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File:Trigger isnt gay.jpg
Trigger isn't gay cause its not his character.

With a group of social rejects and society's outcasts; you will always get a mixture of all the cliques of a high school. Though most furries land in the "loner" or "fat" categories like you, and there is a never-ending amount of lulz to be had from those of them that pretend they aren't. Trigger Fox (also known as Torrey Sprague from Clermont, Florida attended Timberlane Regional High School class of 2007) is the prime example of hypocrisy and furfaggotry in these groups. Not only that, but he attempts to act like a bro to mask his homosexuality. In addition to being a total closet case, he also fursuits and goes to as many furry conventions as possible.


The Past

At least 100 years ago, Trigger was involved in a very gay relationship with Oz Kangaroo, another furry in Australia. The relationship lasted for quite a while as far as furries go, until Trigger's masculinity was stripped from him. While attending college, his bros found gay furry porn of him and his e-boyfriend on his computer. In return 100 CCs of bro rape were injected into his ass. With a sore ass, he was "forced" to move to convince his daddy to pay for a different college in order to hide his homolove for Oz. With this move, Trigger proceeded to delete fucking everything that ever related to him or Oz, as well as deny that entire period of his life. In doing this, he became the biggest pussy in the fandom. With his secrets buried, he grew in popularity among the rejects of society using his whiny journals and ultimatum opinions. Currently he has been putting on weight, complaining about fursuit sex and the fandom in general.

He has made over 9000 journal entries, many of them made in small faggoty bursts. They can easily be divided into 3 categories, those being him admiring a Jewtube or Newgrounds flash, something about something he did while dressed up in his fox/wolf/dragon hybrid suit, or him bitching about how much he hates furries everywhere.

The present

Nothing like the feeling of fresh seawater seeping in through the feet of your fursuit

Currently, Trigger lurks on FurAffinity, trying to pick fights and assert himself above the rest. When called out or criticized, he will proceed to baww and use his fanboys to defend himself. He is still very sensitive about Oz. He also hasn't been able to hold down a successful relationship since Oz, since he doesn't know how to handle a woman and desires cock. Even though his gay love for Oz remains, the desire to get nailed by a T-rex remains the main objective in his life.

The collected wit and wisdom of Trigger D. Fox

I dunno what it is- I just don't have any real motivation to get fit and stay fit. I rather sit on my ass and eat.


— Triggerfox explaining that he's a fatass

A majority of them are people actually COMPLAINING that the video said "a majority of furries aren't actually sexually active". When the people in question know that's obviously not the case.


Trigger in a fit of raeg at the sight of furfags telling the truth

I should draw a picture of him on his knees in front of Trigger and send it to the makers of the game in an envelope sealed with a kiss.

No. Wait. That's gay and some of you guys would like that too much.




Nah, I never try to rile people up. I mostly make journals for people to laugh at and joke around with. In a community where everyone dresses up like furry animals, seriousness is beyond stupid.


— Trigger is just kidding around.

Their really can't be any joking around in this fandom when it comes to sexual activities, there really cant be.


— Furries are srs bsns. Wait, what was that last quote about....?

What is wrong with furries?


you, for starters.

(trigger) I don't cause the drama sir. everyone else does. (rabis_fox) Funny how that always happens. XP


—Even other furfags can see how much of a dramawhore trigger is.

Did you miss me?

prolly not..


or else :3


OR ELSE!!!11!!!!111!11!

Too many people are doing drama now. It's not cool anymore so I'm stopping.


— Oh, well ok the-HEY WAIT A MINUTE

what a funky journal that was last niiight huh? huh guys? i was BOMBED off of like... petron and pauleners THANK YOU GUYS FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME <3


—Explaining Why He Is a Douche to Everyone on his FA Journals.. Then Deletes Them..

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Trigger follows in the footsteps of many closeted homosexuals before him and becomes an alcoholic

His current hobbies include drinking himself into a coma on a regular basis (preferably while wearing a fursuit), making at least 100 journal posts a day so that his loyal fans can stroke his ego til he can get off (preferably while wearing a fursuit), walking around town or taking long walks on the beach (in a fursuit) and bawwwwwwwing to everybody and furry he can about how furries suck (in a fursuit). He also enjoys taking pictures of himself in his fursuit, then posting the same image 10 times so his fans can praise how good it looks.

But remember kids, the fursuit thing is NOT SEXUAL for him.

The closet fox and the mad fursuit maker

Moar info: LatinVixen.
Yes, yes, we get it. You're kind of a big deal with the ladies

He is currently shacking up with LatinVixen in an attempt to prove to everyone and himself that he doesn't really want it stuck in his pooper. This, however, is not working because the Internet never forgets. LatinVixen is either stupid or desperate to accept such a raging closet fag as a boyfriend. Informed observers are currently taking bets as to when the rumors of a cocksucking rampage involving Trigger surface. Check the next furry convention for details!

The jury is currently out on whether or not Trigger has a job, since looking at his Twitter account, we see that he often updates into the early morning hours and then doesn't re-appear until 4-5PM or later. If he is in fact unemployed, LatinVixen is even more of a retard for letting someone not enamored with her kind drain her bank account of those blingy fursuit-makin' dollaz.

Shortly after this section was written, Trigger protected his Twitter account, telling us that in fact he is watching this page.

File:A butthurt Trigger gets himself censored.jpg
Oz has Trigger censored after Trigger cried like a little bitch to the FA admins

Fetishes and other secrets

That's a huge bitch
File:Trig&amp;oz love.png
an example of Trigger and Oz's faggotry

Because of his relationship with Oz, it's obvious Trigger has an inflation fetish, which resulted in many pictures of the two faggots filling each other with hot air. There is also the rumor of his deep love for a cartoon T-rex. This most likely is suppressed zoophilia instincts that most furries have. It also shows us that despite his attempts at being the essence of manliness, in reality he's just a big huge bottom bitch. This all just proves the fact that he's merely a fine, upstanding citizen.

He also has a boner for Robin from Disney's Robin Hood.

But wait, there's moar?

TL;DR: Based on facts and irrefutable evidence, there must have been some sort of hueg pile of furfaggotry that was unrelated to Oz.

  • The whole Oz drama was occurred sometime in 2008
  • His oldest journal entry dates back only 8 months ago
  • Got butthurt when he found out his fursuit was initially competing against Oz. Politely asked for his nomination to be withdrawn. [Him asking to be dropped]

"A LONG ASS time ago (try 5 years now) I joined this fandom."


—Trigger is an oldfag, from his LiveJournal

This little blurb was pulled from his LiveJournal, and yet when we look through his submissions, the most recently submitted pic of Trigger and Oz was submitted February 27th, 2008. Whats more, on September 15th, 2008 trigger made a very deep and meaningful picture of him expressing loneliness. This would mean that they broke up somewhere between february and september of 2008. His oldest journal entry on FurAffinity dates back to 8 months ago, and is at the time of writing about "160 comments on my last journal!!". This suggests that there was some other mind-shattering pile of furfaggotry and drama which caused him to accidentially the whole internets since Oz.

The denial continues

Not too long ago, in another attempt to disprove his own homosexuality, Trigger went out with Jannali, but all traces of their relationship have been cleaned from both of their FA accounts. Her gallery is completely deleted. Maybe she got scared off by his faggotry. Evidence of his short lived, failed attempt at redemption can be found here. Janalli was also kind enough to make him a plushie fuck toy of himself, of which he does not use in any disgusting homosexual furfag manner.

Mini-me Trigger? It probably feeds on penis and Colombian tuna

Another Female Victim?

Trigger's moving on to his next victim. Remy Wolf Another decent looking female furry in the fandom that Trigger will eventually drag through the mud in trade for making him look straight. We all know girls like the bad boy jock douche bag. The question is; how far will Remy Wolf go with him until he has bled her dry emotionally like he did orally with OzKangaroo

Encase you would like to white knight Remy and contact her. She's conveniently placed her info on her FA

  • AIM: felisjulius
  • Yahoo: remy.wolf85
What the raging heterosexual looks like

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