Only-Server
An Hero Headshot, 11 March 2009
Rank 18th Place
1st: Sir Anders Behring Breivik
2nd: Woo Bum-kon
3rd: Omar Mateen
17th: Robert Bales
19th: Marc Lepine

He was an hero

Tim Kretschmer (November 6, 1991 – March 11, 2009) was a 17-year-old graduate of the Albertville-Realschule in Winnenden, Germany who committed a mass murder of fifteen people (eleven were women) and wounded nine others, including two policemen, all for the good old lulz. His shooting rampage has been dubbed as the Winnenden School Shooting. Kretschmer committed suicide after being cornered and wounded by police officers.

The press helpfully pointed out that Kretschmer was playing a lot of Counter-Strike, and we all know what that does to people. He also was an avid Bulletball player and had planned on becoming a professional player. Kretschmer was a loner and had no friends, he lived in his basement wanking over Anime. Pretty much like you, except he really was an exceptional shooter. However at least we expect that you'd have the courtesy to write an article on ED before you did it so we'd have the exclusive. BTW, little Tim was rejected by the actual Nazi army, because he was too wacky for the Wehrmacht.


I would probably think about screwing things up. Killing everyone I hate, I bet a lot of people would do this. I just mean, you become famous and stay in the memory of other people. See murderers like Ted Bundy.

I bet this would be a lot of fun. For the relatives of the victims it woulnd’t be much fun.


—JawsPredator1 in a forum's thread which asked what the users would do with 1 week left of time to live.

Krautchan trolling win

The German police and world media were successfully trolled by someone on Krautchan pretending to be Kretschmer who apparently posted hours before the shooting.

Successful troll is successful

Translation: Damn it Anonymous, this is getting to me. I'm fed up with this shitty life. Always the same - Everybody laughs at me, nobody recognizes my potential. I'm serious Anonymous. I have weapons here and tomorrow morning I'll go to my former school and have a great time barbecuing. Maybe I will even get away. Keep your ears open Anons. You will hear from me tomorrow. Just remember the name of the location: Winnenden. And now, don't report this to the police, don't be scared, I'm just trolling XD

German Innenminister (Secretary For State Security) Rech spreading the krautchan hoax at a press conference

Rech later admitted that the post was a hoax, saying "Some crazy person apparently decided to pass around this awful fake message."

Somebody else crafted this masterpiece and put it on 4chan:

4chans lame attempts

But was less successful.


His Steam profile
He played Counter-Strike. BAN IT!

He allegedly traveled the internets as JawsPredator1 and had an account at the German video portal, on which he was flamed posthumously until the host decided to delete his account - see the hate in google cache

Some tough guys however decided to use his profile page to announce their evil plans:

AndreasMarcus1992 14.03.2009, 11:43 Uhr
Du hast das richtige getan Tim!! Aber cih werde dich überbieten und alle verfickten Menschen von meiner Schule abknallen -.- Und da im moment eh 100 von solchen drohungen kommen wird die polizei kaum ernst nehmen wenn noch eine drohung kommt... ich danke dir für die aktion.. aber mein lauf wird mit abstand der beste den die welt gesehen hat!


AndreasMarcus1992 14.03.2009, 11:43 Uhr
You did the right thing, Tim!! But I will outperform you and kill all fucking people at my school -.- And since hundreds of these threats are coming anyways, the police will hardly take another one seriously... I thank you for your action.. but my run will be the best the world has ever seen!

the drama continues...

An Heroes Comparison: Kretschmer vs. McLendon

The day before Kretschmer enacted IRL Counter-Strike, Alabaman Michael McLendon went on a slightly less impressive spree in which he murdered eleven people (including himself) in a fit of Darwinian justice. While these two incidents are similar, their respective merits necessitate comparison for the sake of determining who obtained more points.


  • Killed five more individuals; wounded nine others (whether or not any of his victims were Turks - who aren't really people and are therefore worth fewer points - is not widely known)
  • Got Bonus for shooting eleven girls.
  • Was a crack shot, regardless of Germany's far more restrictive gun laws
  • Shot two cops after taking a bullet in each leg
  • Functioned as a fully serviceable killing machine despite numerous handicaps (teenager, whiner, German)


Whichever of these two garnered more points depends entirely on criteria implemented in calculating scores, but this much is certain: neither did it for the lulz or topped Cho's high score.

Graded Score

Graded score
Kill count: 15/20 (Injured 9)
Accuracy: 20/20
Those video games paid off!
Style: 18/20 Grand Theft Auto IRL
Butthurt: 18/20
Bonus: 17/20
Provided the world with much-needed lulz
Total score: 88/100 (B+)
I did it for the lulz.
See full ranking

Wanted Level:

Wantedstar.png Wantedstar.png



Police Force

Tim getting a footbullet


Trolling from beyond the grave

Kretschmer has verified his position as an true hero by causing a huge debate over a possible ban of violent video games. On the 5th of June, the Secretaries For State Security of all 16 Länder proposed a ban on all "... games in which murder, torture or other inhumane acts of violence against humans or human-like beings are an important gameplay element..." - i.e. any game ever made except for Furcadia. Gamers all around Germany were outraged, proving that Kretschmer was not only an hero but is also an undead troll, continuing his work even after his death. Resistance is not expected, as it is unlikely that the German gaming community will stop masturbating, get up off their chairs and fight the good fight.


Sk00l Raider

The Game

Marc Lepine's Son

Ban assault video games!

Old Media chimps out



Oh shit sorry dad!


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