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Under TPP Plants and Animal may be patented... Believe it or Not!

'Trans-Pacific Partnership also referred to as TPP, is a radical new version of SOPA, as well as a law that could give whistle-blowers harsher sentences. It also can kick entire websites offline like SOPA would have if passed, but unfortunately, since it's not 2011, noone's going to black out their website in protest anymore.

Recently a leak of some drafts of the TPP papers was released by WikiLeaks, causing e-activism groups like EFF to ramp up their bitching, and rightfully so.

Choice quotes from the August 2013 draft[edit]

In order to address the problem of trademark [VN/MX propose: geographical indication and trade name] cyber-piracy, each Party shall adopt or maintain a system for the management of its country-code top-level domain (ccTLD)


[PE/SG/CL/AU/NZ/MY/BN/CA oppose; US/VN/JP/MX propose: Each party shall provide [VN: oppose adequate and effective] [VN propose: appropriate] remedies against the registration trafficking60, or use in any ccTLD, with a bad faith intent to profit, of a domain name that is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark [VN/MX propose: , geographical indication or trade name].]


in civil judicial proceedings concerning the acts described in Article 4.[9] (TPMs) and Article 4.[10] (RMI), each Party shall provide that its judicial authorities shall, at the least, have the authoriy to: impose provisional measures, including seizure or other taking into custody of devices and products suspected of being involved in the prohibited activity;


—on how you could have your laptop or iPad taken away just for posting in a /mu/ sharethread or torrenting legitimate items or "non-legitimate" (lel) items

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