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Trevor Rieger

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Continual ResErection
Trevor takin it up the ass like he always does.
Trevor Rieger still gets over 1000 views with each video despite having no subscribers and only a few hours to get his video seen

Trevor Rieger (sometimes referred to as Trevor REIGER) is a creator and feeder of online drama. He also claims the credit for exposing many YouTube cheats and fakes. Trevor is viewed by many thousands members of YouTube as lolcow and his recurring banishment from YouTube has failed to stop him from building up a following on the site. Trevor is barely notable, and runs a crappy page called

Dubious Claims

  • Trevor is still recovering from flashbacks caused by employing systematic military buttsexing on Iraqi terrorists during operation "Lulzy prisoner videos".
  • When Trevor's alias Utubedrama was struck by the Banhammer, he blamed it on Jackdanyells, (Guest Editor for that month), being butthurt about being called a YouTube sycophant who only promoted his friends on the site.
  • Trevor claims to introduced the term e-begging to YouTube. Since Trevor did this when he was referring to Boh3m3 and Blunty3000, two of YouTube's pet contributors and current YouTube Partners, YouTube introduced the term GTFO to Trevor.
  • Trevor appeared in a couple of IRL videos with Audreynoland.
  • Trevor attended the YouTube "As One" gathering in San Francisco where he trolled some YouTubers just by being there, but managed not to get banned from the event. He made two videos there with other YouTube members.
  • Trevor's taste in clothing upsets some people. Trevor appearing naked on YouTube upsets the rest.
  • Trevor claims he recently got married to some azn chick. She is assumed to be extremely fugly.

Trevor Rieger's Honorz

Trevor Rieger posts the following self-tribute in the description panel of his videos to feed his ego and help YouTuber's to post more creative insults in his comments.

"Trevor Rieger is a YouTube Celebrity without having ANY subscribers!"

Trevor Rieger is well known on YouTube for:

1. FINALLY getting his OWN PAGE in Encyclopedia Dramatica after 1 year of trying to register a sockpuppet account.

2. Being the first piece of bipedal faeces seen on youtube screens. (other than David Cross in that short film, but David Cross was only acting)

3. Being a bot-spamming piece of human garbage worse than anyone he's ever taken his snitch tendancies out on.

4. Being openly gay and Ricky Martin's greatest fanboy.

5. Being a faggot who fails at life and tends to get into others business by creating

6. ??????


8. TREVOR RIEGER FAILS AT LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Previous Lulz

Trevor was spotted wearing the same sweatshirt as some other unfunny Youtube camwhore (InsultAlien). He was promptly pwned by YTWatchdog. Some people say Trevor hid the butthurt caused by someone else making up shit about him (for a change) by pretending to really be InsultAlien and claiming he did it for the lulz, which made him even more of a lolcow


1. Lmte SUSPENDED! Trolling ebunn1 cost him. Noway Clan 2 YahWeh Clan 0


—Trevor, on how he is a silly faggot

Alias List

Following list consists of various YouTube account names belonging to Trevor, most of which are currently suspended.

  • Heidilow - The MiaaRose YourTubeNews exposé
  • utubedrama
  • utubedramaqueen
  • utubedramaking
  • utubedramawhore
  • utubedramalulz
  • utubedramademeter
  • vlog1
  • vlog009
  • ytconspiracy
  • utubedramaagain
  • StarbucksCoffeeBoy
  • WelcomeBackHellion
  • soccerlg15
  • ApologizeYTWatchdog
  • detailsofpictures
  • DonchaWishGTG
  • EgyptianDance
  • edewe23
  • wtvcrew1EXPOSED
  • LisaNovaEXPOSED
  • Ryan06171EXPOSE
  • Ryan06171CHEATER
  • 777reward100
  • PetitionLisaNova
  • PetitionLisa
  • TrevorRiegerFree

Oh, fuck its not even scratching the surface. This faggot has Over 9000 accounts B& by JewTube.

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