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This article may cause you to facepalm, because Crazy Creationist Troll is Crazy. Feel free to 'Send Him to the God He Wishes he Knew'.

As part of ED's continuing series on the mental illnesses of Creationist Trolls, we present the brand-spanking newest, most Kawaii addition to the "let's drag everybody back to the Dark Ages" Movement. Part of his shtick is claiming that he's a science student studying at Columbia University. Which is interesting considering he looks like he's barely old enough to shave. It later turned out that he wasn't being truthful about his Ivy League College Education (surprise, surprise, surprise) and is IRL exactly what appears in his videos: a pre-pubescent Azn Kiwi teenager in New Zealand....thousands of miles away from his Columbia University Homeroom.

Meet TruthfulChristian[edit]

File:TruthfulChristian2 Headshot.jpg
Gaaaah! It's like Magibon carried VenomfangX's baby to term!

This glassy-eyed true believer acts as a test-to-destruction mechanism for the craziest creationist ideas. Yep, all those notions that VenomfangX, Geerup and even NephilimFree would toss down a mineshft as too preposterous to assert...Wellll, TruthfulChristian is there to drive that idea right into the ground.
This kid must've had to put up with everyone repeating and spelling things out for him all his life. So he has the deeply annoying habit of repeating and spelling out everything he says as if he's explaining himself to a drooling imbecile. It's repetitious how he repeats himself.

Crazy Azn "Explains" Why Everything We Know is Wrong


"....and (Darwin) said everything was getting bigger and stronger and faster..."


and him likee the BahBul Studees...

The only thing worse than a Subtle Serpent is a Boorish Ass


"We're going to be reading from Genesis, Chapter 3. Genesis, Chapter 3. Genesis...Chapter Three. Genesis 3 "


Crazy Azn Kiwi tries to Hide That he's Homeschooled[edit]

Remember that part in the preamble where Truthful said he was a science student at Columbia University?
Keep that in mind as you watch this vid.

Not the Brainiac Exchange Student He Pretends to Be

"How Does this Square with the Bear False Witness Thing"


Fuckin' Pinecones, How do They Work!?[edit]

When NephilimFreeTard chickened out of his debate with DonExodus2...TruthfulChristian leapt at the chance for glory! Unfortunately, his plan involved making up some half-baked bollocks about pinecones that nobody understood, least of all himself. In the following vids, four different science-buffs take turns dismantling his pinecone idea. Then his idea that people used to be giants who lived for hundreds of years. Then his idea that the Bible is waaaay xtreeeem awesome.

Video playlist

  1. Pineconeboy vs League of Reason, part 1
  2. Pineconeboy vs League of Reason, part 2
  3. Tylzen's Recording of Pineconeboy emptying a Super Big Gulp of Hatorade onto everybody.
  4. TruthfulChristian v CasewithScience debate, part 1
  5. TruthfulChristian v CasewithScience debate, part 2
  6. TruthfulChristian v CasewithScience Debate, part 3
  7. Pineconeboy and Pareidolia Effect (League of Reason....AGAIN!), part 1
  8. Pineconeboy and Pareidolia Effect (League of Reason....AGAIN!), part 2
  9. Did He Accuse dprJones?

"I don't have any proof, but, uh, it does say so in the Bible"


Matthew gets owned on live internet radio, AKA The Buttrape of the Antichrist[edit]

UPDATE 9/11/2010: TruthdecayChristian falsely accuses dprJones of being a bikecharity-money-stealing thief in public!
On 9/11 2010, in an event foreshadowed by writings in the Bible, the Qur'an and My Immortal, UntruthfulCreatard would be in a blogTV conversation with DprJones, Thunderf00t, HappyCabbie and lacigreen. The lulzy part of the conversation - namely the one where RetardedAzn makes a complete fool of himself - is found in the video below.

A Conservapedia Addict, Chronological Age of 16, Mental Age of 6

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that."


Longvid is long, so here are the highlights of the conversation:

  • Thunderf00t asks TruthfulMuslim why, if creationists have the truth on their side, they get so royally owned on YouTube. TC thinks it's because of militant atheists and the devil.
  • When asked about NephilimFree's batshit crazy idea that water was "ejaculated" from the earth and created the craters on the moon, he aknowledges that Thunderf00t made a good rebuttal to Neph, but since Thunder is a leftist communist socialist liberalist, Neph is right by default.
  • " (conservapedia) says the trustworthy encyclopedia. I can trust it."
  • Truthful thinks the ground zero mosque shouldn't be built because his cousin's friend's dad died in the 9/11 attacks.
  • (SPOILER) TC doesn't know shit about the Bible.
  • DprJones asks TC if he wants to donate to his charity. TC accuses Dpr of stealing money from the event. Cue verbal assrape. TC is kicked and blocked.

This video is left in an unedited state for a reason. It counters the heavily edited vid posted by TC himself, that is spun to make everyone else look like they were angrily yelling at him for being a meek and tender lamb, being unjustly persecuted; instead of the smug, jackasstastic skinflint he actually is.

Role Reversal TC versus the Magic Sandwich[edit]

Internet tough guy, ultimate rationalist and manly biker ShockofGod has been stunning atheists and exposing their religion by asking the one question that no single atheist has ever even thought of: "What is your proof and evidence that atheism is true and correct?" In true Christian fashion Shockofgod turned off all comments on his videos thus making himself one of the Amazing Internet Derp Squad. Since TruthfulChristian was such a fan of Shockofgod, bullshit debunker DonExodus formulated a cunning plan:

1. Call TruthfulChristian and use shockofgod's excellent reasoning skills to prove his Magic Sandwich cures cancer.

2. Lulz

Leaving Youtube[edit]

On 20 September, TruthfulChristian announced that he was going on vacation and would be gone until 10 December. He disabled commenting on his channel a day or so afterwards, and about a week later he deleted both his TruthfulChristian2 account and his old TruthfulChristian account.

These actions, coupled with his bizarre arguements that make even other creationists look smart, have lead some to speculate whether or not he's actually a poe.

The Circlejerk of Creationist Trolls[edit]

'Want more Creationist Troll Aktion?'
BEHOLD! the Circlejerk of Creationist Trolls!

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