Trevor Noah

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Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is a black nigger from from the Planet of the Apes. In 2015, a well-trained Noah was put in place by his Christ killing overlords as part of their plan to ruin the USA and achieve Jewish World Domination.

Born 20 February 1984, Noah is a rape baby, the spawn of a white man who, gacked-out on Jenkem one night, couldn't find his flashlight or a good animal hole of any kind, so in a torment of insanity, forced himself to rape his nigger cleaning-servant, Nombuyise.

From the start, little Trevor was something of a wunderkind. By the age of 10, the precocious Trevor mastered the four syllable "language" grunted in the huts around him much faster than most jungle bunnies (some say he learned it as fast as would a higher animal, like a dog). Trevor could also even speak some white man words.

Trevor's birth date was exactly ten years before the international Jewish cabal successfully organized and funded the Kaffir chimp out that destroyed the good and natural boundaries which had long since separated niggers from human beings in that part of the world. In 1994, shortly after this famous Rise of the Apes, his sheboon mammy, Nombuyise, "converted" to Judaism, hence Trevor's Hebraic surname, Noah.

Although the Christ killers regarded Nombyise and her little nigglet as ethnically inferior mongrels, they were all intrigued by her exemplary negritude: not only that she so quickly and easily broke and abandoned her own religion, but also that the colors of the ischial callosities around her genitals and anus--pink, blue, scarlet, and purple--were so emblematic of this unique feature in her species.

The Jews also paid special attention to Trevor, particularly after having seen him with his little zebra skin shield and wooden spear, dancing the jubba-jubba celebration of his tribe, while singing their traditional song:

              eat papaya bunch! 
              (postalveolar click) 
              eat papaya tree!
              (palatal click)
              coconut, brother monkey!
              (postalveolar click) 
              eat papaya tree!

Upon witnessing the little jig do his delightfully primitive chant the Christ killers understood how Noah might be used toward the end of their international conspiracy. tap dancing jigaboos and half naked children being sodomized, which their American media empires play on an endless repeat, had not yet entirely succeeded in destroying the glorious culture of white men in the greatest nation on earth. Trevor could serve as another small part in helping them achieve their goal.

The Jews decided to ship Noah to the USA, dress him in white man's clothes, put him on television, and train him to puppet lines which they hope will undermine the authority of the God Emperor of Mankind. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Juden-designed as a veritable zoo--including Hasan Minaj, a sand nigger, and Ronny Chieng, a yellow bug--can be seen across the USA four nights a week on Comedy Central. For the benefit of his Hebrew masters, the South African who has been in an advanced nation for less than two years carries-on smugly about how the politics of that nation should work. However, even if the kike's have changed the little rape baby's words, his primitive negro music can still be heard beating underneath:

              trump bad! 
              (postalveolar click) 
              he have small hand!
              (palatal click)
              he mean and bad
              (postalveolar click) 
              it make me sad
Trevor Noah
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