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Delicious twincest!

Twincest is a portmanteau of "twin" and "incest". For some retarded reason at least 100 men and yaoi fangirls have the disgusting fantasy of being with identical twins, this is fucking sick and wrong. Unless you're into this kind of thing, then it's okay.


Most twincest fanart/fanfiction involves yaoi or yuri (but mostly yaoi), and fans of twincest are usually retarded fangirls with wet dreams of either Dante and Vergil or Mio and Mayu raping each other. Twincest fanfiction is usually poorly written, but what more can you expect from a horny 16 year old girl in need of a good REAL fuck?

Random Facts[edit]

IRL twincest!
  • Fans of twincest usually never lose their virginity, mainly because nobody with a brain stem would want to go to bed with such a sick fuck who enjoys watches siblings screw each other.
  • 90% of twincest fans lack in the vocabulary department, seeing that they can never post a comment without using "XD LOL HOT" or some kind of smilie in every sentence.
  • In this video: he creator states that it is not twincest yaoi in the least bit but some people can't seem to understand that and still comment with such as, "Goood. Mm twincest IS good, I think. Like it! )) " when the creators themselves says it is not yaoi. But, delusional as ever, they get pissy and flame them for being homophobic.
  • Like yaoi fantards, twincest fans usually despise every female character that may be considered a love interest to one of the twins (unless said twins are women), and use the same excuse to justify their dislike towards them: "lol she just really annoys me and I never really liked her XD".
  • 5th of September is international twincest day, as first celebrated on 5th September 2010 by English television presenter, actress and writer Emma Kennedy.
  • Also in the Devil May Cry fandom, it's okay that the brothers fuck because they're demons (never mind that they're also half human and hate each other.)
  • When confronted by non-twincest fans (IE: What exactly is hot about two siblings fucking?), twincest fans will usually respond with things such as:

*shrug* differnt people find differnt stuff hot. i find twincest hot. XD im not saying you should like it. i was just commenting



  • On the other hand, when praising twincest AMVs or fanart, comments will look something like this:

Definitely the best Vergil/Dante vid I've ever seen! *_* I totally crazy about twincest xD and Vergil & Dante look so cute together ^__^ (no mention that I love play in "Devil May Cry" game series x3 and I can't wait to see DMC 4 ^^ ) Yey for Nelo xD




And yet they still wonder why we would embrace their genocide.

Famous Twincestuous Pairings in Fandom[edit]

The sanest thing ever to come out of Harry Potter fandom.
Holy shit Nietzsche was right!
  • Hikaru/Karou from Ouran High School Host Club (Which accounts for 110 out of 100 twincest fanarts)
  • Len/Rin from Vocaloid. Len/Rin Kagamine are not twins but mirror images (though it really depends on the song or story they are being portrayed in)
  • Luke/Leia from Star Wars. But it's not yaoi, so it doesn't count.
  • Fred/George Weasley from Harry Potter. You just know there someone is fapping off to Fred humping the new hole that Snape blew in George's ear and George never getting over Fred getting blowed up by... oh, noes, I gave away spoilers to Book Seven. Sorry. Should've avoided the Internet until you finished reading the book, retard.
  • Bill/Tom from the popular German band, Tokio Hotel; surprisingly accepted by and often practiced between said shipping.
  • John/Edward (Jedward) from the 6th series of The X Factor. This is the only acceptable twincest pairing, because it's actually remotely fap-worthy.
  • Haruka/Sora from "Yosuga no Sora". Cute silver-haired pair consisting of sex-obsessed sister and her perverted brother.

Twincestuous Videos[edit]

Just like every other fantard out there, there's about a million shitty AMV's to go with their preferred twincest coupling. Go figure the first one that you find on a DMC twincest search has an Evanescence song to add to the shit factor.

If you get off to these, you're a sick fuck.

Twincestuous Gallery[edit]

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