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digging for gold
Nothin like a fresh cup of baby to get you goin' in the morning

What can one do when one is boring and devoid of interesting qualities? Why, put on some black make-up, surround yourself with dead babies, talk like you're 12, and take lots of pictures, of course! Deviantart-favicon.png triciakitty AKA Tricia Lynn Martin is the latest in a long line of Tim Burton wanna-be's. Taking little dollies, sewing their eyes and mouths shut, sprinkling them with ketchup, and thinking somehow that this hasn't been done before. She's a super-hip cutting-edge goth arteest, and like 9739 other people, brings this fresh new look to the pages of DevianTART, MySpace, and YouTube.

And, oh yeah, she |steals art (image removed August 19th).

ok- not ALL people suck. Just the morons who steal shit from good people.


—Tricia, on how art theft is wrong.

Thank you! I can tell you that I am inspired by Tim Burton and Jhonen Vasquez. I also love Charles Addams, Ed Gorey, Ralph Steadman and Salvador Dali...heheh. I am happy you like these! Thank you!


—triciakitty, naming off all the people she's plagiarized

It's the fucking internet. It's like a video game but with people.



Because Dead Babies Should Be a Part of Every Child's Development[edit]

Art theft at its finest!
This looks nothing like Tricia's!
WHY dear lord does this fucking baby have camel toe?

As if uploading dead babies all over the Internet wasn't repulsive enough, Tricia has decided that nine years old is the perfect age to start teaching kids to love dead things.

Midnight, Me, And Bob Macabre

I am currently illustrating a demented "children's" book written by my friend Sam (aka CrashLaResh). At first I thought it would be difficult to try and translate what Sam had in his head into drawings but his words have been incredibly helpful! Ah- everytime he sends me new installments of the story he's written I honestly almost pee a little! hahaa! He cracks me up! Yeah- his words have been amazingly helpful in providing my brain the imagery I need to draw what he has envisioned for his story! I wanted to share at least MY interpretation of what he has written with everyone here. I hope you guys like it! I would love to know how many of you guys would show this stuff to your kids...heheh...

This is VEX- one of the main characters in Sam's story. He suffers from nightmares that come to life to haunt him. A 9 year old chronic insomniac...


—triciakitty, wants you to share this with your kids

triciakitty's fail About missing Pics
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Where Do Furries Come From?[edit]

Tricia's mom humoring her by showing an interest in her dollies
Tricia's Dad: Diabeetus
"See...he lives with my parents not far away from me. He's mildly Autistic and my Mom has a degree in child development. So he is better off there than with me. We visit each other all the time though."
SOLID MANA (translates as "bird snatch")
Somebody likes birds...a lot...

A preview of the Malatonian symbols of Tsnakias in my book




—Sebastian AKA Sigma-Airav

Many theories have been theorized on this subject. Some blame Disney, others blame video games, still others blame Ritalin. In Tricia's case we have a rare opportunity to examine this phenomenon under a microscope. From the outside, one can see that Tricia has a very busy life juggling her deviantART, MySpaces, YouTube, etc. But what isn't visible to the naked Internet eye is that Tricia has a son, Sebastian. The reason most people don't know this is because, although Tricia has all the time in the world for dead babies, bloody mannequins, Internet, YouTube Favicon.png her dead weight husband, breweries, and shows, what she doesn't have time for is to raise her own fucking kid.

In this instance, it can plainly be seen that when you pawn your child off on your parents, show your kid dead babies and bloody mannequins, what you end up with is an Aspie that speaks in his own elven tongue, creates shitty Pokemon/Digimon fanfic, and falls in love with birds.

A little bird sits atop my head
chirping lightly in sweet content
What is she thinking about I wonder
Yet with one look
one can tell
She thinks of me and my tender love for her
Love is as sweet as her content.



—Sebastian AKA Sigma-Airav, trying to get laid with his cockatiel

According to clues in his deviantART, it would appear that Sebastian is not only in love with a bird, but that he very possibly believes he IS A FUCKING BIRD. His name on DA, "Sigma-Airav", is very similar to that of his bird creation, "Airav". Moonspeak experts have determined that the similarity is too coincidental to be coincidental. That, and the fact that he openly says he eats bird seed every fucking day pretty much confirms it.

At first glance, one would think this was the work of a child, but one would be wrong. This is an 18 year old man whose chosen medium is crayons and binder paper. What's even more remarkable is that this talented young man understands his incredible gift, and never ceases to tell his audience all about it.

The first ever drawing of a dragon bird species called the Parintoki. it's true eyes have hourglass pupils that can see physical and subtle auras of life. this one doesn't have those eyes being my first version and attempt at drawing a bird. It's image built it's self in 3D as I drew it. Keep in mind i have never taken a drawing art class in my life. I drew it like 5 or 6 years ago.


—Sigma-Airav, elven for Sebastian-Aspie

Son of Havaryonav and apparently i got Bach's musical talent. age 17 i,ll b 18 on 6/19/09. also my drawn art specializes in symbols and birds of a different kind. Like the parintoki and furgix. Bird creatures from my book


—Sigma-Airav, channeling Bach

good luck. For me writing essays is a breeze, my vocab and languistics fill many sentences, even if i can't spell that good


——Sigma-Airav, languistics master

It's my born talent. never had a lesson and I'm still a prodigy among those who here my all original music. *Bows*


—Sigma-Airav, a motherfucking prodigy

Sebastian's Wares About missing Pics
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Sigma Gets Raped[edit]

Finally some good art gets uploaded to Sigma's DA

This Thursday some epic bastard hacked Sebastian's DeviantArt account and remodeled it for him. Apparently Sebastian had brilliantly set his password to "parintoki", and the new owner of his account proceeded to spam it everywhere. After BAWWWWWing to DA's staff he got his account back, but some souvenir's of his buttsechs surprise remain, like the webcam pic.




—Sigma-Airav, desu

Fan Art[edit]

My friend Corrine invited me over to photograph Helena in her basement...the shadow is of her hand...good times


—triciakitty, on her idea of a good time

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My bicycle got stolen..that was my "car"..sigh. Harder to get to work now. That was my only real ride..people suck!


—Triciakitty, nigga stole my bike


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