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Buffalo Bill celebrity impersonator Tonetta777 is a Youtube musician/sex machine from Toronto who tickled and delighted hipsters' irony organs with his drag queen review. Youtube moderators became threatened by his talent and sex appeal and have long since suspended his main account. The suspension did not go unnoticed by PBR-swilling types (unlike so many other things), and they have since been pining and petitioning for his official return.

Tonetta, The Man[edit]

Tonetta is a solitary man with simple tastes, and it would seem all he needs in life is his guitar and his scarves. His distended, often naked belly demonstrate his dispassion for life's lesser foods, as his main source of sustenance is piss and shit and the tears of unsuspecting, youtube-cruising grandmas. His advanced age and appearance belie his passion for song-smithy, throwing around anthems like Ultimate Whore and 81 Inch PRIME ASS like they weren't god's gifts to an undeserving world.

Tonetta humbles himself before his fawning fan base over here Archive today-ico.png here in a one-on-one with some useless manchild, rejecting The Vlog in order to keep the sanctity of his channel, and embracing the ageless art of The Interview. In the interview he casually name drops John Lennon as an occasional inspiration, though given their respective ages and levels of musical expertise, it may be more accurate to say Tonetta777 influenced John Lennon.

His band, Tonetta performs his songs - without him. His lip-synching performance in his lo-fi videos give the appearance that he doesn't know his own lyrics. By all appearances, he's as gay as the day is long, but claims to be straight. Nearly all his songs are about fucking. Welcome to the world of Tonetta.

Tonetta, the Quotes[edit]

I don’t listen to music. I don’t listen to the radio, I don’t watch TV. I don’t do any of those things. I kind of keep to myself, I’m more of a recluse, and I think my music is different for that reason.



I’ve been called so many things on YouTube, queer, fag. But I’m not, and that’s the crazy thing about it. They actually think I’m gay. I’ve got two boys and I was married. If I meet the right girl, I’ll get married again. I like pussy. If I have the choice, I’ll take tits. I like the female body. I’ve never been with guys.


—Tonetta, sounding like a Republican

Tonetta, The Music[edit]

Like all good artists, he has suffered repeated bannings at the hands of the JewTube Decency Protocol enforcers. Tonetta, like any good troll, just makes a new account and keeps rolling on. These tasty tunes were saved by the few, proud bastions of good taste and sanity left on Youtube. They are likely viewable on all the "deleted youtube video" aggregates as well, amidst a sea of embarrassed neckbeards and bouncing 16-year-old girls.

"Pressure Zone"
Once again, they call me Buffalo Bill
"Drugs Drugs Drugs", something we can all agree on
"My Bro"
"Big Rig"
"Skinheads Versus Me"
"Mmm Mama"

Tonetta, the Drama With Black Tent Press[edit]

As evidenced by comments posted by Tonetta on this video, Black Tent Press has apparently not paid Tonetta for his efforts.

who the fuck are you to sell what belong to me stop selling my music fuck dirk !! blacktentpress !! hes ripping me off fuck the ones who support that scammer !!


—Tonettadirect777, YouTube comment

don't support blacktentpress he rips artsts off !! this is tonetta & b-t-press owes me big-time !! you read it here !!i


—2020Tonetta, YouTube comment

Tonetta, The Links[edit]

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