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MC Cazor

Tony Stockert AKA Cazor : Christian Hip Hopp0r and Game Modder[edit]

Tony aka MC Cazor enjoys the creamy white stuff

Some of you may know TonyStockert from YouTube. He is however moar well-known as game-modding legend and Banhammer Fan Cazor. He is also an accomplished Christian Hip Hop Performer, and Encyclopedia Dramatica is proud to announce that they have signed him to an exclusive Distribution Deal.

MC Cazor[edit]

MC Cazor - "Not Available in teh Shops"[edit]

YouTube Favicon.png God is Black but we're All White

Warning: parental advisory - explicit lyrics

About this song: God has done so much for us, so we decided to thank him in our own way.

YouTube Favicon.png I am the German Butt-Shining Robot

YouTube Favicon.png Killamonjory

YouTube Favicon.png Agent Cosby

YouTube Favicon.png I'm Gonna Kill Reed's Dad

YouTube Favicon.png I Disbelieve in that Stuff Known as Hate

YouTube Favicon.png Jim 7 Sucks!

YouTube Favicon.png Krape With A Silent E

From : MC Cazor Profile

label: unsigned
Christian Rap with a Bit of Explicit Content
for fans of: Wu-Tang Clan

Praising God for all the good things he does for us on this Earth.
Equipment used:
1993 YAMAHA PortaSound PSS-140 Electronic Keyboard
128MB Philips RUSH MP3 player (for sound recording purposes)

Cazor : Game Modding Legend[edit]

TonyStockert runs Forums as Team Leader such as The Matrix Unplugged, not surprisingly he is a fan of the Banhammer, and postings on the profile of go something like this:

Business_Eskimo – “Ugh, stupid guest posting...”
Cazor (Ladel Hunter) – “It's off now, captain fancypants.”
GothiX – “Business_Eskimo > Cazor”
Cazor (Ladel Hunter) – “Someone who can ban you > someone who cant ban you.”
GothiX – “Someone who can map > someone who can't map  - /me wins”
Cazor (Ladel Hunter) – “Banned!”
GothiX – “Banned for speaking the truth, eh? I knew it all along, you're a true American!”

Also a member of Many other forums such as Jedi Game and World of War Craft Forums - he has made many thousands of postings.

“Hey, this is Cazor, team leader of TMU”

* An interview with Cazor and Thrawn42689

Bad Reputation[edit]

Tony, literally fucking one of his fangirls in public

* Tony has a reputation as a Forum Nazi

TeenWolf – “I would sign up to your forums.....but i was there and seen the way one of your moderaters handled someone offering help. He was completley rude its almost sad!”

Cazor responds- “I wasn't around to see the post, Teenwolf, but if it happens again I will not give team members moderation. I dont share the same idea about whoever posted that, because i havent seen whatever that person can do. I'm sorry you had to see that.

Oh and to anyone else reading this, comments like that (there was another rude comment by a non-moderator on the thread Teenwolf linked) will result in the poster being banned. We dont want anything negative on our forums.”

Info non-talk.png The Following Article was Authored by Tony's Fanboy (Following Tony's Orders). Tony also asked that the Article be Linked to The Kewl Kids Association, and be added as a YouTube celebrity

Tony Stockert & Supricky06: Internet Faggotry IRL

Tonystockert is an homosexual video blogger from YouTube and Stickam. His camwhoring gained him notoriety on his Stickam room and allowed him into the Kewl Kids Association despite having under 1000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Tony has been given a YourTubeNews segment called the WTF Factor when it was decided that thewinekone was doing too good of a job and making the rest of the channel look worse in comparison. His connections with the KKA got him on the signup invite page, he now has thosands of subscribers who don't actually watch his videos.


Tony Today...[edit]

Not gay.

Galleria of Stockert[edit]

The Tony Stockert Stickam Photoshop Contest[edit]

JewTube Logo.png

Tonystockert is part of a series on YouTube.



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