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Reconstruction of TyrannoSatan, with his furfag army during The Velocirapture.

TyrannoSatan was created last Thursday as an antithesis of Raptor Jesus. The Mesozoic Prince of Darkness wants nothing more than to stop the lulz and make the Earth a black person, evil place in his image. TyrannoSatan's story is dark and sad, therefore prime for getting lulz. When TyrannoSatan and Raptor Jesus were living up together in heaven, shit was good. Him and Raptor Jesus drank mightily and had a good time being a couple of omnipotent guys. But there was a schism. You see Raptor Jesus thought that earth should be ruled by humans, and TyrannoSatan thought that dinosaurs should run this shit. So Raptor Jesus let TyrannoSatan have his way and create a whole earth ruled by dinosaurs. We've seen the glory of his work in The Land Before Time movie series. But Raptor Jesus wasn't gonna have any of that shit. So he called in his trump card, the biggest fucking asteroid you've ever known, to wipe out the dinosaurs and pave the way for humans. Raptor Jesus then turned his attention to TyrannoSatan and banned him down to the depths of hell.

Srsly dude gtfo of heaven


Raptor Jesus

Passages from the TyrannoSatanic Bible:[edit]

Fucktwat 4:3-2 "TyrannoSatan was one of the Dinoangels God created. Being the most ferocious and the most powerful, he decided God was a total noob. When he told him this, God tried to control him, but TyrannoSatan had Ub0r h4cks and aimbots. TyrannoSatan rebelled, taking with him his pride, deceitful ways, and loads of hawt pr0n. He has been wandering the earth pwning n00bs ever since. Some call him Lucisaurus Rex, but it matters very little."

AIDS 1:29-17 "And so the son's sins shall surpass the fathers when all lulz are nulled and made into a lesser form of Mudkipz to which thy people will look upon and cry in such an emo manner."

Catnarok 13:3-7 "And so it is told that on the dawn of Catnarok TyrannoSatan will pass judgment on all who oppose him. 'Stand down!' he shall chant. In midst of the arrival of Tacgnol he will have to face off with Raptor Jesus, the one and only who may challenge him."

He wants your soul, and he will bite your fucking head off to get it. His malevolence spreads further and further every day. You name it, he has probably had buttsecks with it.

Not to be confused with his German cousin, Tyrannosaurus Reich.

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Sorry but I shouldn't say this u have no right to talk about a god.If I told u that your god is just a story then what u fell bad right.Please don't do that again.jesus is the one in my life I aver seen helping me this much.I love him a lot.and for your Q jesus is not a fake.and I will never come to your church.who is not the true lord.ha...................!How it fells now.so don't make fun of god's

Source(s): Sorry if I hurt you and I hope I was helped


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