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Do you know de wei, brudda?

Ugandan Knuckles is an ugly and horrifically deformed midget version of Knuckles the Enchilada that became a forced meme in January 2018, after virtual hordes of users of the free-to-play multiplayer virtual reality game VRChat made the character into their in-game avatar and began spamming lines from Who Killed Captain Alex?, Uganda's first and only action film. It promptly exploded on the Internet after dumb kids saw it on YouTube and thought it was just so hilarious.

As should be totally expected in THE CURRENT YEAR, the social justice idiots at Polygon and Kotaku soon decided that this shitty meme was highly problematic and racist and began literally begging the creators of VRChat to ban all Ugandan Knuckles from using their service... srsly... despite the fact that the director of Who Killed Captain Alex? (an actual Ugandan) officially endorsed the meme. Another example of white progressives telling niggers how to think.


The origin of this version of Knuckles came from a review of Sonic Lost World by the YouTube user Gregzilla. He spent months animating his in depth review of a rather mediocre Sonic game, only for the entire fucking video to be over shadowed by the inclusion of a goofy looking Knuckles saying "Oh no" for 2 seconds of screen time. Poor soul, but what do you expect to happen when you make a 2 second clip more interesting than a pretty boring review?


Ever since the VRChat ebola outbreak, fucking normal fags have stripped this meme down to the bone into an annoying catchphrase and LOL RANDOM! image, somehow making it MORE forced than it already was. Thankfully this meme has been dead ever since February 2018. Its lifespan was accurate to that of the average Ugandan though.

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