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THIS JUST IN: The FagsofFail have taken down the videos on their YouTube channel and two major members have been suspended. Is this the end of the ToT?!?!

ToT new logo.jpg

ArchThanatos is kind of a big deal
ToT lists their members
Rut roh. Seems they forgot to add their socks to their group too.

The YouTube Favicon.png Trolls0fTerror, or ToT, are a trolling group on YouTube that specialize in trolling what they call "Christers". They're all serious business hardcore "Satanists", and they comment each other's channels with super cool catch phrases like "hell low" and "Hails the Trolls of Terror!". They are a force to be reckoned with.

We are the Trolls of Terror Alliance! We're the new terror on YouTube. This crew is dedicated to doing as we please and enjoying ourselves! We have grown tired of the Christians on YouTube that go around preaching and shoving their religion in everybody's faces. Well, it's our turn to preach our own "gospels." We're going to fight fire with fire. We're going to troll them shitless. Even if it doesn't acheive anything in the end, at least we'll enjoy the fire show!


ToT Alliance Forum

Their primary enemy is the YouTube Favicon.png AllianceOfChrist because they only take on the hardest trolling targets. ToT boasts at having anywhere from 25 to 30 members on their channel descriptions, but a closer inspection of the roster of their YouTube group shows it's actually about 5 people. Even so, these 5 people are the most serious hardcore Christ-hating Satanists on all the Internets. They are the baddest of the bad, and the toughest of the tough. Just have a look at some of this epic win.


ArchThanatos (leader)[edit]

ArchThanatos' icon. Totally super-satanic
Mr. Epic-Win-&-Glory has tried to vandalize this article twice three times now from this IP. Oops.
Skwisgaar is not impressed.

As a migrant WoW-fag, he couldn't resist giving his group similar initials.

ToT's fucking leader! Bow and obey me and all of my Epic Win & Glory!


—ArchThanatos, and his USI

Behold ArchThanatos and his epic win:


The group's resident tranny. He's bending gender roles with Satan's help. What YouTuber wouldn't be terrified of this guy? With his pink nail-polish and the upside-down cross drawn on his cheek he strikes fear into the hearts of his victims. As a former member of the YouTube Favicon.png 5awesometrannys, his "trolling" style can best be summarized as "YouTube Favicon.png dendrophilian in drag". Serious fucking business.

DunZero, or Geoffrey, is also very fond of himself. So much so, that he likes to quote himself in his own channel description. Here's a sample of his awesome transexual wisdom:

Honesty exposes all liars who are frightened of the honest ones.


—DunZero, lolwut

I do not want my death to be caused by a human! The only human I allow to cause my death is ME!!


—DunZero, suicidal

As long as Nature provides a predator's meal, the superior creatures are provided with the only reason to increase prevalently in numbers. The ideal predominant vulture.


—DunZero, take that!

All that time does is flow in our minds and allow clocks to act as clocks.


—DunZero, wtf

DunZero privatized most of his fucking videos. Here's but a sample of his faggotry.

Why the fuck is there so many hate?


—DunZero, raping the English language while being ironic (quote from a now private video, because you know trolls privatize their epic win, right?)

Behold, the Fairy About missing Pics
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As you can see, Dun loves his cat! But as any idiot would know, real Satanists abuse and kill their cats to appease Satan, or some shit. He also doesn't understand why there is hate, which the only purpose of Satanism, besides being an offshoot of Christianity that is just backwards, is that you must indulge in hatred and physical pleasure. So these faggots fail.



Selena, the ToT's porn star.
Old ladies are the perfect Satanists. Probably the result when they are no longer visited by relatives in the old folks homes, they turn to darkness!!
Granny reveals why she joined the ToT.

YouTube Favicon.png Reallyhotwitch Selena was the group's porn star. She is a 63 year old Brit who describes herself as a witch, a bitch, a whore, and implicitly that she is into BDSM. She lists her website as which is horrifying not in the fact that it is some shit advertising site, but that the thought of eating out a 63 year old pussy will unavoidably pop into your head when you see it.

WTF MY EEEYYYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!! Granny get out of the whore suit and go back to the kitchen and make some fucking cookies for ur grandkids.....fuck....*bleaches eye sockets*


—A proper reaction to this lemon party faggotry.


Let me tell you about my Deadric prince...
LordZeroLawliet enjoying a +20 endurance bonus.

Meet YouTube Favicon.png LordZeroLawliet (aka John Lawliet Wesker). Normally, at this point, an EDiot would go about utilizing their skills of wordsmanship to (hopefully) deliver a damning blow which should always result in much lulz. However, in this particular case, the person who can describe Mr. Wesker most accurately is...well...Mr. Wesker himself. To take an excerpt from his user page on the Elder Scrolls wiki:

Hello there, I am Z,

The only clothes I wear are a white long sleeve t-shirt, and jeans.

My disheveled and languid appearance masks my great powers of deduction and insight. I tend to second-guess everything when I am presented with a problem, and I am extremely meticulous and analytical. I have several quirks such as preferring to crouch rather than sit, eating only sweet foods like desserts and fruits, and holding items very delicately. I stayed in England for years, and during that time I was the champion in tennis for the England Junior Cup. I also suffer from Asperger's Syndrome.


Apparently when Mr. Wesker is not busy trolling Christians on Youtube or ripping off L Lawliet's bio from the Death Note manga/anime, he utilizes his time eating cakes, playing RPGs, and not showering; gaining himself the status of the Typical internet denizen. This status can be further confirmed by the real life stats he assigns himself Ala Oblivion:

  • Debut: England, 1900's
  • Birthday: 26th November
  • Deathdate: Unknown
  • Also known as: Z, Zéro, Zéro Kirekisvadegaden.
  • Sign: Saggitarius
  • Age: Unknown
  • Status at debut: Born
  • Relations: None Known
  • Seiyū: None
  • Voice actor: Myself
  • Knowledge: 10/10
  • Conceptualization Power: 10/10
  • Will to act: 9/10
  • Motivation: 9/10
  • Social Skills: 2/10

There is one other pastime to occupy Mr. Wesker's precious time. He is something of a wordsmith. To be more exact, he enjoys writing various fanfics. Here is a sampling of his amazing abilities.


Last but certainly not least we present VampiressDeathAngel. VampiressDeathAngel, or Michelle Coran, is relatively new to the Trolls of Terror, but just as full of ham win as the older members. As an otaku, Michelle found that she would regularly get trolled and teased. To combat this, she became an otherkin sockfarmer, and attempted to scare away the trolls with vampire pics and satanist talk. VDA first came to attention when she got into a minor scrap with some trolls and left this bold statement in reference to some of the things that were said.

After about a day of digging, VDA's photobucket was uncovered. Along with epic amounts of weeaboo and furry faggotry, pics were also found that totally supported her statement that everyone would be scared of her "real appearance". This image was then uploaded to the background of a YouTube channel:

The other ToT members went batshit over it. Begging, crying, chest-pounding, the works. Hardly troll-like behavior at all. Here are a few of the comments where the Trolls of Terror made tearful hand-wringing pleas and threats for the background to be removed:

[-+]Click here to see comments[edit]

ToT doesnt give up.JPG

Please do the right thing.JPG

Uve already lost get used to it.JPG

Want some more.JPG

You wont be very happy.JPG

After the tears dried up, the ToT began leaving a steady stream of fail comments everywhere. While they were busy typing their angst and hitting F5, Michelle's dox were being mined by e-detectives. Once they were found, and distributed appropriately, it didn't take long for the ToT to get back in their whaaambulance.

No making fun of fatties.JPG

By the time the ToT had given up, dataminers had their hand so far up Michelle's ass that they could tug on her tonsils. It turned out that not only was she a fat disgusting otaku/otherkin goth poser sock farmer with unwarranted self-importance and delusions of grandeur, but she was also a writer.

Hardest writing school in the usa.JPG

As it turns out, the "hardest writing school in the united states" is actually some little shack in Connecticut that offers online writing classes to people that are either too poor or too stupid to attend real college. And what was it that Michelle was so proficient at writing after taking these online classes? Why gay Naruto fanfic, of course.

Sasuke moved to Gaara and kissed him. Gaara rubbed the bulge in Sasukes shorts. Sasuke thrust his hips against Gaaras hand, groaning. Sakura watched as Gaara slid his hand down Sasukes pants. Sakura watched as she saw Gaaras hands stroke Sasukes cock.

Sasuke sighed as Gaara rubbed harder. Sasuke started to pant as he went higher and higher and with a whimper, his cum spilled into Gaaras hand. Gaara pulled his hand out and slid Sasukes shorts down. Gaara pulled his pants down just enough to reach his cock.

Gaara groaned as Sasuke rubbed against him. Gaara turned him around and bent him over the table. Spreading his legs slightly, he thrust himself into Sasuke. Grunting mixed with panting. Gaara grunted with each thrust and Sasuke panted in sheer ecstasy. He gripped the table edges and groaned as Gaara hit the right spot. Gaara moved harder and Sakura worried that Sasuke would be sore.

Harder Gaara. Sasuke panted out. Gaara moved harder as the table hit against the wall with each thrust he made. Sasuke whimpered as his release was approaching. He felt Gaara move faster and harder. FUCK!!! GAARA!! Sasuke yelled out and whimpered as his cum splattered onto the floor. Gaara smiled and with a grunting groan, his cum spurted into Sasuke.


—VampiressDeathAngel, the result of going to the hardest writing school in the United States

VampiressDeathAngel hasn't logged in to her account in about a week, since all this information came to light.

You wouldn't like to see her in person About missing Pics
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Trolling The Trolls[edit]

So it's painfully obvious these ex-buffy basement dweller faggots have no idea how to troll or even understand the concept of true trolling. Anyone from 4chan would know this, as the 3 am CP posters or the IRL guro lovers would provide examples of this visual madness. So, if the mood strikes you, direct these epic failures to such lovely things:

YouTube Accounts[edit]

Emails and Messenger ID's[edit]


Myspace Accounts[edit]

Photobucket Accounts[edit]

Various Other Accounts:[edit]

Trolls of Terror Web Site[edit]

75% of the ToT socks are run by this internet tough guy, YouTube Favicon.png jjosh1973

Not content with just having a YouTube channel devoted to their incessant faggotry, unwarranted self importance, and failure, ArchThanatos has set up the ToT website so all 20+ members can meet up to discuss the important and serious business of trolling Christians on the Tubes. So far they seem to be off to a good start with a total of 1 post from ArchThanatos informing any potential new recruits of the rigorous application process. Here is...well, pretty much all you have to bother looking at to understand the true nature that is the ToT:

Christers? In my TrollsOfTerror?[edit]

As proof of just how terribly ArchThanatos sucks at trolling, he repeatedly claims that even Christians have joined TrollsOfTerror. We can either conclude:

  • Evidently he cannot think of any intelligent comeback when others point out his hard-to-miss faggotry and is completely incapable of keeping his lies straight.
  • TrollsOfTerror was created by Christians to give atheists a bad name.

The latter, however amusing it could have been, does not appear to be true - ArchThanatos is such a hard-core troll that he hates other atheists.

Known Sockpuppets[edit]

Lmfao! ToT's on the main page now? I view that shit as a win on our part.

Girlvinyl, very cute attempt the cancer that made this page made against us.

Subseven, cute that you tried to ban me.

ToT is lurking here now, and on your forums, and on your IRC. And banning IP's does nothing.

You think some vamp bitch and some Satanists where the orchestrator(s) behind ToT? Lol don't assume so much.

We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget. Expect us.

ToT is a mask.... don't assume.

Membership is not tightly controlled.

ToT doesn't care about who joins.

ToT is not a 16 year old virgin group with strict rules.

Members do as they please.

It is the whole of the progress that is of importance.

We're watching.


—Notice the pathetic attempt to copy the Anon motto.

NOTE: These are all ArchThanatos. He uses these sockpuppets to edit this article because this article doesn't bother him.


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