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Please don't think I'm a creep or anything


— Toon's famous last words.

Real name Zak Kayes
Nationality American  MiniflagUSA.png
Born January 22, 1992
Current residence Chicago, Illinois
Former aliases FlameAmigo619
Steam Steam Icon Small.png ToonKriticY2K
Tumblr Tumblricon.png ToonKriticY2K
Twitch Twitchtv-favicon.png toonkriticy2k
FanFiction FlameAmigo619
Kiwi Farms Thread Kiwi Farms Favicon.png 38812

ToonKriticY2K (Powerword: Zak Kayes), formerly known as FlameAmigo619, is what you would call anyone whom you assumed to be a decent Thomasfag brony YouTuber, only to find out how fucked up they really are in the head. He is commonly associated with his hilarious Thomas redub series, and for taking part in The Secret Rift, a skype group of circlejerking bronies, which, after they were done with having group orgies with each other, did reviews of the show My Little Pony. Toon was enjoying his newfound horse fame up until recently getting exposed in a skype call of being a pedophile and getting involved in a relationship with a young 14 year old girl while he himself was 24 obviously indicating that he himself is indeed a pedophile.

Dis-humble Beginnings[edit]

Little ToonKriticY2K showing his JewTube shekel ambitions

ToonKriticY2K was born a young Mexican-American in Chicago Illinois to a Mexican mom, and an honest to god dead-beat dad that couldn't stand her and the little bastard. So the dad did the smart thing, and high-tailed out of there as soon as you can say "bounced alimony check", leaving Zak's mom to raise him all by herself.

Living life without a dad to slap him silly for any stupid shit stunts he pulled, little Zak was coddled by his mom, so much so the little trouble-making scamp had a dream. That dream was to be famous, by any means necessary. Well, he's famous now, just not for the reasons he had hoped for.

Pre Brony Era: FlameAmigo619 and YouTube Thomas faggotry[edit]

Before becoming horse famous (which counts as serious street cred on the internet), Zak started out on the internet by signing up to, Deviantart, and YouTube as FlameAmigo619, which not only contained his love for his beaner roots, but also contained the signature move name from WWE's Rey Mysterio "The 619".


As FlameAmigo619, Zak wrote dozens of shitty fanfics in varying lengths. These visual eyesores ranged from Power Rangers, and WWE Fake Wrestling, to even writing cringe-inducing shit like Thomas the Tank Engine Characters fucking each other bumper to bumper[1] the more Zak became intune with his association to the YouTube Thomas Fandom. Like any writer, Zak could not resist his young Toon desires of fame, and did what every fanfiction newbie does, self insert themselves as an OC into some of his works. The earliest Mary Sue that internet historians have on file is under the name “Kayden Seyak”[2].


Zak's DeviantArt, before it was nuked in the Great Baaawletion of 2018, was the source of where little Zak's desire to be famous became well known. Any internet historian can see that everything Zak posted showed the signs of an active narcissist. His comments showed that he had a great whiff of unwarranted self importance, and would always have pics of him, his ocs, and unrelated video game or Thomas shit that he self imposed himself in, front and center. Here is a look at some examples of what his DeviantArt page once looked liked:

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Early Youtube: YouTube Thomas Club[edit]

When starting out on youtube, Zak, still as FlameAmigo619, joined and was an active member in the YouTube Thomas Club, particularly collaborating with Trainlover476, another Thomasfag. Now when we say collaborating, this being Zak, we mean getting cozy as "friends, brah", and then taking over the project and making it his own, inserting characters like Max the Stoner guy, in his endless quest of 420 blaze it. Below are some samples of this time. Warning: Massive ear rape ahead. Listen to these videos with a low volume and protect your ears. Have some eye bleach handy too.

FlameAmigo619's Shitty Thomas Redub Prologue
ToonKriticY2K's Stoner Character, Max
Take My Daisy Redub (Part 1)
Take My Daisy Redub (Part 2)

This shit went on for a while until a certain YouTube craze which would move Zak away (sorta) from the YouTube Thomas Fandom.

The Birth of the Toon Kritic[edit]

After the rise of The Angry Video Game Nerd, several YouTubers, Zak included, jumped on the bandwagon to do aspie "angry reviews" on a subject they specialized in. Unlike the other would be shekel lovers, Zak's inspiration would come from a youtuber by the name of Doug Walker, better known the Nostalgia Critic. Zak would leach and bleed off his admiration to the guy to the point he decided to give himself a new moniker. Because he liked cartoons, Zak decided to name himself the Toon Kritic, because C wasn't corny enough apparently. Zak began to do review videos and editorials about cartoons he liked. Like a Sonicfag starts with Sonic, Zak started bitch moaning about Thomas The Tank Engine of course, specifically The Magic Railroad[3].

While Zak enjoyed the moniker, he wasn't getting the fame he desired and because he pissed off a lot of Thomas fans, his main source of internet shekels, Zak needed to find another venue to get his fame fix. It was at that point his career changed course again to a new era of faggotry.

Brony Era: The Lulz, The Drama, and The Pedo Outing[edit]

The Rise of ToonKriticY2K[edit]

Info about Zak Kayes aka ToonKriticY2K on Skype.

Toon made an announcement, on his now bawwwleted YouTube Channel, with his intent to become a Brony YouTuber, because clearly it was a step up from being labelled a Thomasfag /sarcasm. Zak jumped on the popular rise of bronies and their undying love for pony faggotry. In Zak's eyes, he saw potential that the fanbase, as the fullible fucktards they were, would give him access to horse fame. With this announcement, came the name change of his channel from "FlameAmigo619" to "ToonKritic". Along with the name change, came the addition of "Y2K" at the end of it, again calling back to Zak's love of fake wrestling. From this change, Zak showed he was tired of sucking Rey Mysterio's dick, so he decided to be fucked by Chris Jerico instead in the hopes to get preggo with fame.

ToonKriticY2K, The Brony (Ver 1.0)

And, to complete his conversion to the Brony fandom, he commisioned a ponysony of himself. Once he did this, he started to review episodes of the show in his usual pattern of reviews. He would also start going to Brony conventions to push himself and his schtick (literally and figuratively) in any hole that swallowed his shit. This got him with several Ponyfags who did the same shit he did and together they formed a clique called "Brony Analysts", or as they call themselves, "Bro-nalysts"/ Even more gagworthy was the fact that when Zak and this circlegroup of bronyfuckers reviewed episodes, they called it a "bro-nalysis". This formula, without fail, gave Zak the fame he so desired, so much so he made a name for himself in the fanbase. You couldn't so much as step into one brony review video without the faggot's name and pony OC showing up or being mentioned. But with that fame, Zak would fall into the classic case of abuse of power, which would inevitably come to bite him in the ass...

ToonGate: The Pedo Awakens...and Goes Limp[edit]

Sexting a 14-year-old on Skype[edit]

Just when Zak thought he rid himself of past blame from the drama he caused, he went back into his old habits again. Not content with all his previous sexcapades, he decided to one-up his bang list by sexually text roleplaying with a 14-year-old girl on Skype. The girl (who wishes to remain anonymous) held private conversations between her and Toon over a period of 13 months, much throughout 2017. Most of the conversations they had involved rather disturbing erotic roleplays between her and Toon and it got to the point that he started sending her pornographic images to her.

Since there are over 500 screenshots backing up Toon's accusations as a pedophile, the most shocking of these will be shown below:

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

PedoKritic Caught in the Act![edit]

..had a good run, But now it's a time to say goodbye. Thank you for the memories, everyone.


—Toon's final words on Skype despite most hating on him for what happened.

ToonKritic Says goodbye to Skype

The events revolving around Toon and the minor apparently got leaked out to Toon's closest circle of people he was associated with. As a result, they legit couldn't deal with his bullshit anymore. Tired of getting sloppy seconds of getting Zak out of legal trouble, his group of friends gave the him a direct ultimatum: Turn yourself in, or we will do it for you. Zak, clearly more worried about his horse fame than anything else, tried to justify his actions (poorly) and tried to make it sound like a mistake. When it was clear that wasn't going to fly, it was then Zak got desperate like a cornered rat, and tried to plead and guiltrip his fuck friends when they said they wouldn't want his dick in their asses anymore. It got so bad that Lily Peet, another brony pedo, threw Zak under the bus of Zak's bullshit just to coverup his own bullshit.

ToonKriticY2K / Zak Kayes Call, admits to pedophilia acts
Video indicating about him deleting fucking everything!
Video indicating about him deleting fucking everything!

Current Status[edit]

Hiding from the Law[edit]


Because Zak didn't turn himself in to law enforcement when confronted and ass blasted by his closest circle of friends, his friends submitted all evidence of his pedo escapades to the cops to Chris Hanson his ass. He is currently at large, trying to evade the law and clearly free as a pedobear, contrary to the rumors of him being arrested and spending time in a cell with Big Bubba (because Bronies are shit at spergy detective work). Still the hunt is on to catch the pedo and bring him in arms reach of the law.

How To Catch A ToonKriticY2K

Defenders of Toon[edit]

Did You Know: That there is an entire thread on Kiwi Farms dedicated to Toon's "Defenders"? Yep, it became that lulzy.

Despite all of the accusations made against Toon, some continue to "defend" and whiteknight for Toon. Some have made comments on places such as Twitter regarding the events of the controversy to the point where it became extremely lulzy. So lulzy in fact that they became fools of themselves just like Toon. It makes you wonder when or if they'll ever learn the hard truth of the situation.

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Re-Emergence as a Furry[edit]

Evidence of ToonKriticY2K becoming a furry

After being disowned by the bronies for his pedophilia, he locked down everything and once again began changing account names, such as on his Skype, to "Zakky Wuskers" and began rebranding himself as a furry. It is believed that he thought people would just assume him to be another typical furry you'd find on the internet.

However, internet sleuths including those from ED and Kiwi Farms were not fooled by his disguise and he was outed by his true self within 30 minutes. So much for "restarting" his life.

See Also[edit]

Where Toon's top hat belongs in

Where you can find the PedoKritic[edit]

Toon's Accounts:[edit]

Due to the Great Bawwwwletion of 2018, much of Toon's social media has been deleted. Some archives of his social media links are available though.

Other Links relating to Him:[edit]

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