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A typical tramp stamp
Target acquired

A tramp stamp, also known as fart wings, slut butt, slag tag, ass antlers, or respect-me-not, is a tattoo on the lower back that lets you know a woman is asking for it. Meant as a target for men to shoot their loads on, it also doubles as a sexual signaling device. It's what most 16 year old girls think will make them rapetastic for life.

Common stamps[edit]

People who get tattoos are idiots. Most people (who get tattoos) are idiots who walk in and choose a random design from the parlor's flash wall. Therefore, most tramp stamps are variations on the following:

  • Dolphins
  • Butterflies
  • Flowers/leaves
  • Spiky tribal (also known as "ass antlers")
  • Pseudo-Celtic garbage
  • Random Japanese or Chinese characters (for weeaboos)
  • The girl's name in script
  • Phrases like "sexy," "princess," "naughty," or "Daddy's Gurl"


A prototype tramp stamp design involves putting a skeeball scoreboard on a woman's back; this technique is also known as the Tramp Ramp.


With this tramp stamp design a man may pull out of a woman's ass and skeet snap a picture of his score.


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