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Tyler Redick

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Tyler and Jack Spicer. This is Tyler Red Dick's fantasy

Tyler Redick (Red Dick) is eFamous for his gay-as-hell youtube account JackSpicer2311. His account was obviously named after Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown, a show for little boys to masturbate to. Tyler Red Dick probably has a crush on his little fan boy Jack Spicer. On Tyler's sad excuse for a website, he says that he named his account after the little gay kid because he could "Relate to him." No shit he can relate to him. They are both 16, cock sucking, gay ass homos.

While many think that he is a pretty cool guy, many can see him for what he is, an average Youtuber.. He is constantly putting down other machinima makers, often calling them unprofessional and of low quality. Tyler seems to ignore the fact that his failures are edited in Windows Movie Maker and at times thrown together with some piece of shit animation software, that can be used to throw together some ms paint drawings. Which are basically Tyler ripping sprites from his favorite games and having them either fight, or suck each other's dicks until someone rates the video 5 stars and leaves a comment saying "NICE!". Most recently, however, Tyler has ripped some screenshots from Grand Theft Auto into rags and threw them together in a shitty fight scene. His editing is as impressing as that time epic fail guy stuck his dick into a fleshlight and proceeded to turn his dick into shreaded meat.


Red Dick does not make flash animations, nor does he make actual videos; instead, the one thing he does make is the gayest of them all, machinima. Only people with no artistic ability do this. Tyler thinks machinima is awesome. He uses the same game for every video, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. For those of you who do not know what that game is, look it up.

Anyone familar with the shit Tyler has posted onto the interwebz last thursday knows of his obsessions over Nintendo games, (Despite the fact his main source of footage is not even made by Nintendo.) and anything Rockstar games shat out along with their bricks. This includes the controversal and totally edgy Grand Theft Auto games, and the hardcore violence of manhunt games. Both of which lack any real effort, much like Tyler's works, and usually has a shitty story that fans of the game will continue to fap to until the next game comes out.

Nintendo World

Tyler's new series, Nintendo World is a sad rip-off of Alvin-Earthworm's Super Mario Bros Z. Though the story line is not as suckish as SMBZ, the fact that he used Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to make it is kind of a big turn off. Yet sad teens with no life continue to watch a badly made 3-D Mario go around and shoot shit. Tyler also made a Live-Action version of this series where he shows his fat ass playing with his gay little friends.

Nintendo World Plot Summary From A True An Hero

To best sum up the plot, I had to first swallow a razor to prevent myself from choking on my own tears. Before I was dragged into a hostpital and given a nice therapeist, I was able to come back to ED for the purpose of telling the children of the true horrors I have experienced.

It started off simple, Mario gets tired of having to rape man-eating plants from people's clogged toilets and basically becomes the world's next James Bond. He envokes on some adventure that requires him to kill furries, molest bigfoot, and save Nintendo world or some shit in that context. The rest of the series is basically the same and always ends in great butthurt as a character is either killed off, (Only to be later brought back, due to popular demand, all because Tyler is the biggest fucking tool since Adolf Hitler.) or all the problems are solved, but the story is still left at a cliff hanger. Why? Because Tyler Red Dick will milk his love child until it bleeds out of the bellybutton.


Yet, another poorly done series made by Red Dick. This time, it is not about Nintendo, but about Beavis from Beavis and Butt-head going around killing people with a chainsaw. This gay movie series is what made Tyler popular. Probably because the people who watch his videos don't know what true art is. Tyler's movie making "skills" are no better than that of a retarded 3rd grader.


Tyler showed his full body for the first time in Nintendo World: The Shit Just Got Real. Tyler is by far the fatest mother fucker I've ever seen. Seriously, he makes StarWars Kid look anorexic. I assume he weighs maybe 350 pounds or more. Causes for this obesity could be of all the pop he drinks. Tyler on serval occasions has confessed his love to Mountain Dew. I bet anyone that when Red Dick finishes a can of Mountain Dew, he sticks his dick inside of it, thus making sweet bloody love.

He is known for an unnatural obsession with an obese, manbearpig creature from the game manhunt. The reason why, is because Tyler in fact idolizes this character. They both are secret furries, have their penises hanging out all of the time, and both of them have flabs of fat that scare away most females.

Oink Oink!!!

TR Films

Tyler's "company" is named TR Films. Odd thing is, TR is a porn site. I wonder if there is any connection. Most likely.


Red Dick Gets Retsupurae'd

On September 10 2009 Retsupurae decided to riff on his fucking terrible LP Mario Frustration, which is also a rip-off of the original Mario Frustration video. I'd also like to point out he calls his LP A "rant." Yeah... that's DEFINITELY a rant.

Gallery of Butthurt

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