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LOLCow.jpg This luser is an unmilked lolcow, and should have been trolled a long time ago.

You can help by starting a Flame War at their own expense.

TwiztidAsh (Stephanie Holly) is a morbidly obese 32-year-old juggalette from Morgantown, West Virginia. As all fat fucktards do, she has a wide collection of cats that she calls "her children", and became the most butthurt catfag on YouTube when someone she was once subscribed to posted up a video about dead panthers. Stephanie claimed it was because a black cat she owned died. It most likely was eaten by her. That will teach her to watch what she puts in her mouth when she chomps blindly on ice cream. When not parading around the internets as an anti-cyber bullying activist and Internet tough guy, she spends her time scaring kids away from her trailer with a car jack, and playing WoW. In fact, she takes the game so seriously that a rant over being booted from her guild went viral, prompting many juggalulz.

<video type="youtube" id="PW5vvU3xIKw" height="380" width="520" desc="Typical TwiztidAsh" position="center" />

I bet you can't even breathe outside of your office you fuckin 500, 600 pound motherfucker!


—TwiztidAsh, oh the irony

TwiztidAsh's cheating juggalo e-boyfriend[edit]

TwiztidAsh's Alaskan boyfriend "Devon Mataya" aka BoxerLife5150 is still single and active in the dating scene. No surprise being as he lives in Alaska and TwiztidAsh lives in West Virginia. Despite calling Devon Mataya her future husband on her livejournal profile, already taking his last name on her myspace profile, and them both confessing their MMFWCL for each other by way of video on YouTube, Devon Mataya is still single.

According to Devon, Twiztidash came into his life as a online shoulder to cry on after his mother died and he went off his medication. Devon says as soon as he gets the money to get the fuck out of Alaska and Twiztidash somehow gets the money to get the fuck out of West Virginia, they are gonna meet up IRL and settle down in another trailer park somewhere. Lol.

e-boyfriends an Internet Tough Guy[edit]

Devon claims to be a professionally trained boxer but never once presented a shred of evidence to back it up.
Like a true Internet Tough Guy Devon challenges people to come to Alaska and fight him, but of course this never happens. Devon is such a nutless coward that he post false addresses claiming they are his home and asking people to come fight him.

e-boyfriend hates woman and children[edit]

Devon is hated by almost all the YouTube's juggalos because of his ongoing vicious attacks on Juggalettes and their children. Perhaps Devon hates all woman, which would explain why he has chosen to e-date that fat little man TwiztidAsh.

Turbo's 2 year old son Damion deserves to be thrown in a cremation oven while he's still alive!!


—Devon R Mataya

maybe I should throw Damion into a pack of your favorite type of dog, pitbulls. How fun it would be watching him get ripped and torn to pieces, lol!


—Devon R Mataya

e-boyfriends a pedophile[edit]

According to YouTube's Juggalo gang and a few others users Devon has made a number of sexual advances on underage girls.
Below is a video made by a juggalo hating punk rocker who had a online dispute with Devon.

Hook line and sinker.

e-boyfriend's docs[edit]

Devon R Mataya Age:27 Location:137 8th Ave Fairbanks, AK 99701 Phone:(907) 451-6591
Relatives: Arthur V Mataya Age:91, Charlotte W Mataya died age:87 4/17/07, Charlene A Mataya Age:50

Lost the family Liquor store and went bankrupt LOL
STATE OF ALASKA ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL BOARD September 13, 2001 Read into record as expired license. 6. 95/96-0783 Northward Liquor & Grocery; Arthur Mataya, Charlene Mataya & Gary R Scott; 455 3rd Ave (Northward Bldg) – Fairbanks; package store license; chapter 7 bankruptcy closed 5-20-99.

TwiztidAsh believes in Miracles[edit]

TwiztidAsh believes the famous Indonesian "Treeman" Dede Kosawa miraculously grew real bark on his skin and is actually part tree.

TwiztidAsh's thoughts on Treeman.

<video type="liveleak" id="6e4_1279905386" width="420" height="360" frame="true" position="center"/> TwiztidAsh has made more than a few videos expressing his/her/it's lack of intelligence.


Even unfunny, half-breed, subwhoring douchebags can laugh at this lolcow...

<video type="youtube" id="6j05xCzVK8U" height="340" width="500" desc="(skip to 2:04)" position="center" />

Number dropped[edit]

Nov 01, 2010 TwiztidAsh had it's dox dropped by some of it's juggalo friends so it set it's YouTube channel to private.
Credit for the doxing is being taken by what appears to be TwiztidAsh's identical twin sauce

The Pastebin Doxx

Link to the dox.

Ahab nets a whale[edit]

On November 17, 2010, Twiztidash uploaded a pair of videos showcasing her irl visit to Alaska to see her equally obese and disgusting Captain Ahab Boxerlife5150. Sea World trainers were unavailable for comment.

happily never after?[edit]

Out of the trailer and onto the street[edit]

On January 22, 2011, the happy couple living in TwiztidAsh's grandmothers trailer planned on winning a "tough man" contest featuring Boxerlife and Twiztidash as contenders. Boxerlife's chance to actually fight someone was dashed when the bottom of Ash's clown car rusted out.

The great white whale wants you to play a little guessing game with it.
These two abominations of nature had previously e-dated for months.
Hambeasts mating.

Jan 31st Pizza Raid[edit]

When a bunch of stoners on /b/ placed orders for gratuitous amounts of pizza from her docs above, some newfag who lived nearby and had heard word of the lulz decided to go film it. What follows is the shittiest video of pizza being delivered known to man.

NOTE: This is NOT a Rickroll
SECOND NOTE: It totally is



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