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The original posted image
May cause epilepsy.
It's getting closer...
Now comes in more than two colors!
IRL Treeman

In early January 2010, some black person came crying to be about how to solve the problem of his girlfriend sleeping with his best friend. Accompanying the post was a picture of Treeman with "pic unrelated it's Treeman." Instead of paying attention to the post, /b/tards everywhere began to shoop the image of Treeman onto everything.

The Original Post[edit]

The thread was originally about the OP's girlfriend sleeping with his best friend. The immediate response was of course "The fuck is a treeman." The OP did not help his cause in trying to return the thread to the original subject by later stating "Treemen", implying there is more than one. As for how many there are exactly is unknown, but there is estimated to be around over 9000 of them.

Then the shooping began.

The Shooping[edit]

The image of Treeman was shooped onto near enough everything remotely exploitable, including it's own So Cash, and a pedotree who enjoys young saplings among various things.

It's unsure if the OP ever did resolve the situation with his girlfriend, but safe to say that even if they didn't it was totally worth it.


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